This is a haul video a mini haul video I don’t know anything about fashion the most I know is that it’s good if your belt and your shoes match. Yup So basically, this is the first time I’ve ever bought loads of clothes at once so I thought why not do this yay. So everything I bought in this video is from ASOS with the exception of one thing my shoes I got this pair of New Balance from JD I don’t usually shop there But these were on sale and I wanted a change because I always wear the same type of shoes. I always wear Nike’s that look exactly like this like the skater kind of shoe, but this I thought it’s more of a trainer I guess and it’s got a little bit of brown so What am I doing? I don’t know how to make these videos. I got these I think they look cool they’re different I don’t know new year new me all right. It’s just occurred to me that I don’t know if you put prices or sizes in these videos Right the rest of the stuff I got from ASOS starting with this long-sleeve shirt. I don’t usually wear long sleeve shirts cuz I’m really skinny, and I don’t like the way they like flare around at the cuff but these they’ve got like fit cuffs so I like it. God I’m not good at this at all. It’s just got like a generic print on the front sleeves different colors, and it’s got this on the back. I don’t usually wear a lot of colour so everything I bought is quite colourful I always just wear white, grey, and black. Can’t really get much more colorful than this can you. I got this like denim jacket thing. It’s so cool I love it. I’m really worried about wearing blue denim. I just really like this. It’s so different to everything else I usually wear and just like May it’s so cool. I actually really like this entire outfit you can’t see but I’m wearing like black jeans and then Yeah, it’s got this like oversized feel to it, but it’s an extra small so it fits me quite well. I like the different collar, it’s nice, man it’s nice. You’re probably gonna see me wearing this a lot ok. Next another long-sleeve shirt. This is so bright I’m pretty sure they said this was yellow, and it looked a lot more yellow in the photo, but this is not yellow and it’s not green it’s tennis ball. tennis ball. Vans, it’s got their slogan thing down this arm bunch of little white stars on that arm another little graphic on the back. I’m not really that adventurous with my clothes so I thought maybe if all the shirts I wear are like nice, bright, and cool that’ll make up for the fact I dunno what I’m doing. Okay next; short sleeve shirt I feel like I’m repeating myself But again, I’d never wear this usually because it’s a v-neck. There’s something about a v-neck with this kind of hem it just looks different. I do like dark shirts they work with my tattoos really well so. Ok next I’ve got this kind of rust colored shirt. I know nothing about fashion so layering up that’s kind of new to me. Primarni special. See this is what I’d usually wear so this is kind of improvement Oooo. This is cute I like it I mean I’m not about those rigid colors, but yeah, man this is cool. I just like simple clothes clothes that I can just put on and they work with any kind of trousers I have. I don’t really want to stand out, but I want to look good does that make any sense? I’m stuck I’ll never get out. Not gonna lie I’m not sure how often I’m gonna wear this. It’s this blue, white, and red panel t-shirt. New York City Brooklyn long live the youth. Just a t-shirt innit. I like it it looks nice it feels good, fits good. I should have figured out a rating system 5 out of 5 aliens boom. Finally I told you it was a mini haul another white yay. So got like little strips of colour there, there, there, and then ugh [laughs] Kinda reminds me of the Illuminati. I like the pastels it’s mainly white so I can pretty much wear it with anything I want. All right finally the one thing that I’m gonna send back. On the site this looked really cool so oooh brown I don’t wear a lot of brown and it will match my new shoes. The material is what lets us down and I thought I could let it slide but then I put it on and well the arms are so tight it makes me feel like I’m wearing a child shirt. Ugh it feels not good I don’t like it. I can understand why people like this cuz it’s soft but it’s like that bus material bus material? You know like bus chairs that kind of carpety material that’s what it’s made out of. Ughhh So that was my haul I’m pretty much obsessed with everything that I got. This shirt the jacket and my new shoes are definitely like mmm my faves. Not sponsored by ASOS at all but that is the place to go for anything that looks a little bit different. I can’t recommend ASOS enough especially if you’re a trans man cause they do loads and loads of small sizes. Give this video a like if you liked it, maybe I’ll do more. I like clothes, I just don’t know how to wear ’em Thank you guys so much for watching I love you, and I’ll see you next time.


  1. ngl you look so fucking cool and I could totally see u modelling for them! i don't know much abt fashion either but everything looks so sick and ur tats look rad dude !!

  2. Really loved this video, it’s sooo funny!! How tall are you/him? Just wondering since I don’t shop much from ASOS and I have a really though time finding sizes… I’m non binary and I really need to step up my fashion game AND find things that work with my binder!

  3. Yes – belt and shoes should match. Also don't wear black shoes and belt with gray, black, or navy – especially if you're dressing up (like for an interview). Your hair looks GREAT BTW! If you don't like something, please, take it back right away. If you wait too long, you're stuck with it. Always keep your receipts, too, for this reason.

  4. Loved this video! I feel like not as many guys do haul videos, (and those who do tend to be SUPER into fashion, current trends etc., have a more feminine style, or are 6ft models, which all things I can’t relate to) so it was great to see a laid back one with clothes that resemble my own! …I have to admit I’m tempted to get some of them for myself now!
    PS It was also great to see how happy and vibrant you looked in this video!

  5. You're such an inspiration, I'm so grateful for a mate who showed me your videos because you help so much, you encourage me to be brave enough to come out one day, only thing stopping me is i don't know how but you encourage me and many others to just go for it, you're amazing, thank you so much for your videos. Plus your fashion is top notch lad 🤣

  6. Alex, i personally thought you did wo with your choice of clothes. You looked like someone who le exactly what to wear. I thought you looked very hot in you new clothes. Although i think you look hot normally anyway

  7. HAAAUUULLLSSSS !!! I loovvveeee 🌈🌈 I love how natural & authentic this haul is.Most hauls seem to scripted in a sense to me but this just seem like you're being yourself 💚 goof and all ! You should do hauls more often if you want to…I loved watching this 😀

  8. All of these are such LOOKS, especially that denim jacket, and the striped black v-neck looks super neat with all your tatts!!

  9. I started watching you around three years ago and I'll admit i haven't watched in a while, but its amazing how far you've come and how much you have come into yourself. Even though we don't know each other I am very proud of you and wish you all the best 🙂

  10. Besides you getting out of your comfort zone and looking great in the clothes I just have to say that I'm so happy that I have finally heard a guy say something was cute other than me 😂

  11. Dude I can't believe what I'm seeing. You look awesome and the new threads really are the crowing jewel! It makes you look happy, fresh and reborn!

  12. Well you did pretty great considering you keep saying you don’t know what you’re doing. All of those peices were awesome except perhaps that panel shirt I feel like he white bits made the sides of your torso appear to disappear.

  13. The cutest haul I’ve ever seen!!! And I really loved everything down to the description definitely a haul I can get behind and I’m hoping to see more

  14. you look amazing, you sound amazing, and you are amazing!! i've been subscribed from even before you were scheduled to be on T, and it's incredible to see how far you've come!!! im so happy for you

  15. Alot of people like clothes but acutally don't know how to wear them, i know.
    Anyway, believe me when i say you can wear anything.
    And i hope there will me more haul video's coming up.

  16. Good haul video – honest, individual made and you're still the cutest – no matter what you wear. 😉

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