“Open your eyes” | English | Doctor Strange | CliptoManiac INDIA

What did you just do to me? I pushed you astral form
out of your physical form. What’s in the tea? Psilocybin? LSD? It’s just tea… with a little honey. What just happened? For a moment, you entered
the astral dimension. The what? A place where soul exists
apart from the body. Why are you doing this to me? To show you
just how much you don’t know. Open your eye. Oh, shit! Oh, God! Oh, God, no! No, no, no! What’s happening? This isn’t real!
This isn’t…His heart rate
is getting dangerously high.
He looks all right to me.You think
you know how the world works?
You think that this material universe
is all there is?
What is real?What mysteries lie beyond
the reach of your senses?
At the root of existence…mind and matter meet.Thoughts shape reality.This universe is only one
of an infinite number.
Worlds without end.Some benevolent and life giving.Others filled with malice and hunger.Dark places…where powers older than time
lie ravenous…
and waiting.Who are you
in this vast Multiverse, Mr. Strange?
Have you seen
that before in a gift shop? Teach me. No.


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