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What is this? Best eye clinic? What is this? Big brother, when did you open this? Motu, my brother, my friend. I was a doctor from the very beginning. I have developed a few new medicines for perfect eye sight. That is why I opened an eye clinic. We are going to the lab to get some more important things. You both wait in the clinic. If a patient comes, don’t let him go. We will back in a while. But if the patient leaves, it won’t look good. Don’t worry Dr. Jhatka. If any patient comes along, we will not let him go. Okay. We will go and come back right away. Okay. Wow. Big brother has made such an amazing clinic. [Hi.] Motu. [Hello.] Patlu, how will we stop a patient. Just by telling them that the doctor is coming, nobody will wait. Nobody will wait. Why don’t we pretend to be the doctors and act as if we are treating them? Till then big brother will be here. Simple. This is a good idea. But we will only check and keep them busy. Come on. Let’s wear the doctor’s robes. Doctor Sir. Please check my eyes. Everything seems a bit blurry. Yes, yes. Sit. We will check. When I went to a doctor previously, he put something in my eyes and made me sit for a while. After that he checked my eyes. Yes. Yes. We are doing that only. Sit. Sit here. There are only 2-3 drops left in here. This seems better. No. What are you doing? Doctor. What did you put in my eyes?! It burns badly. I was signalling you ‘don’t put’ ‘ don’t put’. But when do you listen? Sorry. Sorry. It was a mistake. It was a mistake. There was less medicine in one bottle so I added more medicine from another bottle. Have patience. Everything will be alright. Have patience. Stop your commentary. You must have put some fake medicine. I was better off before. You both will not escape. You both are fake doctors. I will send you both to the jail. You snatched away the light from my eyes. What’s this? I can see past the wall. Look at that. A yellow car is coming from here. A red car is coming from there. This is a miracle. Patlu, there really is a yellowand a red car going from here. What is this? What is this? It is a miracle. Right? Right? Thank you, Doctor. You created a miracle. Now I will become world-famous. Thank God. Now we will become world-famous eye-specialist. Motu, you were really amazing. But which medicine did you use? Tell me. I used this one… No no. Maybe this one. Yes. Yes. I remember. No no. Maybe that one. Doctor, I heard that you have a medicine which will turn the eyes into something like an X-Ray machine. You will be able to see past walls. Where did Chingum Sir come from? Oh yes… That- Doctor Sir, put the same medicine in my eyes. Criminals trick me and run away. Once I can also see past walls, every criminal will be behind the bars. Yes. I’m ready. Put the medicine. Come come. Lie down here, Chingam Sir. Motu, quickly remember which medicine it was. Remember. It was this one. No. I had mixed a bit of that too. Final. It was this one and that one. Here, I mix it. Now I mixed them. The medicine is ready. I will put it. Open your eyes. This one too. How are you feeling Chingam Sir? Lie down like this for a while. Now you can open your eyes slowly. Open them. Doctor, please switch on the lights. Everything is dark without the lights. Motu we are done for. Looks like Chingam Sir’s eyes are gone forever. Doctor Sir. Please. Please. Please. Switch on the lights. Lights I cannot wait anymore. Please switch on the lights. Idea. Inspector Sir. The thing is, the clinic’s lights went out. Come. We will escort you outside. Doctor Sir. Where are you going after leaving me inside? At least switch on the lights. Sorry Chingam Sir. Very sorry. Your voices sound like the voices of someone very important. Chingam Sir, forgive us. Actually what happened is that… Motu! You both played with my eyes. I will not let you off. What is that? I can see. I can see clearly. What is that? One airplane is flying in the air. An air hostess is making an announcement inside. Motu Patlu, you both are amazing. I can see far away inside an airplane. Now every criminal will be caught by Chingum. Why fear when Chingum is here? Did you see the miracle of our medicine, Chingum Sir? Thank you Motu Patlu. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Motu Patlu, John is coming here. I will hide. Doctor Sir. Please help me. We are doctors. Maybe you came to a wrong place. It is I who is wronged every time. Because whenever I go to steal, my eyes start watering at the last moment. And tears start falling out as if Municipality’s tap has been opened. We don’t treat thieves. Leave. You are a doctor not the police. You will have to treat me. This is my right. Don’t behave like Inspector Chingum. He is a good-for-nothing, unlucky fellow. He does not know anything. Whenever I see, he is out to ruin things. Who said that? It seemed like this was Chingum Sir’s voice. Oh no, not at all. How can Chinmgum Sir be here? You were lost in his thoughts that’s why you thought so. And listen. Moreover, Chingum Sir’s those two flatterers, Motu and Patlu. They don’t do any work. The entire day they keep on fooling around everywhere. Motu cannot think of anything other than Samosas. And Patlu is never over of his detective brain. Those two leave all the work and keep on chasing me. If those two appear before me, I will crush them like this, like this and like this under my foot. No! Motu Patlu you both as doctors? Stop John. Let’s go John. I will conduct your treatment in the jail. Stop in the name of law. Stop. What’s this? I stole Chingum Sir’s wallet yet my eyes did not water. Motu Patlu, you both treated me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m grateful. Now I’m ready to go to the jail willingly. It is impossible to escape Chingum’s claws. It means impossible. Doctor. Apply them in my eyes too. [In my eyes too.] My eyes. [My eyes.] Motu run from here. 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