Multiple milia under the eyes

So you’re gonna hear this little buzz– Well, you’re not really gonna hear a noise, but you’re gonna feel one little pinch here. I’m gonna do one, okay? Just one. I’ll do this one right here. You can feel me touch you right there. Okay. Ready? You okay? Mhmm. I’ll do it a couple times right there. Gonna do it again. A tiny one. You okay? She’s tough. Good. These are milia she’s got on her eye. I don’t know why you have so many of them here. (Background: What… what causes these?) Y’know, they’re… (Background:Fatty food?) No, no. You okay? If you need a break, just raise your hand, okay? I think she just– It’s probably– It might even be products you put on your face. Something that– Okay, okay. We’re gonna pay attention to her and not talk to anybody else. We’re just gonna put a little pressure with that little instrument you’ve seen me use before. We’re gonna push that one out. The ones right under your eye are gonna be— Are not easy, because there there’s no bone to push against. You know what I mean? So we kind of let the cautery let them shell out. Help them to shell out. You alright? Mhmm. Actually, some of the bigger ones are doing alright with me knicking them. (Background: She’s gonna look prettiness when she’s all done.) She is pretty! I know. She is pretty, though. (Background: Thank you.) Awww. I make everybody cry. Well, not everybody but… I don’t like to make her cry. Here. I’m gonna put a little pressure here. Good. Some of them are coming out. Well, I don’t want to push on them all the way up high on your eye. Gonna let your– Let it kind of pop out by itself. Let me just push on that one and see if I can’t help it out. Because that one is big. That one doesn’t want to come out Let me try one more time on that one and then I’m gonna leave you alone here, okay? There we go. Good. Oh, you’re gonna like that. Okay. Let me see your other side here. There’s one I’m gonna put one little knick in, okay? One little baby pinch here. Pinch. Good. Now a little pressure on this side You were never successful getting any of these out? Mmm. They need to be pinched a little bit more. Hold on, little pinch. There we go. That should do it for that one. It’s like you need to get right over them. Otherwise, they won’t– They’d better– There we go. Okay. Okay. I’m gonna do that little buzz on a couple of those on that side, okay? Then I’m– That’s it. I messed up your mascara. Okay, little buzz here. One buzz. Couple more little ones. Okay. Just make sure this– Okay, done.


  1. I had this done and it hurts wayyy more than it looks but thay burned mine off and the numbing medicine didn’t work lol I felt all the pain😓

  2. Hi Dr. Lee, I recently noticed that all of a sudden I have a bunch of little milia under one of my eyes. Is it normal for them to appear all at once and only on one eye? I'm not sure what the cause of this could be.

  3. I had this growing up…never knew what it was, my pediatrician said “I would grow out of it” 20 years later I learn what it is. 😱

  4. I have had these since primary school..i got them when i was about ten…my class mate had them and use to wear glasses…i used to try on her glasses….they first started over the top lid…and i wait for the ball to come close to the surface then pop it..I'm 45 now..its still there…they started spreading to the bottom lid when i started using concealer on it…it's not going to go away…unless it has some sort of medication to make it do so…

  5. I have a ton of these but my dermatologist won't do anything to help me get rid of them. She sent me to an eye doctor to have them popped in a hospital. He had no idea what he is doing and only did one. It grew back cause he didn't get the sack out

  6. So this is what there called my 17 /16 years old has them under there eye lid is there anyway there a home remedies to remove them

  7. Ohh so that is what I have in my chin area, I've got them after using dermaroller and a facial mask, probably was not a good combination…

  8. OMG I recently got one and tried to poke it with a clean needle but it's so stubborn. I wish I could visit you😭

  9. I have sooooo many of these under my eyes and have had them for at least 7 years. I tried having them treating but they just came back!!

  10. I have these too. Way less, way smaller but I do have those under the eyes as well. And I don't put anything on my face. Hardly use makeup. Sometimes things grow just because.

  11. hi. i just got this operation today and now they are still red and swollen. what can i do to cure them quickly?

  12. I have 4 of them under my eyes and when I was younger I always thought they were cute but now I just want them gone but I also don't want needles in my eyes.

  13. I have it all over my eyes and there’s a whole cluster near my lower eyelash area. I’ve been so insecure about it and I feel like there’s no way out of it

  14. I have had many clusters of large milium cysts on my face for years and every dermatologist I’ve seen has done nothing about it.

  15. I have milia under my eye as well. A dermatologist once told me that babies are born with it and mine just never went away.

  16. It is unbelievable that someone can be so self-absorbed as to wear make up to this. What does she think? She might get headhunted for Hollywood?

  17. I Have This Like 7? And I Never Went To A Dermatologist To Remove It Because It's Just A Waste Of Money(For Me)…
    I Just Waited For Like
    2 Years? hehehe😂 And Cleaned My Face Everyday
    And It Just Dissapeared.

  18. I have one of these directly in the corner of my right eyes.Its literally next to my tear duct and it’s so irritating.It doesn’t hurt or cause problems but it’s so distracting.

  19. I have small ones under my eyes and one, like the ones she has, kinda above the little inner corner of my eye. I find them interesting and different but sort of weird, and wanna get the bigger one extracted. But I’m like 13 so..

  20. I had a milia on my lower waterline. I tried to use the comedome (breaking the skin first) but it didnt work and I gave up. Two days later it was gone. Came out by itself from breaking the skin. I was so happy!

  21. Oh my gosh that would be my parents, "is it from food?!" My whole life every problem was going to be from food 🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. Minha tia tem isso e aqui e o médico disse q não tinha cirurgia pra isso….marrolha,mas tem solução sim..

  23. Does anyone know what that tool the lady uses in the video is called?? Also if it's even obtainable

  24. Dude I have this, I've had it since I was 7 and all the doctors be like 'oh its acne' and give me alot of stuff for it and it never helps wtf😫

  25. Not too much payout w this one, ey? 😁
    Ok, aside from tne milia, this girl's skin was AMAZING! Like porcelain!!!😍👍

  26. Now I know what I have and why I they wouldn’t pop🤦🏽‍♀️ I could’ve saved myself from so much hyperpigmentation

  27. I have them on the upper part of my cheeks. I've had them for years. I do get rid of the ones that at a bit bigger with a needle but the tiny-tiny ones I can't, and if they are close to the eyes it's bad too because the skin is too thin and soft and I can't get them out by myself.

  28. I've had milia under my eyes since my teen years. They started forming after I used a heavy face cream under my eyes so I was always scared to use face wash or cream on my under eyes but I've started washing my face and under eyes using Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily Gentle Scrub and moisturizing under my eyes (and the rest of my face) with Cetaphil's Daily Facial Moisturizer. Since I've been using those two products I've had 4 large milia come out of my skin, they would basically gentle scrub open the milia bump over time and when a bump is ready to be empty (you can sort of feel it when you run your finger over the skin) I gently scrape the hard bit out from the pocket with my clean finger nail. I now only have 3 large mila bumps and a few very flat ones (I'm guessing older ones that have started to flatten over time).

    I had no idea these products would get rid of the milia but I was tired of not doing anything to my under eye skin so I decided to just use them under my eyes and they are the first thing to do anything for my milla and also didn't form any new ones.

    Might not work for you because everyone's skin is different but posting so others know so maybe you'll try it or at least not be afraid to try new products under your eyes.

  29. She's got beautiful eyes, such a shame so much milia is under them. I'm a popaholic and get satisfied by these but something about the eyeballs puts me on edge

  30. That metal push tool is SO BAD for your skin. Causes scars! Especially with how hard sandra is doing it. Makes me cringe anytime I see her extract because all i can think is “wow that’s gonna leave a mark”

  31. Stop. Why in the world is this girl wearing her mascara during this appointment??? Why in the world wouldn't the doctor tell her to remove it before doing this? You're opening up her pores and there's all this nasty crumbly mascara just about to fall right in there.

  32. I have milia surrounding my entire eyes this lady told me I’d have it for my entire life and I’m only 14 😀😢

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