National Trans Youth Network 2014 – Non-Binary Stories

I identify as non-binary I’m nineteen. It’s a relatively recent thing for me I find that this is the label that fits me right now. And it doesn’t really matter but I haven’t always felt this way because, the way that I feel regardless of how these feelings got there, they are here now and I think I should choose to respect them. Because otherwise I won’t be happy on myself. Don’t listen to people who try to reinforce the trans narrative like it doesnt matter if you haven’t always felt trans your identity is valid and your feelings are valid and you just need to respect yourself and love yourself and then eventually, other people will follow your lead and respect you for who you are as well. In five years time, I hope to be happy and secure in my identity The way that I am right now. Hopefully it’ll continue and I will be able to be completely myself without question or concern for how people think of me.


  1. Merci pour les sous-titres français 🙂  Juste pour l'info on a un groupe facebook pour les personnes francophones non-binaires qui s'appelle NB France si ça intéresse quelqu'un

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