Newborn Baby Activities: Baby Games for Eye Development | Pampers

I was surprised to learn
that my baby can only see about 10 to 12 inches
in front of his face. So we made sure to get in really close. We used toys with very simple
patterns and high-contrasting colors to help his eyes learn how to focus. He liked when we move it very
slowly and gently in front of him. At about four weeks, his
eyes started to focus. So we started blowing
bubbles for him to watch. And within a couple of weeks of
that, he was following them around with his eyes. And by three months he was even
beginning to reach for them. As he got a little older, we started to
play peek-a-boo and other anticipation games like, here I come,
I’m coming to get to you. And he would giggle uncontrollably. And we would do the same
thing over and over. He loved the repetition and never
seemed to get tired of the anticipation. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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