Milton Keynes Early Intervention in Psychosis Event

We’re here to celebrate ten years of EIPT I’m one of their successful patients. I started with the service 2.5 years ago and
was discharged this summer. I’m here today to celebrate a fantastic
achievement of the EIT team celebrating ten years of excellence in psychosis and to share
my continued recovery. If we intervene early in the course of a person’s
psychotic illness the short-term outcomes and, even more importantl,y the long-term
outcomes are much better. It’s a chance for us to really take stock
of where we’ve come from over the last ten years and what we’ve achieved – but also
what we’d like to do in the next ten years. The key points for the service are getting
to know the client group that we are working with and learning to deal with different situations
that come up. They were just like a rock to me, a point
of contact, somewhere to go – they helped me through the medication, understanding what
I was on and the side-effects. Just to see somebody else suffering the same
way that we have has been fantastic. They provided the continued support and more
importantly the knowledge of my symptoms and diagnosis to really help me understand and
make proper headway towards recovery. The talking therapy that we had – it wasn’t
just down to the medication – was part of the recovery as a whole.
Everyone develops a care plan in collaboration with the young person and their family. The
goals on the care plan are very individual. The earlier this illness is treated the better
the recovery. The longer it takes for them to be treated the more complex the case becomes.
Just to have someone on the end of the line to talk to you when you’re really struggling.
I would say EIT has basically brought me back to myself. It has given me increased confidence
which I had lost while having psychosis. They really have been the rainbow in my cloud!

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