Men in Black 3 – Jay Didn’t Recognize His Own Father [4K]

You ready, slick? Let’s get it. This is gonna be interesting! It’s just minutes to the… …historic launch of Apollo 11… …with all going well. I’m so glad this isn’t
one of the times we explode. One of the times? Oh, we got company. The hell? Is that a battery belt? All right, I got it. No, any reality
that gets the shield deployed… …is one where you tell the truth. The truth? The truth is the only path. This is a restricted area! Yes, sir, it is. Good day, gentlemen.
Great day for America, isn’t it? My name is Agent J.
This is Agent K. That’s Griff. We’re from a secret government
organisation… …that polices and monitors
alien activity on and off planet Earth. Here’s the thing. We have this special
little metal thingy… …that Griff gave us that we have
to get on top of that rocket… …to prevent an alien invasion. That worked. – Like a charm.
– Sir, Delta Gate. We have a problem. Three trespassers. No IDs,
but they’ve got weapons, sir. Some kind I’ve never seen before. What breed of fool
do you have to be… …to penetrate my site
on the day of the most massive feat… …attempted by mankind? Watched by God, the population
of the planet and my own… -…firstborn!
– Colonel? Colonel, they had these. They said they needed
to put something on the rocket… …for an invasion. Thanks. I got 10 minutes to launch. If you pose a threat to that rocket,
you tell me now and do not lie to me. I told the truth last time. Sir, this man came here from… …the future to protect me… …so I can attach a shield to the top
of that rocket and save the world. I need your help to do that. Take them to the brig. You’re slipping, Griff. Sir, if I may. Corporal. You men are no longer needed. I’ll take the prisoners. – Sir, are you–?
– Dismissed. Follow me. You did the future thing.
What did you show him? Only what he needed to see. I have to go now. What? No, no, no. Come on. You don’t need me anymore. All right, Griff,
don’t start flipping on me. When Boris’ arm is taken, the past
will be as it was. K will survive. He will not know
you were ever here. All right. Arm gone, got it.
Like a reset? When that happens, go home.
Leave. You coming? Yeah, all right! Thanks, man.
Hey, will I ever see you again? Anything’s possible. Oh, Griff. I can never bear to watch this part.


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