Nurse talks with a patient with a psychosis

Hi, Patrick. All right if I come and talk
with you now? Yeah suppose.
Are you still hearing that voice you told me about yesterday?
The voice? Yeah I hear the voice. Not all the time but mostly. I can hear it now.
It must be difficult for you to talk to me right now. Thanks for making the effort.
It’s OK. It’s just hard, you know. I understand. It’s your brain playing a trick
on you. It must be difficult to concentrate. Sorry, what’s that? What did you say?
I just said that it must be hard to follow a conversation when there’s another voice
talking to you. Actually I wanted to ask if you’d like to go on the bus trip this afternoon?
It should be a nice outing. I’m not sure. Maybe. I’ll tell you after lunch.
That’s fine. We’ll talk after lunch.

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