Migrant Caravan: Tensions rise in Tijuana | DW News

Miriam has been in Tijuana with her daughters
for a couple of days. The journey from Honduras has been long and
difficult. Their goal is almost within reach – the US
border. They don’t want to stay in Mexico for long
– the authorities have little to offer them: They are making no effort to provide food. To be honest, the food they are giving us
is awful. Look, here are beans that you would only give
to pigs. But we have to eat it, because otherwise we’ll
die of hunger. They will sleep on the floor again tonight
in the city stadium, which the local authorities have provided as a makeshift shelter. They have been overwhelmed by the migrants,
who have come in greater numbers than expected. Mario Osuna, who manages the improvised shelter,
says they’re dependent on government support. We were simply not prepared for this. We have no contingency funds, we rely on the
federal government for those. We can set up shelters out back, in the fields,
and provide assistance. But a lot of federal support is needed for
us to help the people who are already here, and are still to arrive They need as much as four million dollars,
according to the spokesman for the State Human Rights Commission. He admits that the city is currently unprepared
for the impending arrival of more migrants. There’s not enough staff to receive all those
who will arrive. That is why we have been putting pressure
on the government. An application for about 80 million pesos
was submitted to the federal government. That’s how much the local government estimates
will be needed for the migrants.”+++ Some locals have been dreading the arrival
of the Central Americans, fearing chaos and costs. They have to relieve themselves. Where will they do it? There is no capacity at the sports facility. There aren’t enough toliets for that many
people”We have given them a place to sleep, drinks and food. But then in the news, we see that they are
ungrateful. That’s truly disappointing. I was just starting my motorbike, when a boy
insulted me. We almost got into a fight because he offended
me. Increasing tensions have led local authorities
to impose tough security rules. The migrants are not allowed to enter or leave
the stadium after 10 at night.


  1. Dont you love the bean lady her story is she beat up her land lord and got sent back after she was let in to our country .what a waste of our money ungreatfull people .send rhe all back .

  2. Here Wego entitled people you should be looking you got anything because nobody needs to do anything for you realistically you're such a rude woman to see it look what we got refried beans and tortilla you should be sent back to your country with nothing you f**** ungrateful b**

  3. "We'll die of hunger???!!!…."

    From what Ive seen…most are fatter than the pigs they raise! Obese!! They have enough lard on them to make it through 2 Sonoran deserts!

  4. Oh! Yeah lady beans she's in jail in the U.S. with her sister for attacking helper with a knife! HAHA go home!

  5. It is awful to be a begger and all you do is a complaint, no have no gratitude that is why you are in that present condition.


  7. Nobody owes her! She should take her plate of beans and her attitude and start her trek back to where she started!!!!!

  8. Imagine being so entitled that you don't even realize that they didnt have to provide for you any food in the first place?

  9. Why do these people think we owe them somthing. We created this monster because we gave them free everything. So now they all come, if we just stop giving them housing, food, cash, education, free college, this needs to stop before we can stop this invasion.

  10. Buy your own food. Why should anyone feel responsible to take care of people who broke the law to come here when they aren't wanted. You should all be immediately deported!

  11. They can't speak to English language they have no useful trade or professionthey do not wish to assimilate in the American way of life so why do they want to come to the USA simple = WELFARE

  12. No one asked you to be there go home and you don't have to live like that You should be working just support your own children you made them you take care of them

  13. if that's food for pigs look in the mirror..or did you forget even basic thanks…if its food for pigs go back to where you came from..sounds like you have been conned out of it..a simple easy life where that is food for pigs……might as well leave the flood gates open,,dems in congress talk the same fkn way…soon as they get in…..the crime,,and encouragement of the same,, that has grown up around it is the same thing as a democrat..…..…….

  14. This ppl new what they where going to face Mexico is barely surviving and now with all the ppl coming from Honduras and other places but the majority from Honduras and Mexico still offers what they can SMH ppl are just so ungrateful what do they expect steak Mexico themselves eat beans and tortillas yet they come complaining not to mention they are getting clothing and housed and recieving aid. That's not fair to Mexico because they are doing all they can to help but obviously it ain't good enough for them.

  15. Of course, come here an we ll take care of u, how about going back to ur country an represent ur country an ur birth place, no u run an hide from ur home an come to America an take ares

  16. Lady Frijoles is back in Honduras after physically assaulting her own aunt who she was staying with in Dallas, TX. Now she is a TV star in her own country after being deported from the US!!!! Ungrateful Woman!!

  17. The oppressed have now become the oppressor. I am Chicano and I hate to see this treatment of my Central American brothers and sisters. Nationalistic Mexico I will never agree with you nor Americas views to stop TPS and undocumented people. People are migrating because of the involvement of the U.S. in central america this is the aftermath of destabilizing a country. You cant expect people to stay in a place where they can not survive. No one wants to leave everything they know behind. They leave because they must do everything possible to find oppurtunity, hope, a chance to live.

  18. 0:20
    They are really bad translators.
    But this is WHAT the caravan woman said…

    "I know they are not entitled to give us food, but the food they give us is BAD….they give us Beens and tortillas…but we have to eat, or else we'll starve to death…"

  19. TRUMP—-RUN THESE VIDS 24/7 before the election…Americans need to meet their 4 million new neighbors if Trump loses….He is the ONLY PERSON keeping them out & who is serious about stopping them…

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