Nystagmus in Cats – Cat’s Eyes Quiver and Shake – Quivering Cat Eyes

– [Jenny] This is my sister,
Amy, giving Trigg kisses but we’re trying to do something. Trigg has this thing with his eyeballs, his irises, they twitch back and forth. The acupuncturist found it
when we first went and… Can you see it? I feel like I’m twitching. (laughs) Okay, so they just… Twitter back and forth, I
don’t know how else to say it, and the word for it, I have written down, so I’ll include that in
the title of this video. She wasn’t concerned about it. She said it’s usually something
you find with Siamese cats. And again, ragdolls
aren’t related to Siamese but they are color-pointed
cats, so that’s their… Gosh, this black thing on my
camera’s gotten even worse. I need to get a new camera, guys. (cat meows softly) (laughs) I think that first part
of the video was better. (laughs) You come at me with your hands and my eyes are going to close. (cat meows softly) You see it twitching there. So, because Trigg has this
problem with his iris, I’ve always asked people
that come in that he knows, to say his name, say hi to him, because I don’t think his eyesight is as good as it could be. I mean, can you imagine your
eyes flickering all the time and then what that sight would be? However, he’s very
accurate with catching bugs and all that kind of stuff, so I’m not sure how much
it really affects him. Going. Oh, say, no I can’t do it.


  1. Oh wow! My cat has this too! My vet didn't know what it was. It never seems like she looks directly at me. It's always my mouth or something else.

  2. Chiggy squeaks instead of meows? Lol. From the videos I have seen so far, I know Charlie meows really loud though even as a kitten.

  3. It wouldn't really affect his eyesight, especially of he's had it for a while. His brain would compensate for the shifting vision and give him a slightly larger range of view. There are people who have this as well and it doesn't affect them that much either. No need to worry

  4. Wow, that is odd. What did ur vet say? Now I'm going to check my Siamese. I don't think I would notice it unless I got that close and stared and she'd have to stare. Ugg, hope that does not effect his vision. I would think if he is a good bug hunter that it may not. Or he has always seen in a different way and knows how to pinpoint things. Very interesting. Thank u for sharing!

  5. Wow! I wasn't even aware of that condition. Thanks for the info, Jenny! Awwww, Triggy, your lilttle squeaks just broke my heart. So pitiful. But you were such a good boy for your momma! 🙂 <3

  6. thats a very minor nystagmus, im a vet tech in training and i met a cat who had it so bad he was super dizzy and barely functioning

  7. Okay not to be mean or anything but does it kinda look like triggy's eye is dancing? I think it honestly looks cool!

  8. Okay not to be mean or anything but does it kinda look like triggy's eye is dancing? I think it honestly looks cool!

  9. Beautiful cat.I have a colorpointed Siamese.she and her brother have that problem,they had a respiratory infection as kittens. They could see very well regardless.I gad a stroke this year Ans NY eyes were moving g side to side for a few days,I didn't notice it.o saw things just fine. It doesn't do that anymore Ans I am recovering well.do regular physical therapy Ans had a series of feldenkrais treatments.can get around with only a cane. My cat is fourteen years old,we list her brother last year

  10. Honeybear was a flamepoint,I had one before them,spammers lived almost seventeen years.the best vats ever.Mochi is not a flamepoint,she looks like a Japanese bobtail. But she has a full tail and blue eyes that quiver. Doesn't bother her at all.she can see very well.

  11. Aww Chig Doo! but its not really bad tho. because the majority of my family were born with cataracts, we all have the nystagnis. it's where your eyes move involuntarily. it doesn't affect the actual eye sight a person, cat, or other animal can have. you actually learn to adjust to it, to the point of actually being unaware that your eyes are moving. so t ml Trigg probably doesn't even realize what's going on. he sees the same as he would without it. what can stop or slow the nystagnis down in humans us wearing glasses. mine is really bad, and after my surgery in 2013, I was prescribed glasses. when I'm wearing them, which is while I'm not sleeping, my eyes don't move as much. although you can't put glasses on a cat. lol, he still sees fine.

  12. btw ive seen people with nistagmus, and it was quite shaky the eye movements ( both eyes) so in hus case its very lil or is else……

  13. Nystigmus is a naturally occurring phenomenon that we as police officers look for when interviewing drunk drivers. Basically, as you draw the eye away from center, it will start to twitch, and the sooner that happens, the more intoxicated the driver. A person who's stone drunk will have it just as you look at him with a penlight; someone who's closer to the legal limit will follow the light for some distance before his eye twitches; a "stone cold sober" person will STILL have it at the corner of his eye. There is likely nothing at all wrong with Trigg's sight. As you remark, he still stalks bugs just fine. This is my problem with "Complementary and Alternative Medicine". The "Acupuncturist" (Is he/she a DVM?) spots a perfectly normal thing and explains it as if it's an issue- and above all…let me guess.. Trigg needs more, if not constant, treatment. Even doctors do this. How many kids have tubes inserted in their eardrums because they have a simple buildup of fluid in the middle ear, one that didn't cause mass deafness in the previous 6,000 years of civilization but it's somehow a national heath issue? I'm getting sidetracked into my hatred for ENT doctors now. All I'm saying is, don't be worried and bankrupted over a non-extant problem.

  14. I have the human version of this, I really freak people out at party's! But I have to say I've never really had problems seeing anything. I had lasik surgery and that fixed the nearsightedness, but my optometrist said one had nothing to do with the other. Ironically I actually got a Siamese cat last year that has this same issue. Hers is much more severe then mine was or the cat shown here. And I did notice that she does have some problems focussing on things in daylight.

  15. I also own a female lilac ragdoll who has done this for a long time! Her eyesight isn't the best either. Good to know your acupuncturist didn't see it as a problem. Beautiful cats (:

  16. I have a Lynx Point Siamese, 19 years old. Her eyes have always done the same thing. She can see fine, still very healthy and agile, but she's very distrustful of people except for us.

  17. I have a half Siamese half tortoiseshell and after I rescued her, I started to notice one of her eyes would do this and I never understood why.

  18. my 3 year old siamese has this, sometimes it gets so bad that he throws up, sometimes he comes to me and I see how bad it is just by looking and he cries as he hooks into me with his nails, he just wants to be held, it breaks my heart, is there ANYTHING i can do?!?

  19. My Mochi has this too. ..but only when focusing on something far away it seems.
    She looks just like your cat, as far as eyes and markings.. but she's too little and shorthaired to be a ragdoll.

  20. My sphynx cat eyes do the same thing but a lot more & it's all the time when she looks at anything. Maybe it's certain breeds because they say some sphynx have rag doll in them.

  21. My Himalayan does it and I freaked out thinking she had something going on with her nervous System lol

  22. My cat has blue eyes and her eyes have always done this. Vet never seemed worried about it. She’s never displayed signs of not being able to see well

  23. My cat has the same thing and hes a tabby. I'm still not sure whether to be concerned but it doesnt seem like he had bad sight

  24. Take him to the Vet. It’s not normal. It can be caused by a parasite they can get from poop. I forget the name of it. But it can be a bacteria and it affects the vestibular system which can infect his brain. I’m not a vet but that’s what my vet told me today. She’s putting my baby on an antibiotic for 7 days….. my baby is also Siamese tabby but that’s not normal. That’s his nervous system and makes them feel imbalances, could cause nausea so get him checked. Good luck.

  25. This video brought me some relief. I have a radgoll/Siamese and her eyes have always done this. I’m glad it’s a pretty common occurrence with these cats. Thank you!

  26. So cool that there's a word for this! My turkish van mix has it, has always had it. (she's blue eyed, too; i see other comments relating to eye color)

  27. My cat never really cuddles and can stay still for only a short amount of time if your beside him. He's a flame linx ragdoll. His eyes do the same thing so I wonder if that's why?

  28. I found out 3 days ago that my 3 months old have it, I noticed his eyes so I had to Google it, what caused it?? When I first got him, 4 weeks later he fell off hard on his head, he's very playful kitten. Did it cause by the fall? Is it going to affect him in any way or its dangerous? Will it go away? I'm sorry I'm just so worried, his appointment is next month and I can't wait tbh

  29. My birman has it too, I think she was born with this condition. I found out very late about it and I was worried about her sight..it also happens only when she's looking straight forward..is it any treatment out there to fix this or I shouldn't be concerned? Vet said to do nothing about it…

  30. You come at me with yo handzzzz and mah eyeszz ahhh going to cloze.

    Wtf kinda accent was that? This elegant cat doesnt speak like the Neanderthal you clearly think she is. Youre the moron not her.

  31. I heard that it's more common for blue eyed cats. Our Siberian, blue eyed cat has it. A vet might tell you it's normal. Maybe it's common but I wonder if there's an underlying condition of these cats. I think I read it could be hypothyroidism. Perhaps blue eyed cats' lineage is getting weaker and we need to do something about it. Maybe a vitamin deficiency? When I picked our Siberian cat as a kitten I noticed her sibling was smaller, weaker and much more pronounced eye vibration. It's as if it's similar to Parkinson's.

  32. Just noticed this about our ragdoll and got super worried, immediately Googled and found this video. So no cause for concern? This is normal for the breed?

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