Mutism in Schizophrenia (including Catatonic) — Day 39 of “100 Symptoms”

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I’m nednednerB the Schizophrenic. This is Day 39 of “100 Symptoms”:
Mutism in Schizophrenia. Mutism is the absence of speech or its reduction.
It has several ways of being expressed and experienced. It can happen to schizophrenics
in catatonic states and also states of panic stricken paranoia. In some catatonic states, mutism can go along
like complete absence of awareness or expression of internal states. Catatonic states seem
like a person is void for a time. When not catatonic, some individuals with psychosis
choose not to speak, speak rarely, or appear to have extreme difficulty speaking. Maybe there is intense paranoia, maybe their
thoughts are temporarily scrambled or tangled, or lots of things might be happening to interrupt
speaking. Not in catatonic states, individuals might appear to understand but not respond
in full or at all. I remember short periods when I was in a hospital,
especially when I first arrived. I remember situations where it seemed like I was watching
things unfold and not consciously participating. That, or I was actively hallucinating. Sometimes
it felt that I was watching a story unfold outside my point of witness, but perhaps nurses
or doctors were interacting or talking, and if I gave any responses, maybe they were brief
and muted. Sometimes I think I’ve exhibited mutism because
I felt for some reason so shocked by the bizarre aspect of my psychotic symptoms that I was
effectively rendered speechless, with a temporary loss or reduction of ability to speak. Maybe
that would attach to anxiety or panic, meaning I would be in a state of alarm but not be
able to speak aloud to what I was experiencing. If this has been interesting to you, please
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