Men in Black 3 – Pie Scene

I’m good, I’m good. What you got? Damn it! We had him! Relax, Cochise. We’ll find him. First of all, my name is J, okay? It’s not “son,” it’s not “slick”
and it damn sure ain’t no “Cochise.” I’m not gonna relax because
we’re running out of time… and there’s an invasion coming. You’re not really recognising
my voicial intensity. But there was one guy
who could help. Hey, Griffin! Griffin! Where’s Griffin? Griffin. Where’s Griffin at, K? He’s gone. If Boris gets to him
before we do, that’s no bueno. We need pie. – What?
– My granddaddy always said: “if you got a problem
you can’t solve… “…it helps to get out
of your head.” Pie. – Pie?
– Yeah. Your granddaddy, heavyset man? – A little bit.
– Yeah, you know what? We’ve been doing smart stuff: We’ve been following clues,
doing police work. It might be time
we do something stupid. Something that ain’t got
nothing to do with nothing. Now, I want some pie, K.
I want some pie. Let’s go get dumb-ass pie. Sounds good. Have any specials? He’ll have what he always has after
he reads the menu for 10 minutes… and asks about specials. A slice of apple pie
with a nasty piece of cheddar. I’ll have the strawberry-rhubarb. It’s my last meal,
I’m gonna splurge. World-class serial killer out there
and we’re having pie. What do you do in your spare time,
stretch? See, I sense you’re not embracing
the concept here. Pie don’t work unless you let it. I’m gonna let it. And you say we don’t talk? You go ahead. Ask me any question.
Anything you want. As long as it doesn’t have to do
with the case. Just let her rip. What’s up with you and O? Me and O? Yeah, you and O. All right, all right. All right, this is it. A while back, I was assigned
to keep tabs on a musician. Mick Jagger? He’s in this British band,
the Rolling Stones. Rings a bell. We believed he was on the planet
to breed with Earth women. So I was in London
and that’s when I met O. Just smart. Funny. A great smile. And we find ourselves in this pub,
which is a bar, all right? Warm beer and the worst food
you ever ate. We just played darts
till the sun came up. Neither of us wanted to leave. What the hell happened
to you, man? I don’t know. It hasn’t happened yet. Come on, what about you, slick?
In the future, you got yourself a girl? I got you. I cannot believe this,
freaking New York Mets. Total losers! It’s a rough time
to be a Mets fan. Tell me about it.
Never gonna catch the Cubs. That’s funny. The Mets actually
win it all this year. Oh, yeah. No, I’m serious. I’m sure. Look, three months from now,
your buddies down there… are gonna be calling them
the Amazing Mets… and the Miracle Mets. What? What you got there, hoss? The Archanan said, “it’s amazing!
It’s a miracle! I’ll see you at the game.” I know where he is. Told you to trust the pie.

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