My life after depression? “AMAZING!”

Hi – my name’s Dan, I’m 42 years old and
have recently completed The Thrive Programme with Mary. My journey with The Thrive Programme and with Mary started in November 2018 really out of desperation, I’d been suffering for
probably a decade with depression and confidence problems, I’d been diagnosed
by my GP, I was taking prescription medication for my depression. I’d seen
business coaches, life coaches, counsellors and anything I’d ever been told or even helped with was very very short-lived, it was evident when I
started the programme pretty quickly that this was different, there was no
life coach to tell me that I should be positive, I should be grateful for what
had, there was no one to tell me to look on the bright side of things and not to not to think the glass was half-empty when it was half-full. What we
did was we looked at how I felt, we looked why I had these feelings, we
looked at my lack of confidence and my depression as one, and we began undoing
the feelings I’d had for probably the last decade. What does life look like for
me now? Life’s amazing now, I don’t feel depressed anymore, I don’t take
prescription medication for depression my confidence issues are non-existent,
now when I look at a problem instead of thinking ‘oh my god I can’t do this’ now
my natural sort of mindset is why ‘would I not be able to do it it can’t be that
hard….’ Life’s changed quite a bit for me
and without The Thrive Programme I believe I would still be taking medication and
feeling as though I wasn’t in control of my life and I wasn’t in control of my
destiny and that I was just along for the ride without actually being able to to
affect the way I was moving. It’s improved my family life, it’s improved my
work-life balance, I’m now in a really really happy place because of it. Thank
you very much Mary, thank you Thrive Programme

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