Non-Depressing Depression Video

Dark Squidge (Cutie Voice) (Butterfly Knife Sounds) Safety first! I didn’t know these were illegal
till people told me on Twitter so we called the police and asked if I needed to give them
to the police and they were like “Nope, just keep it in your house and we wont arrest you”
So, keep it safe. Hey you! So, right now on YouTube there are
a lot of videos being made about depression and they are all very depression and quite
rightfully so. I myself am guilty of making said depressing depression videos, but if
we are all so overwhelmingly depressed then maybe what we need right now is a lighter
approach to the subject. So, what i’d like to do right now is talk about depression.
What it is? What it’s like living with it and how you deal with it and try not to be
as heavy as the subject actually is. Lets just talk. So, what is depression? Well my understanding
is that everyone experiences it a little differently, but for me it’s nothingness. It’s emptiness.
It’s not feeling love or joy, it’s losing interest in the things you wanna do and when
you do feel things they’re mostly just melancholy and sadness and apathy and it’s just kind of rubbish. This non-depressing video is off to a good start. I think depression typically comes in waves.
Episodes of apathy, or sadness, or just nothingness. And these can last minutes or hours or days
or even weeks and months and for me as a naturally lazy person it’s very hard to tell when i’m
even having an episode sometimes. It is a great get out of jail free card though. Hey Tom, do you wanna come to the gym and
work out? Aww I can’t i’m just got a mental illness. It’s a shame. Now depression isn’t just feeling sad though
although that is or can be a big part of it depending on the individual, but sometimes
it can be not being able to feel such complex emotions as being sad. But either way if you
think you might be depressed the only thing I can recommend is to go see a doctor or a
professional because I really wouldn’t recommend diagnosing yourself because that’s well that’s
what doctors are for. One of the options they might recommend is
medication such as anti-depressants like the ones I have right here. What these are here
to do are get the happy chemicals in your brain to do the right things at the right
times like mine have a tendency to not do. There are a lot of different types of medications
out there though. You can try different dosages and at different types of the day. So, you
might have to try a few options before you find the ones that are right for you. Also depending on the person and the medication
they can all come with their own varied side effects, which can range from finding it difficult
to fall asleep at night to finding it difficult to wake up in the morning or an increased
appetite or a decreased appetite or sometimes you have a manic episode at 3am on a Sunday
morning where you wake up and write a 2000 word essay on why there should have been more
female lead characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 But maybe that one is just a little specific to me. For example the medication that i’m on right
now is helping to control my mood a little bit so i’m not so erratic and unpredictable
and angry all the time and also I sleep a lot better now, but on the downside I have
random panic attacks sometimes. And also I just last a lot longer in bed now. So, ladies. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Therapy is also very important and likely
something a doctor would recommend and much like finding the right medication finding
the right therapist for you might take a few tries to get right. There is a lot of different
types of therapist. There’s psychiatrists, there’s therapists, there’s psychotherapists,
which are like therapists, but they have a gun. Depending on who you are as a person you might
suit a sympathetic therapist or a very tough love therapist or a very bantery therapist. It’s just about finding the right one for you and keeping at it. Finally a doctor, a therapist or even myself
ignoring the obvious hypocrisy will strongly recommend living right. Eating healthy, drinking
lots of water, cleaning yourself and your environment, exercising or at least going
outside sometimes, socialising and sleeping the right amount will do wonders for you and
help create a nice flat plain in which you can start building a healthier better state
of mind. It’s kind of just like the best first step. Now i’d like to end this video by giving you
some tips or just some realities about living with depression and one of those would be
to embrace episodes. Every now and then you are just gonna have an episode where you feel
really low or you don’t want to socialise and when that happens that’s fine and you
don’t have to try and force yourself to break out of the bubble because sometimes that can
sometimes do more worse than good. So just go take a bath or go back home and play some
video games and chill out because Hey! You take care of yourself. It’s also really important you have a support
network. Friends of family that understand you and the struggles you are going through
and be there when you need them and if you don’t have any of those friends then maybe
you need some better friends and if you have a friend with depression then yeah, just be
there for them when they need you and don’t project onto them and get upset when they
won’t be happy in your presence or get frustrated when you can’t fix them because that’s not
your job. Just be a friend. Just be there. Watch a movie with them. Eat a pizza. I love
pizza. Maybe too much. Yeah, I definitely love pizza too much. It’s unhealthy. I’m dying. Now i’ll be fully honest with you depression
can be a temporary issue or sometimes it can be permanent fixture, but either way it’s
not all that bad because even if it doesn’t get better you will get better you’ll get
better at handling it and you will just keep on going. I mean look at me I got the pretty
bad brain stupids, but here I am doing a job that I love and friends that care about me
and i’m still going and if you even consider suicide then please check out the links in
the description. Please don’t kill yourself. If you really wanna kill yourself at least
put on a mask and die nobly in the pursuit of fighting crime. Please don’t do that. That
was a terrible idea. Please God ignore me. I’M A ROLE MODEL. Of stomach rolls that is.
I model these all day. But yeah, that was a video about depression and I hope it wasn’t
too depressing or problematic, but either way thank you for watching and stay well. TomSka Out!


  1. My problem is that I don't have any friends… I constantly have the "nothingness" feeling and I don't know, what to do about it… And I don't know if I care enough to do anything about it…

  2. Tom, as a depressed alcoholic myself, I really enjoy your videos and your vlogs. You remind me that I'm maybe not so hopeless and that maybe there's a place for me in the world after all. Though perhaps I should at least first cut back on the drinking. Or at least tonight. I've had too much gin, I should have some water. Anyway, Tom, you're awesome. Keep being you and become the best version of you that you can be.

  3. im depressed and ive got no friends ๐Ÿ˜€ ( I just seem happy , Mental insanity is common in my family o-o )

  4. Tom, cheers.
    Found myself here and the simplest piece of advice โ€“ drink water โ€“ helped me back up.
    Strange how the mind works.

  5. Right before this video, I got a depressing StJude advertisement. I was crying because of it. Great job, timing!

  6. how do you get rid of depression you've had for 4 years or more?
    I honestly can't take medication at all it has a backwards effects on me and doesn't help at all. also what's with all the pugs I'm kinda exploding from cuteness rn ๐Ÿถ

  7. Ssoooooo… You could say getting high on crack is a antidepressant, so that would explain why the doctors said I'm not depressed

  8. For my "waves" I have a couple days of high points, but then there are low points, and my low points can be really low, really low. I hate my life, I hate my friends, I hate my lifestyle. If I could restart and forget everything into a new life. I'd take it in a heartbeat.

  9. How to make a depression video not depressing:
    Step 1: Pugs
    Step 2: More Pugs
    Step 3: You already know what it is
    Step 4: Pugs

  10. Tom thanks for recommending that site it helped me get through that tough suicidal part of me little by little so thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hey Tom I went through something and I'm worried because I wasn't sad I wasn't happy I couldnt feel it was horrible I really don't want it to happen again

  12. I have 2 videos I want to upload but depression has just…? i feel like it's stolen my creations from me because i don't want to upload them because of how miserable and unmotivated I feel all the time… I take medication and I'm no longer suicidal, but I'm still depressed. I also… sleep terribly… I HAVE RAND0M PANIC ATTACKS T00

  13. i love friends who have the same mental disorders that I do… they truly understand… Unless they're someone who has studied psychology, then they can understand too. And don't reply with "you don't know if I understand, everyone goes through struggles, you can't read minds" because you don't know if you understand, and you can't read minds either.

  14. At my high school there is a very large and very stupid group of people, who have told me that cutting yourself is better than seeking professional help because it "doesn't work"


  16. TOM WHY ARE YOU DEPRESSED…..IT A PROB…..BRO……SO STOP IT……NOW…….DO IT JUST DOOOOO IT Copyright Shia laBeof actual cannibal man dude thing person duddette what ever creature felow alien human from another planet (( k : sorry not sorry jk jkjk jkjkjkjk about the jk left? yes? RANdoM ne$

  17. also i have a mindset that is "you only have one life so do what you wanna do and be nice to people, and don't waste your life being sad or something."
    i also set goals for my self like "finish school, finish htx, then finish DTU, get a job, get a house, get fast internet, earn money, earn more money, just basically get rich."

  18. My parents had depressions
    I got also depressions when I was 4
    I had no friends and inly got bullied
    My dad tried to commit suicide in front of my eyes when I was 6
    I got taken away from my home when I was 7
    I got abused in my foster home
    I got taken away from there after 2 months into a children home
    I started with Therapy
    I lived there 2 years with abusive kids who loved to hurt me
    I broke up with Therapy
    I moved to another foster home
    My dad died when before I got 14
    I started cutting after my mom stopped eating
    I was lost in feelings and still am
    I started Therapy again
    I am getting more and more suicidal
    Now my moms suicidal after the youth welfare is short before taking my little sister away
    My brother broke up the contact with my mom and my family is split
    But the worst is

    No one of my family really cares for me. They pretend they do but they just don't. My mom doesn't want me to mive back in.
    And even tho that I'm already 16 I can cry like a kid over that. This is the most hurtful thing that guided me my whole life.

  19. To be honest, I do not like people who claim to be depressed by self diagnosis. There was a girl who claimed to be a my friend, but she was pretending to be depressed just to get money and other things out of me. I first realized she was acting when my dad pointed it out(my dad is a licensed psychologist). Let's just say, if she doesn't stop harassing me about it, she will be expelled from the school I attend.

  20. Around October and November of 2017 I lost my pet Cat Oreo, and so we got a kitten, but he also died 11 days later, this really changed me. It didn't help my anxiety either, with my new cat I now get worried any time he'll cough or sneeze or anything that's just a tiny bit not normal for him. It didn't help that both of the deaths happened in the middle of school and holidays, times where I would have to pretend to be happy. Part of it was because I felt it was my fault and that I let them down, I wanted to do anything to protect them and never let anything happen to them. I'm not going to go into what caused them to die because it will make me sad, all I'll say is that Oreo died from maybe food poisoning, and the kitten died of a sickness he was probably born with. So far I've been able to cheer up but now I get panic attacks any time something looks out of the ordinary with any of my pets or loved ones. I'm sure my anxiety will die down but I don't know when.

  21. Definitely the most helpful thing for me is showering every day. It commits me to being awake, forces me out of dirty pyjamas and into some clean clothes, and freshens me up. That and teeth cleaning are just neat ways to get centred.
    Aside from that, I've finally got my sleep schedule in order and my god does it help with waking up in the morning. That "eight hours" thing is total horse crap if it's not on a schedule. I've committed to being in bed by 10 and trying to fall asleep by 11 and I'm naturally waking up before my alarm now, whereas before I would struggle to wake up even after 8 hours sleep.

  22. This is the best one I've seen yet. I may actually share it with my friends so they can understand how I feel. I've only recently been diagnosed and I'm terrified to go back to school Monday (I've had a week off because of half term but the last week of school was really really REALLY bad). Thanks for making this video, I'm so happy I found this video xxx

  23. Generally I tend to go through 'episodes of extreme guilt over little things, bubbles off random panic then some mood swings. It's not fun but not the worst thing ever.

  24. My therapist took 3 times to find the right one. She likes art, memes, and the same music as me and that helps a lot.

  25. I dont have depression but i tend to feel sad and angry all the time. i do have anger issues, witch might be a little affecting on that

  26. So yesterday i had an emotional breakdown and i have had theses alot and so i wanted to end it all and i kept telling my friend to give up on me and let me go but of course he didnt and so he made me feel alot better and then he sent me this video. So i wanted to say tjanks for the pugs lol

  27. Ummm… How do I start this HERE I GO… How do you deal with depression when your under the age of 17? My mom Thinks it puberty but I know it's not some day's I feel like living and I'm happy or some days I just feel like dying. I've been like this for about 3 years and it's hard to even talk about even when people say simple like questions like "How do you feel?"

  28. I have now shown this video to my best friend, husband, and mother, all of whom have the pretty bad brain stupids, oh, and me too, of course. Being suicidal is normal, right? Everybody takes some antidepressants now and then? Or is this just me? ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, it's great, still loving it, should be shown to everyone who ends up in the psych ward after an attempt.

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