guys got how it up you look so pretty I give it a knowing out okay biggie um step napkin [Music] [Music] don’t worry Lex we’ve got much more fun things playing then watching blood rush to be easy but that’s the only exciting stuff we can do it’s all we got well luckily sucky and I thought of a better idea so we have something way more exciting plan then be given prices hey about what the only like the optometrist to get our eyes tested to see if we need glasses okay I need to close up work on the glossary and I need to wear glasses all the time yes okay so I really saying really well like the whole world is blurry can you imagine that well no yeah I’m seeing it right now it was so fun it was boring shopping with glasses iPhone going there and big the first ones that kind of suit me and then we’ll lay the shop no I have something shops you need to go through the whole store to make sure you pick the right thing you don’t make a wrong decision no I pick the first one I see bang done legends let’s roll the funny skip that we made to identify the different shopping techniques that Xavier use and me enjoy [Music] [Music] what happens up are you are you so type of Shaba same time we’re gonna comment which one you are legends come with us and help us pick up the glasses and if you want to see my glasses cuz I’m gonna be wearing them every single YouTube clip from now so please stick around yes sticking around actually bouncing because you guys ago themself how would you be those do you acting mums can you come back with a chuckle bar yeah I’m giving you guys one is um because I’m pretending to the legend we’re back you try to limit it use the glutes so that we’re bullemma so we’re gonna sit down here waiting area $10 I bet say it’s gonna say I think I made the wrong choice yes are you guys excited Casey knock it’s a good luck you can get that’s what we should ever what you so 2001 to try those on Zahn fest kind of feel possible what that guy so always get happy Nessie edgy like the case of more than of the glass this I love my classes and I especially love my case oh hey Josh teacher that was like everything like really nice and then she so like that kids I think they look beautiful survive oh yeah so I’m gonna try out my second pair oh yeah savor your wave in those guys never wear the outline thank you so much it’s my this was kind of my favorite one guys guys how it up you look so pretty I give it a 9 out ok biggie um seven outs him well now for the second bag a little bit too over the top the only not very can those ones legends when I put those glasses on I see a whole nother world like right now it’s very fuzzy than ever because I just saw how clear the world can be like you took a shade with the cross I was like when we get high I can’t wait to come home and show you my glasses guys Jack in one of these are Rolex no biggie but you find that proper Rolex watch store is in America or Canada is any Australia [Music] [Music] that’s totally different laughs when we do read some gold it’s even given as you turn it like a turn we’re gonna go home now let me show you my new with a teleport teleportation is finished remain how okay let kids we’re going to show you now these new glasses I really like the books it’s so blurry and too cold let’s drum roll so let’s just I’ve got two pairs of glasses first off Tommy you’ve both go I think if they are um Harry Potter Harry plastic glass maybe these not so cool early are they simple no okay like this these option one and these are option 2 the option 1 option chill she – I think I like these ones bad by one know what you like to think my it’s really important that sake likes her ones because sake has to wear her glasses all the time so if they’re not good I have to put them on anyway and I’ll just look ugly okay ladies this is the first pair option 1 on how long but it’s a little bit too over the top you serious yeah the right at the top yeah as I don’t like that pole and like all like the colors legends tell me if you hate these or you’d like these actually be honest because I have to wear these all the time obviously to bare someone do a drumroll please ray you can’t see them yet but it’s gonna be so exciting what do you think I hurt can meets like beautiful and it just matches your eye color I don’t have green eyes yeah but it still looks really nice Jana makes your eyes pop you look really pretty in that yeah Emily shapes really nice yeah let’s help me which one option one or option two I’m gonna keep wearing them both but which one looks best anyways it’s time to shout out this shout goes to Ryan angel and SP and Mama to zero I’m doing a choice I’m here mummy he or she sorry about that I found he or she but she said I’m doing a challenge to watch all that Big O everything it’s sick of us and if you might just want to be now next shout out or just do it yes kind legends turn out of Keysha and by comment and we can’t wait shut you out and I’ll just say thank you legends so just being there for us and being part of our legend team and being part of our family being part of our like an army and like supporting mama with the her idea and like supporting us when we have hard times and being happy along our trips and I’m trying to bring people down you know it’s just so fun to bring you guys along with our lives before we close down Jo let’s do a cath me like those compilations catch me knuckles chuckles would you game with your game catch me knuckles good boy what I’m against I remember if you would’ve been our catch of Napa’s compilation oh yes do is tagged on your Instagram and press the video nice to meet you it’s just one thing to say what no is two things to say oh you girls out walking with your heart and anyone [Music]

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