National Service Animal Eye Exam Day at UF

Today’s very special event. Today, we are
doing the national service dog eye exam day which is an event that is sponsored
by the American College veterinary Ophthalmologists, Stokes Compounding
Pharmacy and the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. We will see a variety of service dogs for survey exams to make sure that their eyes and
their hearts are healthy so that they can do their jobs appropriately. Originally started off with the ophthalmology service at the national
screening day and from veterinary ophthalmologist screening for eye
problems and in service animals. And here at UF for a number of years now, the
cardiology service have also been participating in that day and doing
cardiac screenings by auscultation, listening for heart murmurs in these
service dogs as well. So this is K-9 Boomer and one of the values of having him as a partner is he can smell a lot of the explosive odors that as
humans we can’t smell. We value UF Health’s participation in this program in a way
that they go above and beyond just a normal eye exam. We value it. This is our
third or fourth year coming so we value it annually. It’s important to give
back for what we do. We have a great job, enjoy doing it. These dogs perform an important role and it’s a very small thing that we can do.
We take one day a year to do this and it certainly is wanting to give back to the
community. We have a lot. They do a lot for people. It’s a small thing we can do
to help them.

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