Hey guys, welcome back to my channel so I have some new discoveries to share with you guys It’s mostly makeup, but there is one hair thing and then there’s one Kind of pharmacy item. That is seriously blowing my mind. Let’s start with the makeup First of all something that I picked up from Barneys is from Claudio Ria’s now this does not new you guys This is called an instant face and this is in number two And I also picked up the claudio rios wet-dry instant face brush and it looks like this Kind of different right you this instant face. I love it It has a couple different powders of different varying shades. Obviously. It has a blush tone in here And then this has a shimmer in it. So it’s kind of like a highlight you can run this instant brush through here and It is so fast. You literally can Do that. You can dip it just into the blush and get a little extra flush You can really get ready quickly with these kind of things and I love them. I love this little brush I feel like it handles really well and it’s just these are just cool little products that could make your life easier the first thing that I ever found from Cody area is his instant brow now this little guy if you’ve never seen this is honestly Amazing for busy mom’s busy. Anybody you don’t have to be a mom. It’s kind of thicker and it’s notched out I hope that you’ll be able to tell that it’s notched out but it’s kind of thicker and What I do with this is I actually dip it into This is Kat Von D the bra strap. I love this but you can use any brow powder with it I dip it in here and you literally start at the beginning of your brow and you just do that That’s it You can get your brows done not even exaggerating in like 15 second or an hour and you’ve got to get out the door This is seriously the fastest brow ever like there is no faster and because it’s not just like that it lays the product down really really well and it almost like Combs your brows for you. Does the whole nine its patented. I mean he really does a great job of creating products for Fast and beautiful and I just wanted to share it with you even though it’s not really a new discovery But it might be for you because not a lot of people talk about Claudio Rios and he’s a very innovative really really cool stuff Okay Tomber makeup products. This is the Lotito Rouge. This is in the color 10. It is right here It’s kind of a Brigitte Bardot Pinky peachy nude it is seriously so pretty I’m wearing it on my lips today I feel like it’s a really good fall nude because it’s not too bright pink. It’s kind of more of a warmer nude Oh, it is beautiful I mean just the shape of the lipstick alone is just I mean It’s luxury. It’s kind of a satin matte and it’s very very comfortable. I Battle dry lips all the time, and this is super comfortable or my lips I don’t feel like I have some matte color that is sucking the life out of them But it’s definitely not shiny. It kind of has that matte look to it So if you like the look of a map and you can’t do the liquid lip Like I can’t these are actually a really nice option because they give you that look without that Do you the other thing I picked up from Sicily? And I also shared this on my Instagram is a Pilot and I don’t think that this is very new either but it is new to me and it is seriously stunning Here they are. I mean look at those colors your thighs if you never tried out, you know, some of Sicily makeup It’s definitely worth just taking a look at it’s really really high-quality. Beautiful makeup. Okay last two items this next one is probably my favorite of all of my new discoveries and that is Luma Phi, this is an eye drop you guys. It’s like a $12 eye drop. So it’s not cheap for eyedrops but Genuinely eye To this and I get red eyes sometimes you know in the whites of my eyes and I put it in my eyes and I was there was a you know a couple little red like a veins in my eyes, you know just could see them and Then I went and I did a brush my teeth. I did something else and I look back at my eyes All of that was gone like for real Oh, the red was gone and I inspected my whites of my eyes first just to kind of you know I wanted to see if it really did anything and first of all even if I hadn’t inspected I would have known that my eyes looked away whiter because there was not a drop of pink or red in the whites of my eyes I don’t like at all But I did know that there just was because I inspected and I was blown away You guys know little veins no pink residue nothing just the whites were super white Oh if you haven’t had a chance and that’s something that bothers you should give this a shot. It’s absolutely incredible Okay. The last thing is a hair thing it is from Living proof. I just picked this up and I love it. This is called the zero frizz instant de-frizz err and you basically can use this like mid strands two ends for smoothing out that between shampoos and if you’re like me when I first shampoo my hair I’m very fluffy because I’m naturally curly hair, but I want my roots to stay clean That’s super important so I can actually spray it it’s fine If gives me that already lived in in that part of my hair But my roots are still clean and I can kind of use it in conjunction with my all-time favorite dry shampoo Which is the living proof dry shampoo has that lemon meringue scent? It’s absolutely glorious You guys great new find loving this from living proof, okay Those are all of my new discoveries from the last I don’t know two weeks. Anyway, I hope that this was thoughtful in some way I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you again very soon


  1. Hi Penn.. I’ve been using the Lumify eye drops and I Love it! It’s the only thing that takes the red out of my eyes..

  2. Good morning Penny! You are so good at finding brands to tell us about. I need that brow brush!! The lipstick is such a pretty nude. I think I need those eye drops!!
    Thank you for sharing my gorgeous girl. Happy Saturday!!!

  3. Omg I have the lumify but haven’t used it yet! I’m using it tomorrow! I needed that LP yesterday!!! Love you muffin!!!😘😘😘

  4. Good morning gorgeous. Wow this was so fascinating. And your right especially if your a busy mom. Stay fabulous 💕. Aloha 🌺

  5. Fun products. I haven't tried anything from Sisley yet. The eye palette looks stunning. I think I need the Lumify. I see a lot of people talking about it.

  6. Hi Penn……I have the eye drops but haven’t used them yet. It was a product sent to me in a Giveaway from a subscriber 😍 I need to open that bottle 🤔 The brow brush looks good but $95…..that’s a little steep. TFS. Hugs, Dolores…..The Baking Diva 😘

  7. I always use Rohto Cool Eye Drops but I may have to check out the Lumify. Thanks Penn and hope you have a great weekend. ♥ Elle

  8. Wow – I have to check out the products by Claudio Riaz. And quite a few people have been talking about the Lumify eye drops lately – I'll have to get them, it's nice for when you have a special occasion! I just love Sisley products; I think their concealer is the best and I have been looking for a nice rose shade to try this lipstick, they just released this one recently. The eye shadow colors looked really pretty. I remember hearing somewhere that their shadows weren't that good, but I like the Phyto twist shadows and I also have one of the powder shadows with the luminosity (I can't remember what it's called right now). I am going to have to try the palette you showed, I've always thought it looks so pretty! Thanks for another great video! Take care, Ginny 😘😘😘

  9. Good Morning Penn, you are the Queen when it comes to new discoveries, that Claudio Riaz face palette and the brush, I need those in my life, also that brow brush omg, thank you so much for sharing these with us. Happy Sunday! Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo PS I just ordered the eye drops!

  10. Good morning beautiful girl. That palette and different sort of brush and technique was super neat. I’m going to look for that. I need speed brows too! 😂👏🏻🙌🏻. I need Brigette Bardot lipstick.. of course 🙌🏻💃🏼. Your hair always looks gorgeous. I love the LP products. Thank u for all the great shares! Luv u my friend 💗

  11. Hi Penn! I love your shares, doesn't seem to matter what you're talking about! I'm on a quest for better brows that don't take 20 minutes to get right, lol! Dunno that I can swing that brow brush but it sure looks amazing. I think I'll check out the KVD brow powder, that looks nice! Thanks, Penny, so nice to see your pretty smiling face this morning! 😍😙❤

  12. Wow, Penn, you really have found some products that sound absolutely wonderful! I think I've heard of the eye drops, but other than that, all the other products are new to me, too!!

    It is physically impossible for all of us to try every product that comes on the market — new or not so new! That is why it is so wonderful to have beautiful women like yourself to help find and try these products, then letting us know how the products work for you!

    With all the "wonderful" changes I've noticed in my aging body, one is that the whites of my eyes are no longer as white looking as they once appeared! And having white eyes does give us the appearance of being more awake, bright, and younger! I'd be concerned to use a product daily that removed any and all redness from my eyes, but for that special occasion — especially where photos will be taken — this product sounds like it would be a great addition to our arsenal!! Yay!! 😉

  13. You always find the best new makeup! I love that square brush too! I so need to try those eye drops! I've heard so many good things about it.

  14. Thank you. I want to try the Living proof De- Frizzer. Check CVS for the Lumify. I've seen it on sale for 11.99 . I think regular price is 14.99

  15. That brush is really neat. And that Sisley palette 😍😍😍. You do find the nice products for us. Thank you Penn! Love your hair and makeup look. Beautiful as always! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  16. I am a hair product junkie. I love living proof but I havent tried that one, love their dry shampoo too. Hugs girlfriend

  17. That brow brush sounds like something that would work for me in my busy life, that eye drops sound wonderful! I like when there is something new brought to my attention xoxo <3

  18. OMG!!! You are seriously gorgeous!!! I love love love your hair in this clip! Beautiful!!! Your whole look!
    We seem to like the same colours. I keep coming back and replaying your videos; love your vibe, Penny! Don't ever change!
    You don't need those products to five you big hair! (-; Just read your reviews!!! Haha!!!
    K. Business: what is the colour of your eyes, and what is the name of the Sidley quad. Your link brings me to a (beautiful) blue green. I must try this it looks divine!!! All of these products sound wonderful and I have add to my need to try list! Also love the brush case easel in your last video in rose gold, beautiful and functional!
    I just saw an ad on your channel that cracked me up for a PURPLE seat!!! ( – :
    Good to laugh!!!
    Although I should be sleeping!
    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!!! The fall colours are SO gorgeous!!! (-: ♡ Thanks for the great video!!!
    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Lydia

  19. I e just found your channel and can’t stop watching! I want/need that brow brush so bad but can’t find it anywhere. Your link no longer works. Can you please help me find it or another brush that’s similar? Please help!💕

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