Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms – Day 24/100

Hey. I’m nednednerB the Schizophrenic. This is Day 24 of “100 symptoms”. Today, I’m going to talk about obsessive-compulsive
symptoms. OCD/ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is its
own “disorder,” but schizophrenics, or schizoaffective individuals, or those with bipolar often experience
obsessive-compulsive symptoms. For instance, before I went to the hospital
in 2015 [sic] I stayed awake all night participating with Bell media’s… I don’t even remember their campaign.. Something about mental health and the end
of January or February or something. But I stayed up all night tweeting.. “Bell Let’s Talk” that’s what it is #BellLetsTalk
and I made up all sorts of word salad: “bullets talk.. bull lettuce talk.” All sorts of stuff like that, but I was obsessive
about it, and I was up all night because every tweet was worth five cents or something, 25
cents or something, and I thought I would contribute right then and there to something
important happening in a really big way. By the early morning– it was 7 or 8 a.m.–
8 a.m. I think. I decided to take a sign that said “Minimum
Wage-$15 Now”. It was a placard– it was an official placard
from the from a minimum wage campaign, and I took the sign and I walked down the middle
of two oncoming lanes of traffic. I walked down the middle of the street holding
“$15 Minimum Wage / $15/hr Now”. This was a compulsive move, very dangerous,
and I was obsessed with the outcome. So I walked down the street holding the sign
obsessed with the outcome, compulsively behaving to a dangerous end. There is nothing that carrying a sign down
the street is going to accomplish at that early in the morning, when everyone going
by is just hoping I don’t jump in front of them and they want to get to work where they’re
hopefully making more than minimum wage. Sometimes my obsessive-compulsive symptoms
involve working late into the night on poetry or music and I feel like there’s an important
result at the end of the work. That’s a little bit manic of me I guess, and… Anyway, thanks for listening. This is nednednerB the Schizophrenic. Day 24 of “100 symptoms”. Share and subscribe and comment below. Peace.

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