This tank is suggested tourist attraction in Omsk by Google Its very cold here Omsk is a Siberian city I can’t understand what is written here, but seems to be of historical importance In front of me is Irytsh river This is the river front. People are jogging, cycling, walking, enjoying the river front How should I cross the road !! Oh! I should cross like him wow! They stopped for me !! The car driver asked me to cross the road first. I am amazed! This is called Traffic sense I am happy to see this I experienced the same in Vienna, Austria They allow the pedestrians to use the road first This shows how a common Russian citizen is This river is very clean Scenery looks dramatic because of the overcast sky Behind me are the buildings of Omsk city He saw me talking to the camera and called me Hi Its 6:10 pm I am going back to my host’s home Lets see people stop for me or not! Wow! I am glad to see how disciplined the people are People stop for pedestrians at zebra crossings This is a usual day in Omsk This is a ususal city of Russia Its 6:30 pm Now I am going back to my host’s place We may go to visit some other place after the dinner Today is 19 September 2017. Its 8:45 pm I am at Lenin street in Omsk Its beautiful This seems to be a typical Russian architecture 8:45 am My second day in Russia has begun Today I am planning to travel in a train to Novosibirsk Its raining Its very cold here I could not understand what he wanted to say All I could understand was… Go that side and take the tram Its drizzling Tram ticket costs 22 ruble I think you pay 22 Ruble to travel anywhere in Omsk through trams and buses She said ‘DA’ which means ‘Yes’ I learnt this from an Hindi movie ‘Mera Naam Joker’ The lead actor Raj Kapoor says DA-DA with his Russian friend in that film I could not understand what the are saying. Thanks to Google Translate 🙂 Though language is a barrier but people all over the world are wonderful Finally I reached Omsk train station.. Google Translate and Maps apps are very helpful in such condition Thats Omsk train station


  1. Google Translate has a translate image option, it helps translate words on condition that internet connectivity must be good

  2. Sir mai ek doubt clear krna chahta hu mujhe kisi ne bola hai ki agar russia Ka visa Lagga Ho toh us visa nahi deta is this true

  3. India is not a place to live in now a days India is disgusting . Even north Korea is cleaner than India such a shame.😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  4. Samajh ni aata k jab ham indians ko english bachpan se sikhai jaati hai kyuki english is the most common language in the world then y in some countries peiple dont know english???

  5. In this video did anyone noticed an important thing that make this city beautiful???it's the cleanliness that people follow not a speck of garbage or even chocolate rapper on does it happen?? It's the duty of every parent to tell their children to throw garbage only in dust bin. If garbage bin is not available there put your garbage in your pocket and throw it only where ever dust bin is available…making beautiful city is in the hands of citizens themselves. I do it myself as a future generation….what about you?????ever if you see someone doing wrong stop them….make our country a beauty for foreigners to come. And sir I hope you can share my thoughts through your blog to as many as possible.

  6. I also had difficulties to communicate with Russian local people because they normally cannot speak English.I understand your situation but you were lucky as you had mobile tanslator into Russian from English.

  7. agar bhai bus me tumhari jgah me hota to confuse ho jata ab kya karu. medam ese dekh rhi thi jese aap n kisi ka rape kar doya ho

  8. ज़ेबरा क्रासिंग पर कारों का रूकना अच्छा लगा। लेकिन हमारी जनसंख्या ज्यादा है हमारी सड़कें छोटी है

  9. Aapki kisi bhi video ko dekhta hu to aisa lagta hai ki me khud waha pouch gya ya fir chale jaau bs…. Thanks a Lott for making this….

  10. Aur desho me matlab viksit country me jitne logo ki jaroorat he utne hi bachhe paida karte he aur yaha india me ghar me khane ke vandhe ho tab bhi 4-5 bachhe paida kar dete he and population badhate rahte he agar aisa hi raha to sadak par chalna to dur khade rehne ke liye bhi jagah nahi bachegi.

  11. Mujhe apne Ghar ki yaad aa rhi video dekhte time btw Mai to apne Ghar Mai he hu 😔
    Your video is so genuine/real ki mujhe lag rha hai Mai bhi aapke saath hu.
    3 57 am and I am watching your video.

  12. Russians are very overwhelming people… Very helpful… Ussr was as good as usa… But they had not adopted English that's why they lost golden chance to become world leader… Language barrier made Russians lonely

  13. Hai friend aap apne ATM se rubles nikal ne ke baad my yaha pe google tlanslate dwara puche to jyada farak nahi Russia / Indian currency ke bheech me jyada farak nahi hai aap apne liye pahele hostle book karleejiye kyonke waha pe bahuth jyada tand mahsoos hora bole ke aapke video dekthe hue patha chala aap ke video dekthe hue usiliye aur ek aap safal mangla mai hone ke prarthana karunga.

  14. Hai friend apne bathaya Lenin Street Lenin Ek Communist Leader Aaj India Communist logonke ghar me and office ke andar Lenin sab ke photos rakthe hai.

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