Morning Yoga For Energy Boost & Flexibility, Tension & Pain Relief 20 Minutes Beginner Workout

Hello, everyone and welcome to Psychetruth
it’s Sanela here. Today, I have an awesome flow for you guys. It’s sun salutation it’s for mornings or anytime
you feel like you need to just to move the body and create more energy and release the
tension throughout your entire body, well this flow is for you. So today, we’re gonna sit nice and comfortable
posture here. Shoulders are gonna be relaxed, heart is lifted,
close your eyes, and just bring all your attention to your breath. Take in a nice deep inhale through your nose
here. And then exhale gently through your mouth. Inhale deep here. Exhale. One more time, deep inhale rising both hands
all the way up. And then exhale gently moving to that side
stretch here. You can open your eyes here or you can simply
just keep your eyes closed and just being connected with your own energy here; taking
those deep inhales through your nose and then exhaling gently through your mouth. And just preparing your body here just for
your starting day and feeling good and just being mobile and just being here and now. Take one more deep inhale. Exhale. Coming back to center, both hands all the
way up and then from here we’re gonna move into that seated spinal twist here so gently
twist into your right here looking over that right shoulder, keeping your spine nice and
long take a deep breath into it. Gently exhale. One more time, inhale deep. Exhale, slowly coming back to center both
hands up and let’s switch to your left here same thing here nice long spine shoulders
are relaxed here. Taking a deep inhale through your nose; exhale. One more time, deep inhale here. Exhale coming back to center both hands up,
shoulders relaxed, both hands down. Nice. Take a deep breath here one more time through
your nose. Exhale. Very nice. Now, let’s go ahead and move into that flow. Now remember, you gotta bring your attention
anytime the mind wants to wonder around, bring that attention to your breath here and just
being here and connected with your body and just moving with this flow taking a nice deep
inhale one more time. Exhale, tuck your toes in gently moving into
that downward facing dog here keeping a nice bend in your knees nice long spine, relax
your head, may say yes as you’re taking a nice deep breath maybe saying no. What we are doing here is just releasing some
tension in your neck here. Nice and then gently straighten your left
leg, keeping your right knee bent, nice deep inhale here. Exhale. Switch sides, we’re just activating the back
body here, one more time deep inhale. Exhale, both knees bent here. Gently look at your hands and start walking
forward fold here. In front of your mat, gently keep those knees
90 degree bend here, relaxing your head down and then take a deep breath moving into that
flat back, push your shoulders back here. Nice long spine, tuck your chin in here. And gently forward fold. Let’s move into that Utkatasana chair pose
right here even if you’re just standing right there that’s good enough right there. Take a nice deep breath and gently forward
fold. Reverse swan dive all the way up to mountain
pose. Moving into that back bend here, heart is
lifted, palms together, bring it to your heart and then again gently forward fold here. Good. Now from here you’re gonna bend your knees,
plant your hands down and your right leg is gonna go back, placing your right knee down,
and nice long body is right here and gently rising both hands all the way up bringing
those hips forward and down, shoulders are relaxed, heart is lifted, take a deep breath
here. Gently coming back to center, tuck your toes
in, lift your right leg and come forward, and from here we’re gonna gently move that
left leg back, placing your left knee down, standing your toes, nice long body and gently
rising both hands all the way up as you bring those hips forward and down you can feel a
nice stretch in that hip flexor muscles in your psoas releasing that tension from there
and just bring the mobility in the hips and moving the energy throughout your body here. Gently come back to center, tuck your toe
in, lift your foot and coming back forward fold here. Plant your hands, walk back into high plank,
plant your knees down and gently coming all the way down. Gently extend your toes lifting into that
baby cobra right here, now remember in your baby cobra that we wanna keep that heart lifted
as we relax those shoulders down. Gently coming back to center and then coming
all the way up into downward facing dog. Nice. A bend in your knees here, deep nice long
spine moving your head saying “yes” and “no”. Yes releasing the tension here taking a deep
breath. Straighten your legs here. And then look at your hands and gently start
walking in front of your mat again here. Feeling the sun, feeling the heat in your
body, feeling that energy moving through your body, take a deep breath. Flat back, push your shoulders back, heart
is lifted here, gently forward fold. Bend your knees, drop your hips down moving
into that chair right here again nice long spine, shoulders are relaxed. Nice breath and gently forward fold. Plant your hands and move that right leg back,
placing your knee down, extend your toes gently rising both hands up, moving forward and down
you’re gonna feel a nice stretch here nice pull from that hip flexor, try to breath here
and relax and don’t hold the attention, let it all go out through your breath here. Gently coming back to center, tuck your toes,
lift your foot, walk forward, switch sides here. And gently placing it back down coming up. And just being patient here with yourself
once you get familiar with a flow, then you will find that own rhythm, your own pace,
and go with that and just taking time here for 10, 15, 20 minutes a day to really just
take care of yourself mentally, physically, just being more grounded with yourself and
centered. This flow will definitely help put you in
that state of mind, that state of energy and things like that. Gently coming back to center. Forward fold, keeping your nice deep bend
in your knees here as you’re dropping your body down. Coming into that flat back, forward fold. Plant your hands coming into that high plank
here, placing your knees nice and gently here, you should feel a nice like little sweat going
on for me right now, you should definitely feeling it a little bit too as well, if you’re
doing it with me or course. Gently coming up, baby cobra here. Center. Alright. Moving into that downward facing dog. Nice deep bend in your knees here, long spine,
yes or no moving your head. And then straighten your legs here. Bend the knees here and start walking in front
of your mat here. Alright forward fold and again remember going
at your own pace here, gently inhale. Flat back; exhale, forward fold. Bend your knees, drop your hips, Utkatasana
again here. This is a, this used to be a challenging posture
for me because I was so confused I didn’t know if I was gonna fall forward or what I
was supposed to do, but it has to do a lot with also your hip flexors, how tight they
are. This definitely will help to release that
tension from your hip flexors, I know we are holding it a little longer here but hang in
there, you can do it! And gently forward fold; you feeling that
little burn. Reverse swan dive all the way up, leaning
back, heart is lifted, open your heart here, palms together, bringing it to the center
of your heart. Gently forward fold. Just moving here at your own breath; moving
that right leg back, placing your right knee down, extend your toe, lifting into that kneeling
lunge here. Again, each time you’re gonna feel a little
more opening in those hips; so allow yourself to just really let it go, breath through it,
and maybe close your eyes here just for a second and just notice your energy, notice
your breath. Yes, it feels good doesn’t it? Gently coming back out, walk forward, switch
legs here. Placing it back down. Kinda lean back also keeping that heart lifted
here it’s gonna allow to stretch this entire front body here. Again close your eyes, take a deep breath;
really feel your breath here. Coming back to center, walk forward, forward
fold, flat back. Forward fold, reverse swan dive and remember
this flow is pretty much for any level, you guys. Just taking your time here and just doing
the best you can, but just do it! Plant your hands coming into that high plank
again; placing your knees coming down to that vinyasa here; gently lifting. Now we’re gonna go a little bit further, now
it’s time to step up the game a little bit in this practice so lifting all the way into
that full cobra; nice relaxed shoulders, long spine, heart is lifted here. Take a nice deep inhale. Exhale. Alright. Now, we’re gonna gently come back down. And again remember, go in your own pace here. Coming up, downward facing dog. Deep bend in your knees, straighten your legs. Gently look at your hands and start walking
towards your hands, forward fold here. Inhale, flat back. Exhale, forward fold. Utkatasana chair pose here. Gently forward fold. Reverse swan dive, moving with your breath
here, lean back, palms together bring it to your heart, forward fold. Plant your hands, right leg back, extend your
toes, placing your knee down, lifting up. Coming back to center. And just silencing your mind and your thoughts
here just for a second here, just to really notice your own energy here, flat back. Forward fold; reverse swan dive, palms together,
bring it to your heart, forward fold, plant your hands, walk into high plank, gently coming
back down into your vinyasa. Cobra. Downward dog, walking towards your hands,
forward fold, flat back, forward fold. Utkatasana chair pose; forward fold. Reverse swan dive all the way up. Gently forward fold. Right leg back, extend crescent lunge here. Coming back to center, switching sides. Smile a little bit. Gently coming back to center, forward fold. Flat back; forward fold, reverse swan dive,
lean back, gently forward fold. Plant your hands, gently walk back into that
high plank. Now from here, we’re gonna lay all the way
back down. We’re gonna open our hands into letter “T”
here, we’re gonna stretch now the spine a little bit, relax the muscles, and release
the tension from there so go ahead and lift that left leg up and then twist here. Take a nice deep breath. Gently coming back to center, lifting that
right leg, and flip it over here. Ooh yeah, I can feel that nice crack in my
back here; It felt really good. Don’t get scared if you feel that, it means
releasing tension and coming back to where it’s supposed to be. Gently coming back to center here. Now from here, we’re gonna go ahead. It feels so good to be outside, you guys. I feel this beautiful breeze and the sun is
shining down, it just feels so like I could just stay right here and just talk to you
and just be in this moment. Haha we’re almost done; we’re not there yet. Let’s open those hands into a letter “T” and
then we gonna move into that laying down spinal twist now this way. And gently maybe grab it with your other hand
and pull your knee down a little bit deeper into that stretch here. Take a nice deep breath. And you have to be honest with yourself and
if you truly want to see the difference in your body, increase your um your flexibility,
get better in your yoga practice, just stay consistent with your practice like I said,
these videos are like 15 to 20 minutes long. You know what? I think we all owe ourselves to take this
time and just take care of ourselves, stretch out the body, take care of the body. Take a deep breath one more time. And gently coming back to center. Woo! Alright and then I invite you here to just
lay down flat on your back. You can have your palms facing the ceiling
if your in the house, if you’re outside facing the sky. Close your eyes, take 2 deep inhale through
your nose and really taking that breath all the way into belly. Pause for a second and gently exhale. Deep inhale here. Gently exhale. And then from here, I want you to just silent
your thoughts and scan your body. Listen to your heart here, feel your energy,
notice how you’re feeling. And we’re just gonna get quiet here for just
a minute. Keeping your eyes closed. If your find yourself wandering off with your
thought process, bring your attention to your breath by taking a deep inhale through your
nose. Exhale. And from here, start to wriggle your toes. Your hands; if you like to stay a little bit
longer in this posture, please do; take your time. And if you’re ready to come back. go ahead and gently lie on your left side
of your body right here. Like a little child. When you’re ready keeping your eyes closed
here, placing your left palm or your right hand down to your mat and gently lifting yourself
up into seated posture here. Coming into that easy, comfortable seated
posture. Keeping your eyes closed here; rising both
hands all the way up. Gently placing your palms together and bringing
to the center of your heart. Thank you guys so much for joining me in this
flow, taking care of yourself, doing something amazing for our body, our mind, and our spirit. Take a deep breath one more time. Exhale; maybe smile a little bit here. Open your eyes. Good job and namaste. There it is guys and remember to make sure
to favorite this video, do this video about 3 to 4 times a week to really see the difference
in your body and your practice; stay consistent with it, subscribe to Psychetruth, share this
video and also if you guys wanna take up a challenge that I’m offering right now for
free, go to for more information. Until next time, thank you again and namaste.


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  2. Sanela, thank you for teaching me yoga and for helping me through the hardest year of my life. Your sessions have been a new beginning in my life of falling in love with yoga and taking care of my body, mind and spirit. I usually end up crying at the end of your sessions from how much stress I've been carrying in my body. Thank you for helping me to heal. You're an inspiration and a wonderful teacher.❤️

  3. I loved this video, thank you! And the sun salutations in the end were really energizing, i moved thru the end flow basically with my eyes closed and really connected with my body. I appreciate it!!😄✨

  4. I didn't like the repetition and speed of this video. It says beginner but I personally feel that it was more intermediate. I can get through some difficult poses or sequences but I'm likely to quit when the difficulty gets repetitive. I can do it the first time, but not the fourth. Also, I do yoga to relax, and I feel like this is too rushed for its difficulty. I got more stressed than anything. Sorry to be negative Nancy, I just want to give a warning to any fellow newbies who clicked on this video.

  5. This one is so good. Apparently my back and hip flexors have been super tight for a long time and I never knew. I really feel the positive effects of this video the next day. My energy is finally flowing correctly again!

  6. In today's world, most people make a living from a seated position along with sitting in their car and while at home. [Check Details Here==> ]  All of that sitting over time increases tightness in the hamstrings. Having tight hamstrings causes the hips and pelvis to rotate back which flattens the lower back causing lower back pain and poor posture.

  7. I feel the buzz in my body and I love it
    it's so good
    was my first time I'm gonna do this every morning omg I feel so so good

  8. This is different from what's on Amazon. the video on Amazon has audio issues. It doesn't match up to the movements. It's very confusing and all over the place.
    I actually had to stop the video.

  9. I v rarely read comments on YouTube, and the comments on this video is exactly why.>>> But I'm just letting you know that this video is great and thank you thank you thank youuu my back has been KILLING me for over a month now and this channel has been playing on my phone almost every night.?

  10. I love you Sanela! Your voice and demeanour are both so soothing. Thank you endlessly ❤️

  11. A bit repetitive and the commands are not stated before you move and are not always there so it's not always easy to follow. Thank you though.

  12. This is not a beginner level. More options are needed for people with mobility issues, and as this is titled for "pain relief" , I think you need to address if/when you feel pain….only watched first 7 min. not for me. I hope you take this as constructive criticism. xo

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