MKH Method – Cross Test ( K ) [ Sub – ENG ] part 1

Welcome all to OptoTubeChannel, the first Italian youtube channel about optometry Let’s talk about tests of MKH method as I said in one of my old video, it’s time to start XD The first test to show is the cross test, also named ” K ” this test evaluate fixation disparity relatively to motor (dynamic) component and FD1 type which is the type of fixation disparity evaluated without fusional stimuli infact our target is composed by vertical and horizontal element which form a cross there aren’t fusional stimuli seen by booth eyes This test can be a polarized test as traditional it is, or can be an autostereoscopic which is more echologic in each case we have an element seen by right eye and an element seen by left eye before start this test we have to be sure that patient sees both elements So if he/she see a cross, we are sure that there isn’t a suppression If he/she sais to see only the vertical or horizontal element, there is suppression pay attention also to vanishing during perception of elements We have to be sure that the patient see by the same contrast and intensity both the elements of the target because if there is no balance, probably there are non-corrected refractive errors After taking care about all these indications, we can start with the test so let’s ask to the patient if there is one element, vertical or horizontal, that moves in some direction for example the vertical element can go right or left, the horizontal element can go up or down so if there a displacement of an element, the cause is fixation disparity so we can evaluate and compensate it by prism If the vertical element goes right , with an omonimus configuration( vertical element seen by right eye) we have an eso-fixation disparity. So we have to use a base out prism which replace the vertical element If we don’t have a displacement, there isn’t fixation disparity The result of K test is the prism which remains in the trial fram when we have neutralized the displacement So for the Cross test ( K ) is all, let’s see to the next video about MKH sequence, subscribe and leave many like OPTOSTYLE!!!

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