Meet Aesthetic Dermatologist Kathleen Cook Suozzi, MD

– I’m a dermatologist and specifically, I’m a dermatologic surgeon. I spend most of my time doing a very specialized procedure
called Mohs surgery. The two main skin cancers that we treat are basal cell carcinoma
and squamous cell carcinoma. When they’re located on
areas like the head and neck, where we wanna remove the skin cancer with very high certainty but also spare as much normal skin as possible, the Mohs surgery is the
best technique for that. And I’m also a cosmetic dermatologist, so director of the Aesthetic
Dermatology Program here at Yale and I started to become interested in cosmetic dermatology after I was seeing a lot of patients that had a lot of sun damage. A common complaint was that they felt like their, you know, skin aged them and it made me wanna help these patients, and sort of restore some
years back to their skin. I treat, you know, all patients
that have cosmetic concerns because sometimes it could be younger patients that suffer
from flushing and rosacea, so it’s a very wide spectrum. And I think the best part
of my job is my patients. It’s so satisfying being able to help people cure their
cancer on a daily basis.

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