Let me tell you there are some times in life When you fall down And you feel like you don’t have the
strength to get back up There comes a time when The blank The blankness of future is so extreme to such a black wall of nothingness Not even of bad things It’s not like there is a cave full of monsters
that you are afraid of entering in the future It is just nothingness “Le néant” as the french would say here “La vide”, the void, the emptiness and It is, just horrible It is horrible to contemplate,
a future-less future If that isn’t too impossible Um, so you just want to to step out of it, to step out of the whole race, the whole business the monstrosity of being alive overwhelms you I thought what kind of purpose do I have to live I mean, do you, are you just here to live to die I mean is there not a purpose for me?
Is there not a purpose in life I had questions and no answers and I asked my mom and dad, why did this happen ? and I asked doctors why did this happen and they don’t know There are some things in life that are out of your control that you can’t change and you’ve got to live with The choice that we have though is either to give up or keep on going The very first thing I want to offer you is empathy I understand that the feeling is real this idea that you want to just do an end put an end to the entire game of life so beyond my empathy, and my care for you My heart going out to you I want to offer you this That there is a law There is a law in nature which is that of seasons, right ? so in a winter time it’s cold, right ? freezing f***ing cold in the winter time especially if you live in, like, the north and it could be so cold that you are miserable if a man was so cold and miserable that he decided that perhaps I should kill myself because this freezing cold misery is not worth living in someone might offer him the idea that, or remind him of a law that dude, this is, you have got may be another six weeks, you’ve got maybe another eight weeks and then spring is coming, man and it is just the way it is things cycle through, it is just a season right now I understand it is freezing f***ing cold and you feel horrible and you feel pretty bad about the situation BUT Hang in there 70% of illnesses on the planet, all kinds, are self created you are able to generate substantial amount of intense emotions and thoughts But in the wrong direction You are generating thoughts and emotions which work against you not for you You think it’s your right to throw tantrums You think it is your right to get angry with people you think it is your privilege to be depressed so that you’ll get attention from somebody you keep playing this one day you will not be able to turn back How did I get from depressed to who I am today because I tell you I was depressed When I was age 8 I used to concentrate on the things I didn’t have I wish I’ve had arms and legs and I wish I could do this but what can I do? You see I have a choice, that’s what I want to talk about today, choice I can either be angry for not having arms and legs
or be thankful for my chicken drumstick You see, I can still do a lot of things. At home I can brush my teeth, comb my hair Get myself ready in the morning
and I’m travelling around the world…it’s amazing! Happiness is a choice. That is what I want to live my life by You can’t always be happy, listen, I know I’m not crazy I realise the realism in not being happy Sometime you have to put up with some crap in your life But if you are always striving to choose happiness Everyday you wake up and you say to yourself You know what…I’m going to choose to not let
the outside influences of the world affect my mood I’m going to be in charge of how I feel
because I am going to choose happiness. I promise you you will live a lot happier
life and at least you can try to right? You just have to set the necessary conditions for health necessary incentives for health both for yourself and your children, if you have them Do not set incentives for sickness I’ve felt depressed I’ve felt miserable I’ve felt at times where it may be better to take my life But with the wisdom that I have
gathered in my 33 short years of life I’ve come to realise that it’s just a feeling And in the same way that feeling cold is
diminished, the misery of feeling cold is diminished by the insight that spring will come is the same feeling that you should acknowledge the same law that you should acknowledge that no matter how miserable things are right now it is just a season, it’s going to pass The thing that keeps one living is a sense of future that there will be a tomorrow and tomorrow I’ve got to do this and the day after I’ve got to do that Not that any of these things have a particular logical purpose or a convincing reason to exist but they somehow keep one going In the words of Dorothy Parker
a great wit and writer and poet “you might as well live”


  1. Please check this out if you are struggling Its my journey ….Please join me on my recovery GET WELL CHANNEL . Let me help you and offer you hope . Let’s do this together .

  2. 1: Wake up every morning same time, drink a can of energy drink and take anti depressant medication.
    2: Do routine push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks
    3: Shower
    4: Start your day and remember to live one day at a time
    5: Fight for the loved ones OR brothers and sisters who lost the battle to depression


  3. Shift your thoughts, put on some upbeat music, take the dog for a walk, eat some good healthy food, visit a friend, do something that makes you feel good.

  4. I'm just so lackluster and am literally never happy I haven't even got proper friends However I've got a great family who keeps me here today

  5. We have a purpose in life. We are not created in vain. Depression is a divine call to find out about your source and where are you are heading.

  6. Allah is the answer. Look for him in yourself and your surroundings. Search for him. I guarantee you the whole and ache you feel in your heart will be healed.

  7. Depression and anxiety are like monsters to me they come to haunt me everyday depression is forcing me to hurt myself or just be sad and anxiety just makes me be alone please don’t say good things about me!
    But all I wish is that you people get better and become happy again

  8. "Hang in there, winter's over in another 6 weeks." This falls back to my point no motivational speaker ever decides to remind you winter will always come again.

  9. thank you for the video. life may be depressing at time. I found these happy artworks. I would like to share them with you, hopefully you can feel better.

  10. I wouldn't even want to be at the beach or have the energy to go anywhere, do anything when I'm depressed. I can't get out of bed. And the depressing music makes me more depressed. Also… telling people that depression causes 79% of all illnesses does not help… neither does telling people that you cannot turn back. Whoever did this video has obviously never dealt with CHRONIC depression. 👎🏻🤦‍♀️😭

  11. Reading the comment section.. makes me realize.. good.. so many weak-minded, complaining, whining, self-loathing… I say, let nature run its course, the strong will survive, the weak will not… Fight with everything you got, or dont, and perish. I have been through a lot but avoid complaining and beg for attention/pity/compassion from random people. Go through those difficult obstacles, it will make you stronger. Live strong, die strong.

  12. Everyone who doesn’t have depression think it’s just the case of being sad. It’s a lot more. Suicidel thoughts,Giving up on hobbies,eating too much/less,over sleeping/sleeping too much,There’s a lot more. I stood at the edge of a bridge and thought nothin.

  13. I don't think I'm depressed I just think I need some uplifting.. I'm really down tho and I just wanna lay on my bed and eat junk food and watch TV and cry and be emotional I just UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  14. I just want to say to anyone taking the time out of their day to read this. you Own the most precious priceless thing in the world you own your own individuality I understand your sadness your depression and I understand you don’t just snap out of it one day but that’s why I’m here to tell you is look for the good in life don’t over think it life is just that… life everyone reading this will not have the same definition of life some may to know what that means and that’s it, and I understand if you get mad and want to say “ YOU DONT UNDERSTAND MY DEPRESSION STFU” but you shouldn’t hold on to something so tightly that makes you suffer the way you do life doesn’t have a set definition you shouldn’t bash yourself for feeling the way you do you have the right to be depressed it’s human but you need to find “The Spark” you need to find that thing that makes you glow that thing or person that makes you shine brighter then you have ever been. Life’s hard that’s a fact but don’t over think it don’t worry about what your gonna do a week from now don’t stress over things that haven’t happened yet. If you wish to yell at me in the replies below then please do so Release all that hate that you feel don’t hold on to it. Look for that spark it won’t be easy and life will try to knock you back down but when you find that spark things will change. yes you’ll still be depressed BUT it’s different now you won’t hold onto it you’ll let it come and go. Please love yourself and if you dont know what that means yet then go explore there’s so much to uncover you just have to want it

  15. I’m trying to go through these videos to find some reason to live……. everyone has forgotten about me in my life.. no one seems to care about me and these videos and anything motivational anymore doesn’t help anymore.. I want to be happy.. I want to be known.. I want to be.. remembered…

  16. This is just superb, been searching for "herbal treatments for depression and anxiety" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

  17. For anyone suffering depression, please know that there is ALWAYS hope and it’s never too far away… I promise you that you will get through this 💛

  18. I’ve found myself crying every night for almost a while now and old memories, feelings and thoughts come to my mind. Ever since i lost the two people I needed in my life I’ve never been the same. No matter how hard you can try, it always comes back.

  19. I feel so lonely. I feel it's just me against the world that is unknown and cruel. Sometimes I wish I wasn't born.

  20. I Lost my mom my dad my dog my good school grades my good health my Friends my social life soon my will to live i now live in a Foster home in france and the death of the persons i loved ruined my life

  21. I have depression til this day i hope to get over it but i am dangerously lonley and isolated my bf got mad because i accidentally got upset for no reason with him and he hasnt talked to me since last night we had our argument im very sad i just wanna be happy 🙁

  22. I have problems with depression and it is soo sad how much people are depressed. When it comes I dont have in my minde that lots od people have the same problem. I feel sooo fucking alone. Sorry fora bad english. 😑

  23. I.. just want to feel happy again. Not any other emotion, not numb. I hate feeling numb all the time.
    The only emotion I want.. is happiness.

  24. I have just been put on medication. I told my mother 3 days ago and she said I was manipulating her, today she messaged me saying she wants to be selfish, since death is what I want she won't pay my fees next year and that's my final year in university. Here I am on my bed, medication not working. The heavy reality hitting me. And I don't know what to do. And I'm so close to not turning back. But I want to turn back.

  25. Im literally crying right now. I miss the old me my family would think I'm happy but I'm not I always feel alone. I felt like i have no friends. All I do is to pray every night before going to sleep and ask for guidance because this is slowly eating me. I asked to God tht he will heal me because sometimes i feel so vulnerable and i cant even say it to anyone im afraid of judgement. I hope whatever may happen in the future i can look back to this moment and can say to myself that i did it because im trying my best not to give up and i refuse to give up all i just need is to pray to God always. I hope whoever is reading this will fight to. Fight depression because as what the video implies Everything Goes. We can do this guys.

  26. I now lived a full year with just not caring
    Not caring if a car runs me over, not caring if i stop breathing. Im afraid to talk to someone about it but it rly fucking kills me. I dont want to bother my parents with it since they allready deal with my sick brother and dont want to put more stuff in their head but it feels like its only getting worse. Thanks for making this video

  27. Evryone with depression, fear not! Hitting rock bottom will only help u to reach new heights u never would of reached, without this experience.

  28. I can't get out of my own head wondering why im feeling this way just searching for happiness, and the feeling of just being myself again… Its been 5 years now, may god help us all 🙏

  29. I fought depression for 3 mnths its sucks, atlast i saw doctor 2 days before, and he said its just a simple issue, he gave me only 1 kind of tablet, and within 2 days am feeling normal, so don't worry guys we can fight with this fucking depression easily 🤘❣️

  30. Biggest thing that helped me personally is studying Marcus Aurelius “we control only two things, our thoughts and actions, everything else let go”. You can’t change the past, so let it go, you don’t have control of the future, let it happen. But no matter what, you will be ok.

  31. I have suicidal thoughts every day but can't accept them. I DONT WANT TO DIE BECAUSE I LOVE BEING ALIVE BUT THIS ISNT LIVING I DONT FEEL LIKE LIVING ANYMORE. But I can't do that shit to the people I love it would destroy them and thats what's keeping me breathing. So when I have these thoughts I just ignore them but that doesn't make them go away. I haven't gone outside, seen my friends, or done anything other then lay in bed and just drink alcohol every single day this year. This isn't living but I'm not dead. If I could afford to see someone professionally about this I fucking would but I don't have insurance and I don't have the slightest motivation to do FUCKING ANYTHING. Fuck. Man. Such. A. Friggn. Bummer. Sorry btw like holy moly I don't ever talk about it and went off the rails for sure

  32. I have depression and I feel like i dont deserve to live anymore. I wish I had someone to hug me and tell me that everything will be ok.

  33. Im so lonely that i tought about killing myself multiple times… but i make myself feel better. Convincing myself that im here on this world to do something big. But depression is just coming back… and im fighting it but it's just toooo strong ! I don't have anyone… im lonely…. i just need a push !

  34. I was Happy in life , now im sad , and i miss my old Life , friends , school , people , every day i think "why dont i finish it all " but … i find little things that make me strong , everyday when i finish school , i go on a walk , and i think about life ….

  35. It just feels so good to lay in my bed feel my covers over me and not caring about anything to come In my life ,talking feels so hard and hearing my own voice makes me feel bad i stay in the house everyday i dont even go to my mental health program anymore i just wake up to eat ,and go back to sleep.i dont even know what life is anymore

  36. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Ive caught myself in the worst pain I've ever felt. I'm sitting here wanting to throw up and die. I've worried myself sick and I can't stop my depression I can't stop crying I want this to end.

  37. I was depressed for three years. 19 to 22. With 23 I could finally overcome it. I am just glad I made it. It could have ended very miserable for me ;^

  38. I hope now i can meet all the rest of people in this comment ,……and then talk with all problem and make a solution for anti depression……i need them now

    Sorry my english bad….

  39. Depression prevents you from "choosing" happiness that's like having the flu and someone telling you to choose not to have the flu

  40. There is a reason why people are depressed. But they just don't face that reason. If you find out the truth about the nature of your thoughts and why you think them, you can get out of depression. I used to be depressed and I got out of it by observing my thoughts that are causing it.

  41. I can't even discern on half the things I do now. I'm tearing apart and there's nothing I can do about it. I don't even seem to recognise my previous self.

  42. This helped me so much. Sometimes I just feel like I should just end it. But then I remember that if I die, others will be affected by it. Then I remember that God isn't done yet.

  43. Futureless future.. that caught me. When i think about my future..i feel like i don't know what I want to do….it goes blank.

  44. As they say, life is what happens when you are making other plans. I am a recovering addict-alcoholic dealing with 16 medical condtions. In the last 7 years i have been dealing with 6 deaths, loss of my career and income and my health has gotten worse. I have had to get angry enough to keep on fighting. Trusting my Higher Power and not my feelings or emotions. My trying to help others, help myself. I am dying from 4 incurable medical condtions so i know that i am here on borrowed time.

  45. Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "how to overcome depression naturally" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  46. I didn’t want to watch this video. I just wanted to come to the comment section to know I’m not going through this alone

  47. Roses are not always red
    Violets will never be blue
    And you will never love me as much as I love you 💕

    Hope you smiled
    -your non depressed friend Evelynn 🌸

  48. I live to breath i breath to live im on down on knees feelin lika got no soul within every step i take is a sin, to shy to win.
    So i sit up late got so much on my plate, mind exploding with thoughts, behind locked doors. A man i am but i question that what i am, i dont understand. I just dont understand. Mental illness is just pure insanity

  49. I had anorexia 2015. I got through it and then I was the happiest person on earth.
    I have friends, a boyfriend and a family who loves me.
    But then I got a little bit ill and I had to take some medicine. Suddenly I got really depressed, I still am, and it is destroying everything, because of the Isolation.
    I will fight and I will not let this feeling of emptiness win!!!

    Send love <3

  50. The feeling that you are the only one with depression is just so powerful. It overtakes me sometimes. I feel like there is nobody else who has this same feeling as I do, but there are many.
    You are not alone.
    People have to suffer all the time because of this. Please, talk to someone. I know that it's hard, but please, people can help you.

  51. If your feeling depressed, listen to me.

    I was on the same boat as you. I’ve felt the same way, and before you say “You don’t know how it feels,” I do. I was ready to kill myself many years ago, I was ready to lose hope, to lose faith that my life is meaningless, and that ending it all will resolve the issue. But

    believe me, don’t give in. Don’t give in the darkness, don’t give in the shadows, don’t think you are worthless, because you’re not. You are the most special, unique, and amazing person on this planet, and you are valuable. The whole world needs you, the whole world needs you, to make a change, to show the world that you matter. To cherish your only wonderful life to it’s fullest, don’t give up. You can be something beautiful. I know you can. Don’t let this feeling called “depression” drive you insane, let your body soar through the storm, and aim to shoot for the stars, not the ground.

    You matter, I think you’re amazing, beautiful, and valuable gift to this world.

  52. Yes a choice, when i mentally chose to keep chasing my dreams, but my own family making me to give up and live with what they want me to be even when i don't want to . . .

  53. I feel so fucking tired, I just want to rest, but I can’t because I have so many expectations and so much pressure that I’m somehow not allowed to catch a breath, I don’t know how much longer I can hang on in this world, I feel so alien and By any definition I’m alone

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