‘Na die penalty’s nog vaak op het stuur geramd’ I Oranje Wall of Fame – Frank de Boer

It happens so often that
I’m in the car, alone, so often have
I cursed myself, banging my hands
on the wheel. It really bothered me,
for a very long time. (COMMENTATOR)
Oh, what a goal!
What a goal! Dennis Bergkamp, oh! They play
really well. The Netherlands is going to reach the semifinals.
I have a feeling we’re gonna reach the semifinals. Ball possession
for Frank de Boer. (FRANK DE BOER)
We were not the favourites there.
We were one of the outsiders. We were really
a good team. We really could have become the World Champions,
and perhaps we ought to have. (COMMENTATOR)
Frank de Boer passes the ball
really well to Dennis Bergkamp. Dennis Bergkamp.
Dennis Bergkamp controls the ball. Dennis Bergkamp! (FRANK DE BOER)
You can look back
at videos, and see how many of those passes I gave
to Bergkamp, or Litmanen or Kluivert. I gave many
passes to them. So I don’t think
it was a lucky pass, no. Of course it has to land right,
and Dennis has to control the ball right. It all has to
be just right. But I have proven more often that
I can give a pass like that. Dennis has proven so often that
he can snatch a ball from the air like that. So everything comes
together just right. And especially at that moment,
in the last minute. The winning goal,
by Dennis. The stadium was so beautiful,
so orange-coloured, on the shore. The moment was
just right. It was a very
beautiful moment. (COMMENTATOR)
Ronaldo is quicker,
and Stam has to get him. Ronaldo! Ronaldo!
And now it’s De Boer, who defends the ball. And he does
a fantastic job. (INTERVIEWER)
But then we saw
you at the next match. (FRANK DE BOER)
I felt so good during that World Cup,
and I feared no one. I also didn’t fear Ronaldo,
on the top of his game. (COMMENTATOR)
And then there is Frank de Boer,
who defends the ball magnificently. (FRANK DE BOER)
I think I played my best match there,
against Brazil. 120 minutes long. I also scored
the first penalty. I truly enjoyed that
match, to be honest. That we didn’t become World Champion,
that is just… That was the reason we were there.
We’d show them who we are. We are good.
I think that if we realised that more, and we had more faith,
we could have won. (COMMENTATOR)
Once again a strong Dutch side
would go home empty-handed. (INTERVIEWER)
What do you recall about your debut? (FRANK DE BOER)
I was very happy,
of course. Ronald had made
his debut at Ajax first, and I made my debut at
the Dutch national team first. The Dutch national team was a step up,
and I know he was very proud of me, and it was yet
another milestone. (INTERVIEWER)
The European Championship ’92 was
your first final tournament. What kind of tournament
was it for you? (FRANK DE BOER)
Looking back, I’m not satisfied with it,
to be honest. I don’t think that was the Frank de Boer
they saw playing for Ajax continuously. It wasn’t really bad, but also
not at all the level I aimed for myself. What I had always had
at Ajax – the combination, whether it was with Overmars
or especially with Brian Roy during that time, it didn’t go so well,
to be honest. (INTERVIEWER)
As time passed, you became
a starter for the national team. On the WC ’92 this was
not yet the case. (FRANK DE BOER)
Thinking back on
the World Cup in America… I had a great time there, I have to say. It was truly a
great World Cup. It was inhuman to play at those times,
during afternoons… It was so
sickeningly hot. I lacked that bit of power
I needed, somehow. I was definitely
not satisfied. Only when I…
You mentioned that last match I didn’t play, against Brazil… So on one hand it was deserved,
but on the other hand I felt my strength coming back. I really felt as if I was
growing back into it, honestly. (INTERVIEWER)
One step back in time:
in 1993 you played a match against San Marino. (FRANK DE BOER)
It was the first time
I was in the starting 11 with my brother. (COMMENTATOR)
And now Ronald de Boer
has to strengthen the team. There he is, 22 years old,
the Ajax player. (FRANK DE BOER)
Of course, it was more special,
especially for my parents. (RONALD DE BOER)
Dear Frank,
little brother. You would give anything to be the best,
to win the game. Every training, every match.
That makes you exceptional. The proudest moment was of course playing together
for Ajax and the Dutch national team. And especially for our parents,
I think those were some of the most beautiful moments. Nice, great.
Normally the wives come in first place, but actually my brother
has the first place for me. But the best part is:
the wives know that too. They know they
shouldn’t come between us, because we will always
support each other, no matter what. (INTERVIEWER)
The glory days at Ajax started,
in ’95, ’96, Then came the
European Championship. (FRANK DE BOER)
I believe two weeks before
the match against Juventus, the finale of the Champions’ League,
I sustained an injury. The first two tournaments, ’92 and ’94,
I was not satisfied. So I really wanted
to prove myself in England. One of the last trainings
where I was really tested. It went well, but then at
the last moment I made a move, and I felt
a sharp pain. It was the end of the
European Championship for me. Look, if I hadn’t played the finale of the
Champions’ League, I would’ve been 100 % fit. (INTERVIEWER)
Hiddink was already
the national coach at that time. During the European Championship
it didn’t go well either. There was a lot of clamour.
A lot of disharmony between the players. (FRANK DE BOER)
Yes, “De kabel”, eh?
It started at Ajax, of course. The friction got worse,
and eventually it got out of hand. And after that, we signed
the Pact of Hiddink, of course. That really helped.
It was more about norms and values. About how to
treat each other. That we shouldn’t speak negatively in the media,
and that we should come on time. Just that kind of rules,
to be honest, to prevent that disharmony,
so we could focus on one thing only: football. (INTERVIEWER)
It was really written?
You had to sign it? (FRANK DE BOER)
Yes, I had to sign it.
And if you didn’t agree, you weren’t selected. (COMMENTATOR)
De Boer, oh yes! Well, well, well! (INTERVIEWER)
A tournament in the home country.
Is that a blessing or is it extra pressure? (FRANK DE BOER)
No, I’ve never experienced it as pressure.
We only had one goal, and that was to
become the champion. We discussed earlier how sad
it was that we lost against Brazil. That still bothers
me a lot. Not because I…
Of course because I missed two penalties in the semifinals, but especially because we should’ve
been the European Champion. So that really
bothers me, yes. (COMMENTATOR)
Here goes De Boer,
and he’s missed another one. (FRANK DE BOER)
At that moment, when the referee whistled
the end of the match after 120 minutes, they had actually
won already. Also because I missed two
penalty kicks in standard time. I think I played I’ve played 5 tournaments, in 4 of which I lost the semifinals, so that says
it all, really. (COMMENTATOR)
Do you still wake up
screaming, sometimes? (FRANK DE BOER)
I was really disturbed
by that for two months. It happens so often that
I’m in the car, alone, so often have
I cursed myself, banging my hands
on the wheel. It really bothered me,
for a very long time. (INTERVIEWER)
The years pass by,
but Frank de Boer steadily presses on. In 2002 you didn’t participate.
That was also a peculiar story. (FRANK DE BOER)
Of course, a new generation
was on its way. And Van Gaal was
of course so… “We do it my way”,
and that caused friction. I don’t have a problem with that,
because I know Louis very well. There was just
no chemistry, and he felt that we weren’t
keen enough, as he once said. But I think that at that time,
if really think about it, we needed more of
a people manager. (INTERVIEWER)
In 2004, you were also selected,
playing under Advocaat. (FRANK DE BOER)
Yes, I knew it was going
to be my last tournament. It didn’t go as
we wanted it to go. And finally, he went for
the new generation. One thing which still
makes me angry, is that he, even though
I’d been team captain 72 times, he gave my shirt number to Wilfred Bouma
– not to speak ill of Wilfred Bouma, but he was already overjoyed
that he got to play and got selected… That hurt,
if I’m honest. But on the inside,
I was really pissed off, in any case. You feel wronged, when that happens,
to be honest. What did I do
to deserve that? In the end I did earn my
place in the team again. (COMMENTATOR)
There is number 4. How can it be that De Boer
makes such a header goal? I mean Frank de Boer. (FRANK DE BOER)
I’ve experienced
fantastic tournaments. I’ve played with
great players, From the ’88 generation
to the generation with Van der Vaart
and Sneijder. But especially my generation with
Van Hooijdonk, with Van der Sar, with Overmars,
Cocu, Numan. I had a great time,
it was really a team of friends. And we still are. (COMMENTATOR)
De Boer, oh, yeah! Well, well, well!


  1. Un gol de otro nivel, por la concepción. La visión de Frank De Boer quien ve a Dennis Bergkamp en una posición adecuada y manda un balonazo justo para la pierna derecha, él hace un quiebre al defensa argentino y a la salida del arquero Roa lo manda a guardar en el rincón de las ánimas. Nederlandse honderd procent 🇳🇱

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