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Sir, we have caught hold of Raghu. There is nothing to worry about. To insert the tender, execpt you
will madhav rao coming Don’t worry. I have made
complete arrangement for Madhav Rao. We have made complete setting
for him by giving a contract. Hello. Everyone will eat what
he is destined to eat. And Madhav Rao is supposed to die.. .. by getting crushed under
the gold tire of our truck. All he needs to do
is come on the main road. Doctor, please save Madhav
Rao somehow. He is a very good man Don’t worry. I will try my level best. God knows who tried
to kill Madhav Rao. He isn’t a human being but a devil. Oh God. This is such a bad incident
that has happened, Lord. You have killed Madhav Rao, who
was almost as close to being our Lord. Instead of him, if I would have come
under the truck, it would be good. How did you know that
he was crushed by the truck? Hey, no. Come on, brother.
I heard it outside. Don’t listen to rumors. Daddy, Usha has got first
prize in race and fashion show. Really? Congratulations, dear. Congratulate Trisha.
She slipped on purpose. She is the rightful owner.
She should get the prize. Okay. Congrats to both of you. Excuse me, ma’am. What happened, ma’am? – Nothing. My father met with an accident. Don’t worry, ma’am.
Nothing will happen. Everything will be alright.
God is great. God is great. God does exist. How is he now, doctor? He is out of danger now. But he should be on bed
rest for at least six months. His spinal cord is broken.
That is alright. But who are you? I am the general
manager in his company. Hey, what is this? We got him crushed under
the truck and he didn’t die yet? He got saved this time. Let us see how he fares next time. Daddy. Where is the corpse?
I have got garlands for it. Hey! Why have you put the garlands.. .. supposed to be put
on the corpse on yourself? Where is the other one? He has gone to the cremation
ground for reservation. Hey. Take the garlands away.
– Why? No one is going to wear it.
– What? What is this, daddy?
I spent so much in getting them. So make him wear it. Hey, hey, hey. Trisha is coming. Put the garland on the doctor. Doctor.
Thank you. Come, dear Trisha. Your daddy had almost died. Doctor saved him like God. Hello. Can I meet daddy, doctor? Okay.
– Come with me, dear. Come with me. Daddy. Okay, Trisha. I am sad because of dad’s condition. Please, Usha. Daddy is alright. Pay attention to work. You have to win an award in
the fashion designing competition. Okay. – Daddy doesn’t need
your pity but your success. Okay? – Okay, Trisha. Wait and watch.
I will get this award for sure. Hey, hey. Hey, hey.
– Yes? Trisha, dear. Why did you come down walking? Go and take rest. Correct. Go and take rest.
– So the office work.. Forget it.
Leave the office matters to me. As long as my son is here,
you cannot walk on the ground. Hey! Don’t walk on the ground. That is why I have got
this wheelchair for you, Trisha. Idiot. Hey! – Go to hell. Okay? Send the office files home. I will verify them at night.
Even if there is one mistake.. ..I will fire you. Trisha. – Dad, you got in between
and ruined the matter completely. Because of you,
she got angry and went away. Come on. Sir, my left eye is flickering.
What should I do? What should I do if
your left eye is flickering? Sir, if the water comes
from the river to the ground.. the fish go up on the trees? Hey, don’t talk like a mad man! My BP is going high. I will take you to the government
hospital on the wheelchair. My boss, Kareem Lala.. ..gave you such a
big house to live in. She gave you a nice wife. And you couldn’t kill
that Madhav Rao? Yes? Fool! – Bless the Lord. Wow. Your wife is so sweet.
She venerates with such a lot of devotion. Am I right, sir? Very bad. What if that Saxena
couldn’t kill Madhav Rao? He is on the bed
and cannot do anything. I have given his tender to Narayan. It wouldn’t fail this time. Nonsense.
I verified all the files last night. There are a lot of silly blunders.
What is the reason behind this? Our company was on the number one
position. It has gone to number two. Somebody answer me. What should I say, dear? The tender that we have quoted
has been leaked outside somehow. That means we have a
disloyal person amongst us. I will not spare anybody. Mr. Narayan Rao. One minute. She has come for you.
With a briefcase. I don’t know who this girl is. If you don’t know her, how
did she address you with your name? Come on, dear. Who are you? – Mr. Narayan,
Saxena has sent this for you. Hey, he must have
sent it to your house. And she must have
come here by mistake. Your theft has been found out.
Bad time. But what is this.. – Come on,
we will open this and check. My theft has been found out.
What should I do now? It will be something good.
I am sure it has something. What? Sir, it has money in it. So much of money? What happened?
Don’t be so shocked, Mr. Narayan. Saxena has sent this money
for you for leaking the tender to him. Stay within limits. Shut up. – You have been
disloyal to the one you work for. Madhav Rao is like our God. He is her daddy.
God will forgive you once. But Trisha wouldn’t forgive you. You have broken the
trust of Madhav Rao. We all have been hurt because of this. Disgusting. Rather than trusting you.. ..we should trust an animal. Don’t listen to them, dear.
– So should I listen to you? I have seen it with my own eyes. What are you saying, dear? You are out of service. Our company needs an
efficient general manager. Give an ad for that.
– What is the need, dear? But I need a young
and dynamic person. Hey, Suryamukhi. What do the colony people
say on seeing your dynamic husband? They ask me as to how I have
survived with this fool for so long. Suryamukhi.
– Don’t shout. I am Suryamukhi from Udaipur.
I will rip you apart. Yes. Hey, but.. – But what? We missed
the train for eight because of you. Can’t you do any work..
– Sister. On time.. – Yes? Did your husband buy
this chain for you? – What? He will buy the chain for me? Does he have the capacity?
– Yes. This chain was given to me by my.. Hey..
– Hey! Hey, my chain..
– Hey, you! Hey, my chain! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Hey, someone stop him.
Hey, why are you looking that side? You are Suryamukhi from Udaipur,
right? Go and get hold of him. – What? Yes, yes, hit him a lot. He is great..
– He is superb. Here is your chain. Thanks. Hey, what kind of a thief is he?
He has completely shrunk. We sent him as a thief. Where else will he go? No has thrashed as hard till date,
sir. I need some more money, sir. What did you say? You need
more money to get thrashed more? Our union is very strong.
– I see. So this is a rule of your union? Great. Wow. Yuvraj.
The hero of our colony. – Yes. He is studying civil engineering. Yet he comes here every Sunday.. .. and makes us feel
that we don’t need to worry. He makes us fearless. We wear chains in style
and walk on roads.. – Hey! Thieves come and steal
our chains and run away. And everyone shouts
out for the thief. And we ask someone to get hold of him
as he is running away with our chains. But how should we get hold of him.. ..and how should we get
our chains back from him.. something that Raj
has shown practically to us. What did you learn from him? If you walk with
such dumb husband.. ..the thief will run
away with your chain again. You are right.
– Suryamukhi. Hey..
– Okay. Okay. Mr. Raj.
– Yes? What is your program
for next Sunday? I will talk about
kids are kidnapped. Why do you want to kidnap kids?
Kidnap her. I will give thousand.
– Murder him. I will give ten thousand
along with this chain. But.. – Finish both of them off.
The story will be over for good. Rosy, I heard that someone
had invited you for movie last week. What about that? Should I say, Raju?
– Go ahead. He worked so hard for so long. And he was fired because
of the rubbish spoken by Gopal Rao. It is okay if I lost my job. But the swine, Gopal Rao,
on seeing Madhav Rao’s daughter alone.. ..wants to get hold of her property. My son has passed his engineering. I wanted to talk to Madhav
Rao about his job at the company. But he met with an accident. Daddy. You don’t worry. I will get a job in that
company in any way I can. And I will teach a good
lesson to that Gopal Rao. Nothing doing. We should get
the tender for this year as well. Impossible, dear. You are right, sir. We have to go through
a lot of troubles. That Saxena will buy
this for crores, dear. That is perfect, madam. – He will go
to any lengths for the tender, dear. Please explain it to madam..
– You are a girl, dear. What? Ladies are the latest
source of power of millennium. But.. -Excuse me, madam. The great Indira Gandhi,
Sonia Gandhi.. ..Uma Bharti, Kalpana Chawla.. ..Kareena, P.T.
Usha, Sania Mirza.. Madam Trisha is no less than them. Who are you? It isn’t important as to who I am. She is foreign returned. She is a
gold medalist in business management. She is a true copy
of the great Madhav Rao. Madam Trisha. Got it? Listen, mister..
– Just look at them. I will look at you. Listen,
this is my last warning to you. If you or any of your men
underestimate even a little.. ..I will teach a good lesson..
– Hey! Madam. You need a manager
for your office, right? Give the job to a young man like me. I will do it. I need a man to work
and not merely talk. I will know if you manage to do it. I don’t merely talk.
I do work for sure as well. Okay. You will get
that tender at any cost. But do whatever I
ask you to do. – Sure. I want that tender.
And I can do anything for that tender. Will you do whatever I ask you to do?
– I will do as you tell me to do. Okay. Come on.
Let us go to the cabin. You are taking her to the cabin alone? Listen, what I am
going say is a secret. You are right. Come in.
– Yes. He is taking my would
be wife with a whistle. And you are just watching? He is going there alone with her.
What are both of you doing? What is all this..
– He is the one. What can I do? Madam. – Yes. How long has it been since we
applied for the tender? – One month. Okay. One month.
So it has been a month. The crow spoke. Crow is gone. The crow spoke. Crow is gone. It is done.
Quickly. There is no doubt. We will get the tender for sure. I didn’t get what you are saying. Oh no. You have studied abroad, right? That is why you couldn’t
understand this. My grandmother used to say
that before we start any work.. ..if we read the crow chant,
all our work will be done easily. Future will be as clear
as the visual seen on television. Only one call will do our job, madam. Hello. Boss. Come here before
the call is disconnected. Hi. I am here.
Come on, hang up now. Hey, who is this? The great still photographer. Hey, whenever I see him,
he is always crying. What is your problem?
– Yes. There is a matchmaking
going on inside. Both of you must come close.
Come close to each other. Yes. Come on.
– Wait. Stop it. What is this photograph for?
– Madam. You want the tender, right?
– I see. So one photograph.
Please. – Okay, okay. Come on, come on, come on. Okay, next.
– Come on, madam. Come on. You want the tender, right?
Look there. Come on. – Yes, yes. That is right.
– Fine? Excellent. Very good. What is he doing? Daddy..
– Oh God. Oh God. He is behaving like her lover.
Like Adam and Eve. Madam. Please come here.
Sit. – Sit down. Sit down. Okay?
– Yes. Yes. Ring. Ring.
I am looking for my ring. Look for it as much as you want.
You won’t get it. Hello. You walked in like a storm. Who are you? Your heartbeat will stop
if you come to know who I am. Why will he tell
you what he did inside? Hey.. – Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord. What does he mean? Hey, sir.
– Yes. He is talking about
the Lord up there. Hold me properly. Why did you laugh? Say whatever you want to.
But you impressed her very much. What do you mean? Hey! She is beautiful.
– Yes. She is very rich as well.
– Yes. And on top of that,
she is very intelligent. What else do you want? Hey, forget it. Both of you were looking
great as a couple in the camera. Super! “Your face is like the moon.” “Your beauty is unseen.” “Like the moon.” “You are a naughty girl.” “Come here and look into my eyes.” “You are amazing.” “While joking,
I fell in love with you.” “When will that amazing moment come?” “Your style is great.” “You are a fairy from the sky.” “And I wish to get you on Earth.” “Oh Lord.” “Oh Lord. What did you
say and take my heart away?” “I have become restless.” “There is no one like you.
Like you. Like you.” “Your face is great.” “You are a lover who is unique.” “And absolutely crazy,
crazy, crazy.” “You are a daring boy.
There is no one like you.” “I am here because of you.” “I cannot live without you.” “We will never be apart.” “Just know that my
heart will never stray.” “Often love gives pain.” “Come on. You are my queen.” “And I am your king.” “Just know it today.” “I will be yours in every birth.” “You will be mine
in every moment of life.” “Keep me in your heart.” “The circle of my love.” “Lover, I love you.
Don’t consider this as a joke.” “I wrote a love letter.” “Yes. – Listen, lover.” “What?
– You are my life.” “Come to me through my heart.” “Come to me now. Come to me.
Come to me. Come to me. Come to me.” “Yes.
– Is your heart amazed?” “I have become restless.” “There is no one like you.
Like you. Like you.” “Your face is great.” “While walking on the path of life..” “..don’t stray away, darling.” “I have given you my heart.
Now you must give it too.” “Both of us will always be together.
It will be a journey for both of us.” “There will be a song
for the union of love for us.” “Why fear when we
have given our hearts?” “Why should we be afraid
if we love each other?” “Our lives have been colored
in the same color of love.” “Don’t tease me like that.” “Don’t show me tantrums like that.” “We have to live together
for every moment.” “Listen to this.
And agree with me.” “I will hug you.
And consider you as my husband.” “Come with your wedding
procession and marry me.” “Oh no. Oh Lord. Oh Lord.” “What is this?” “There is happiness in heart today.” “Stay in my heart.
Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay.” “There will be love in the heart.” “Stay in my heart.
Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay.” “You know what will happen now.
I have lost my heart while joking.” “Your style is great.” “You are a fairy from the sky.” “And I wish to get you on Earth.” “Oh Lord.” “Oh Lord. What did you
say and take my heart away?” “I have become restless.” “There is no one like you.
Like you. Like you.” We have to get that tender
for Laxmi in any way we can. Trisha. Greetings. The great MD of Laxmi
construction company.. a young girl.
What is the future of your company? The future belongs to youngsters. Hey, young girl. You are very young. Don’t mess with big fish like me. If there is a net, the fish
gets trapped regardless of its size. I see. I have bribed
every big officer. I see. This time,
your company will not get the tender. You will only get failures. Trisha. Bad news. Bad news. We didn’t get the tender.
Saxena got it. I had thought that I would have
to say soemthign like that. – What? But no..
– What? We have got the tender, Trisha. Really? Yes. Bye. Crap. What was that? Gopal Rao.
– Yes. We did give the money to
the officer in the morning, right? Hey, we had given the money
to the officer in the morning. How did he get retired by evening? Now.. – This cunning
man has fooled us too. Did you see?
He took the tender as well. Are you talking of the tender?
He took Trisha away as well. Inauspicious one.
Keep your mouth shut. What should I do? I am so happy. I am really excited, you know. But Raj, how did we get the tender.. .. instead of Saxena’s
company getting it? You wouldn’t understand if
I merely say it. I have to show it. Here you are. Here you are. And look at this too. What?
– Look at this too. True one. What is all this?
– Okay. I will explain you.
In this modern business world.. ..what you know is not the criteria.
Whom do you know is the criteria. This is the latest strategy, madam. Sir, he will take
you for a ride as well. No, I mean.. Okay. Fine. In this world.. much do you
know is not important. The number of people
you know is important. It is very simple. The circle is
the reason for us getting the tender. Quickly. In a jiffy. Wait, wait, wait.
Dear. You have come day before. When did you meet them
and got the photos clicked? She didn’t meet them. This is the miracle done
by the one who clicked the photos. All of this isn’t good.
It is incorrect. Keep quiet now. In Hindi, it is looked down upon. In English, it is called graphics. Son Raj.
Our company has some principles. You got this tender for us
by cheating. I didn’t like it at all. Yes. Even I didn’t like it at all. Look, Mr..
– Raj. Yes. Mr. Raj. From tomorrow, you are the appointed
general manager of this company. Thank you, madam.
– What? Dear. Dear, without knowing you
are making him the GM of the company. What are you doing? I am going to..
– Raj! Congratulations. Thank you.
– Hey, dear. Listen to me. She is walking away without listening.
Look at her. What has happened to my daughter?
– He is here, sir. Today, she isn’t
listening to you. In the future,
she will not even look at you. Praise the Lord. Why does he take that
name again and again? Have you come out of
the hermitage of Lord Narayan? I have come here to cut
you off like Parshuram. Got it? The next number is yours. Yes. Hey..
– Hey, I will. What? – Now you will
learn your lesson. What do you think, sir? No, no, no, no..
– Hey, daddy. Look at this photo. The photo that I have got
for you will make him lose his job. Look at the photo. I knew that you will
be amazed to see the photo. Look, it is with Gandhi. Doing the salt revolution with him. Look at this photo.
In a discussion with Mr. Nehru. Look at this. In a discussion with Mother Teresa. Look at this.. With our own Rajiv Gandhi.
Indulging in politics. And you will be shocked
to see this photo. With N. T.
Rama Rao. Shaking hands with him. Wow. Wow. This will be too good. My dear dad. If I show these
photographs to Trisha.. ..she will be too happy. If you show her my photos taken with
people who died before her birth.. ..she will chew you
like paper and spit you out. So what? – Correct. Correct. Where is that fool? He has gone to take your
photos with Lal Bahadue Shastri. Oh no. Where did I land up
with all the donkeys of the world? You tell me.
How did he land up with them? Krishna. Krishna. Mother, did you find
us or were we born? Brother-in-law. We had Narayan in our
way but we got rid of him. Who is this Raj who keeps
on taking Lord Narayan’s name? Actually it is important
to know the real matter. Forget the real matter, sir. Come here.
– Yes. Look up.
– Yes. I have a small idea.
Should I say what it is? – Yes? I have a small idea.
Should I say what it is? – Yes? Idea?
– Yes. Tell me. – When Trisha
isn’t here and Raj is here.. ..there will be a brick
that will fall on him. What? – And then,
the box will fall on him. And then,
a very big bag will fall on him. Oh no..
– Oh no. Hey, mister.
I have a strange doubt about you. Doubt?
– Yes. You are not doing the work that works. What are you saying that? The work of the building
of the tender is getting completed. I am studying the flyover contract. For our New Millennium company..
– No explanations. What is your age?
– Age.. You are not doing whatever is supposed
to be done according to your age. I don’t get it. Explain in details.
– I will not say anything. I will do it and explain. Look.
– Yes? One month.
– What? It has been a month? One month to pull the ears.
One month to hold the nose. One month to look from the eyes.
How did such a big mistake happen? Quickly. In a jiffy. There is
no doubt. Love will happen for sure. What? Love, madam?
– Yes. Love. I am in love. Haven’t you fallen in love?
– Quickly. In a jiffy. Since you are a girl and did this.. ..something happened to me as well. Hey, Usha.
– Trisha. How is daddy?
– He is alright. But how was your program? Wow. It is so lovely. Why did you
make me wear it? You won it, right? I won it but it belongs to you.
– Hey! Come on, let us go. Thank you.
Thank you, dear. Congrats, Usha. You have got whatever I wanted. Thank you, daddy.
How are you feeling now? Yes, fine. Thank you, dear. Dad. The doctor has asked
you to rest for 6 months. Yes, dear. Usha. All the office work
has come to Trisha, dear. Don’t worry, dad. Raj is here.
He will take care of everything. Dear Trisha, you need to
be careful of the Saxena group. Raj will take care of everything.
Don’t worry, daddy. Wow, beautiful view.
The office is great, Trisha. Come on..
– It is really beautiful. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down here. No, no, no, no.
This chair belongs to you. Usha, what are you talking
about yours and mine? The house belongs
to both of us, Trisha. But in the office,
you are the only boss. Sit down. From today,
you will look after the business. And sit on the chair as well. Okay, okay, okay. Take care of your
work. I will go and meet my friend. But Usha,
I thought we will go home together. But Raj is there
to go with you, right? Today, I have a program here. When all
of you will be playing here today.. ..I will come here
as goons and kidnap you. What will you do then?
Take this mud and put it in my eyes. Ready?
– Ready! Hey, Raju. You are talking
like a drunkard and a playboy. So what? Hey, I am like that.
Just keep watching me. Ready?
– Ready! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Watch out! Were you doing a circus on the road? What a girl she is! Was I doing a circus or you? What? How many times will you make it move? The keychain of this car? Tell me. Tell me something.
Does your car think it is too great? You rascal.
– Hey! What rascal? Okay. You! Hey, what did you say? You called me a rascal.
So I behaved like a rascal. My sister will fix you. Go and tell your sister. I will teach her
a good lesson as well. You and your sister.
Come on, give me 500 for the cycle. Come on.. – Is this your
technique to earn money? Yes. I will show you what
my technique is right away. Take this. And take this. Take this. Hey, pick it up. Pick it up.
Pick it up. Pick it up. – Hey! Come on, pick it up. Hey! – Here is fifty
rupees that I have taken out. From your pocket. – My sister
will teach you a good lesson. The game is over
and the shop is closed. Idiot! Stupid!
He was just so irritating, Trisha. He not only bad mouthed me
but also said bad things about you. He said that is she
a sister or a daughter? And he also said that he
is going to teach me a good lesson. What did he say?
He will teach me a good lesson? Okay. Let him do it if he wants.
It doesn’t make a difference to me. You have told me, right Usha? Now I will tell Raj about this
and he will teach him a good lesson. Wait and watch. He will
teach a good lesson to the one.. .. who misbehaved with you. You taught a good lesson to her. Wait and watch.
– Raj. What happens in the future..
– Raj, come here. Meet my sister Usha. He is Raj? What are you saying, Usha? Do we need to respect goons here? Whom are calling a goon? Now we will see that he.. – He is the
same guy who had bothered me, Trisha. He is the one. No, Usha,
I am sure you have a misconception. That girl is speaking the truth. And you are saying
she has a misconception. I had my doubts since the
day he stepped into my office. He is a drunkard who tortures women. I am telling the truth. You are right, uncle. He is a big con man.
He has entrapped my innocent sister.. ..and has now become
the general manager. Hey, hey, look at the
way he is hiding his face. He wants to go below the fish
and is trying to put it on fire. What? – Trisha! Are you getting him arrested or not? Wait, dear,
I will call up the police. Hey, no, no, what is this..
– Hello. Wait. Stop! Till when?
Till when will you suffer this? Why aren’t you telling
them the secret? Tell them now. Tell them. Which secret? – The one that
you have a twin brother in this world. Tell them. What is this new drama?
– Listen. Try to understand. After all, why are you getting
scared to reveal such a small thing? Tell them. – Hey! Hey, Bob,
what is this? What are you saying? Now I wouldn’t remain quiet.
I will tell them everything. The truth..
– Hey, listen. Madam, not Raju but
his brother is involved.. .. in today’s incident
that happened with you. Balu! Yes. He is the one who is stuck on
the life of Raju like a cricket ball. Please say it clearly. That is what I have been trying
to say since such a long time. Listen. Raju and Balu. One.. I mean they are two photos
that have come out of the same camera. That means like Karan and Arjun?
– Yes, yes. You got it.
– Thank you. Thank you. Madam. The one who was drunk.. .. and looked into your
eyes and spoke was Balu. I did see him but I
didn’t look into his eyes. That was your mistake, madam. If you would have
looked into his eyes.. would have come
to know the entire truth. My dear friend,
Raju, has innocent brown eyes. And that goon, Balu,
has blue eyes. Raj. Is that true? The one whose heart is about to melt
like wax wouldn’t be able to tell you. God knows how many pains.. .. has poor Raju undertaken
for his rogue brother Balu. He has to undergo pains everyday.. Hey, keep shut. Just keep
up with the story I am saying. Everything that happened
in the past is true. I will tell you the entire
truth today. Madam, come with me. Assume that he is your
husband and you are his wife. Wife? – Hey,
you just have to assume, madam. Assume that you are married
and you are pregnant. You are pregnant. Pregnant? – You have to merely assume. Now in this situation,
you wouldn’t go to your house. – Yes. Come on, come on, come on. Come on. Now we see that he is left alone. Now a beautiful girl has come to him. A maid. A maid? – You just
have to assume it, madam. There is lightening.
– Hey! And then? – Then there
are heavy showers of rain. And both of them get wet in the rain. And then, the two of them
look into each other’s eyes. And both of them fall in love. And that love takes
the form of a baby. Mummy. And Balu gets born
in the form of that baby. The illegitimate child
of the maid is called as Balu. And the one who is born
out of love and is legitimate.. .. is the one called Raju. No, I don’t agree with this. Even after saying so much, he says
he doesn’t agree. – Leave that on me. Hey, hey, hey, what do you think I am? Have you thought of me as the
villains of movies that I will agree? Do you think I am mad that I will
accept everything that you are saying? There is no one like
you born on this Earth. If you say so, we wouldn’t accept it. Dear, don’t fall for his words.
This is a false story. False story?
– Yes. This seems like a false story to you? Yes. Then will you give me
an answer for what I ask? Yes. Go ahead. Okay, so go ahead.
Tell me, what did he tell you? Whose son am I?
– Of your mother. And whose son is Balu?
– Of the maid. When was he born? – On a
rainy night when lightening struck. Now look at me carefully. And tell me.
What is the color of my eyes? Brown. – And Balu’s eyes? Like a cat. – I am completely decent.
And what about Balu. Drunkard.
– Sir, please answer less. Hey, don’t stop me.
Cannot I answer his rubbish questions? Yes, yes, ask me. Ask me.
– My name is Raj. And what is his name? Balu. – So how were
the two of us born? Tell me. – You are different photos
that have come out of the same camera. That is all. That is all. You
have accepted everything on your own. You are amazing.
Is that your mouth or a drain? Disgusting. Dear, don’t fall for
his words. Just.. one answers
a lawyer in the court.. .. even I answered his questions.
– I see. I wouldn’t agree.
I wouldn’t agree. I wouldn’t agree. You have agreed.
You have agreed. You have agreed. Dear. – Shut up.
You have a habit of making others sad. Are you a human being or a devil? Sir, she is angry.
– Raj. Yes. – I am sorry. Without
knowing that Balu is your brother.. sister Usha gave
a lot of abuses to you. Sorry. Very, very sorry. It is okay. Quickly. In a jiffy. Raj. Wait. Even I am coming with you. I am coming with you. What will you say now? Okay. What is the time?
Tell me. – 10:45. Now tell me. What is the
company that has made my watch? The name of the company?
I didn’t see that. Correct. You only checked
the time when I asked you for it. You didn’t check the name
of the company of the watch. In the same way,
you saw Balu when you were angry. You didn’t see whether
his eyes were blue or brown. Yes.
– That is all, my sister. Hey! I have been noticing
you since a long time. Hey, tell us the truth.
Does Balu really exist? Maybe he does. What do you mean by maybe? It could be that he doesn’t exist? Does he exist in reality or not?
– Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn’t exist. And if he doesn’t, you can tell me. I will go now and find out. Yes.
– Yes. Hey, what did he say?
– I don’t know. He has asked us to find out.
– Yes. How would we know if he doesn’t know? Do something.
Do tell me if you come to know. Did you see the miracle of my brain? I got you out of there with
the story of a twin duplicate. This is the miracle of my brain.
Now I want a party. Okay, sir. Look, the bottles
are ready on the table. Look here. Where are you? – Here you go. Hey. All I wanted was a party.
– You want a party? Hey, you made a character
that doesn’t exist at all. What should I do now? If those
two sisters ask me to get him.. ..what will I do?
– Disgusting. Hey, both of them
will not have a doubt. Hey, forget it. One has
brown eyes and one has blue eyes. Bagchi.
-Yes? I need cat like eyes urgently. You will not merely get the eyes.
You have to get the cat also. I need contact lenses.
– Okay. Who is it? Mr. Saxena?
– Tell him that I am in the bathroom. Sir is in the bathroom right now.
He will take around 2 to 3 hours. He will take a bath and all.
As soon as he comes out.. ..I will make him talk to you.
Okay, sir. That Saxena doesn’t have work.
He keeps calling all the time. Please look back and talk, sir. I am looking and talking. Right? Or else, Saxena will
bomb you and kill you. How will he bomb me?
I will do that to him and kill him. At least, I will get rid of him. Not you.. Not you. I was saying
that to my brother-in-law. What? – Gopal Rao. You get him
to say that you are in the bathroom.. ..and get the phone disconnected. And then you get angry.
I will make minced meat out of you. Ram. Ram. – Wife came on time. What? -That is why
you have been spared. Krishna. Krishna. – Sir, I didn’t know
that my sister is his wife as well. Gopal Rao.
Kareem lala called from Mumbai. No tender must come forward
in the Vande Mataram project. He asked me to take care of it.
Especially from the Design company. Mr. Saxena.
Don’t worry. I will make a plan. Usha is the life of Trisha. Now we will kidnap Usha. And we will tell her to let
go of the Vande Mataram project. Or else, we will kill Usha. You got the plan, right? You got it! Yes..
– It is a good plan. Yes. Hey, Bagchi.
How are my cat like eyes? Yes. They are just
like Balu’s. – Fool. Hey, I am Balu, right? I have a doubt.
– Yes. What if Raj comes here right now? I am Raj and I am Balu.
– Right. Right. Look there. Look.
– Yes? Usha is coming here. Do something..
– Keep shut now. You have started the story.
Let me act like Balu now. Keep watching. Hey, cannot you watch out?
Who are you? What? You.. – Hey, girl! Don’t you have any other
work other than running into people? He gets born out of the maid. And the illegitimate child
of the maid is called Balu. Hey, take off your goggles first. I wouldn’t take it off. – Take it off. What? – Hey! Don’t you have eyes? Hey! Are you scared of
seeing these cat like eyes? Why should I get scared?
You look like Raj. Hey, I don’t look like him.
He looks like me. And watch out when you walking. Show is over and the shop is closed.
-What? What? What? Show is over and the shop is closed. Hey, girl. When will you
meet me again to crash into me? Hey, watch out. Hey, get her.
Come on.. – Leave me. Who are you? Hey, get her. Hey, look at them.
Who are they? – They seem like goons. God has sent them for you. Goons? – Hey, go.
Go and thrash all of them. And save Usha from them. Hey, go. Go and break
each one’s bones. – Yes. Then wait and watch. Usha will
get scared of you and run away. -Yes. Help! Help! Please leave me. Shut up.. -What are you doing?
Where are you taking me? Hey, don’t talk too much. – Save me. Is someone here? Leave my hand. Hey, it isn’t my fault.
They pushed me. – Okay, go from here. Yes. I am going from here.
– Go. Go from here. I told you. Go. – Okay. You came here again? – Okay, wait
here. I will teach them a lesson. Come here.
I will tackle each one of you. Show is over and shop is closed. Wow. Good show. Hey! Stop. Thank you. You came on time and saved me.
– Yes. We come on time and
teach people a lesson. Now if you come and crash against me,
I will teach you a lesson. Show is over and shop is closed. What? What? Show is over and shop is closed. Say it again. Please..
– Hey, girl. Now this is too much of acting. Sorry, Balu.
– Balu? Who told you my name? I see. He told you.
– Yes, yes. He is the henchman
of my brother. – What? Henchman. Go and tell him. Merely
wearing good clothes and working.. a big company isn’t enough. A man should have a heart. Heart. Go and tell him.
– Yes. Madam.
– Yes? How is our Balu with cat eyes? He is an action hero.
– What? You said he isn’t Balu. I have
recorded everything in this cassette. Now go and watch it with
your friends and family at home. He finished everything at one shot.
– What did he finish? Show is over and the shop is closed. Which shot?
– Balu’s fighting shot. Balu? Raj, she must be thinking
about you, right? I fought so much.
Now she will never think about me. Yes. You fought like
a goon and scared her. – Yes. He looks like a goon from outside
but he has got a very good heart. That is why he helped me. Who?
– Balu. I see. Balu? But what if she tries
to meet you again? Then? I am telling you.
-What? Keep watching. The chapter
of Balu is closed from today. Yes.
– Yes. So what if he is the
son of the maid, Trisha? Their father is the same. Who are you talking about? Balu. Balu. The tension is over from today.
– Yes. All happy.
– Yes. Yes.
– Yes. Here you are. Balu.
– Balu? It isn’t Balu.
He is a dude, dear. “No, dear. No.” “Don’t do that.” “I told you.” “I am in love with you.” “You are an amazing man.” “I have gone mad. I have crazy.” “I have fallen crazily in love.” “I am only yours, my love.” “No, dear. No.” “Don’t do that.” “I told you.” “Please stop here.” “What should I tell you?” “Don’t create another ruckus.” “Everything is good.” “Everything is unknown here.” “Don’t stay away from me.” “It is difficult to tolerate it.” “You are mine.” “My love is very strong for you.” “Your face, lover.” “Something happens
to me when I see it.” “Give me a kiss, lover.” “And don’t make me
more restless, lover.” “The game of life is such.” “I want to be yours forever.” “No, dear. No.” “Don’t do that.” “I told you.” “Please stop here.” “I cannot spend my days without you.” “I am restless each and every moment.” “You are mad.” “Take me across the sea.” “I will take you for sure.” “I am waiting each
and every moment.” “You are my life.” “Now turn from a flower
to an entire garden of flowers.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “I will never ever leave you.” “This style of yours.” “It has made me fall
in love with you.” “You are an amazing lover.” “You are my only support.” “Yes, dear. Yes.” “I am yours.” “You are mine.” Hi, my friends.
It is a good day today. – Really? It is your birthday today, right? It isn’t my birthday or something. It is the day to do away with the
character of Balu that I have created. Excuse me.
– Yes? Hey, Usha. Usha, looking at you, it seems
you will abuse Balu a lot today. Right? I am speaking the truth,
right Usha? No.
– What? Where is Balu? I see. So you are
paying respect to Balu? Why do you want to meet him? Shut up. Wait and watch before
you speak another word about him. Usha. – Will you help me? What? – Give this envelope to Balu. This has my heart. Keep it in mind. Hey, am I here to do all of this work? Not just that. Give the
letter and get the reply as well. Just assume that you will
be dead if you don’t get it. There is nothing to assume.
I am already dead. I will give the letter
to Balu whom I have created. And on top of that,
I have to get the reply as well? Hey, Raju. Hello.
– Yes, tell me, Bagchi. Hey, Raju. The story that
we had made has become very serious. Usha had come here and she has
given flowers and envelope as well. And she asked me to give
the flowers and envelope to Balu. I am in an urgent meeting here.
– Hey, what should I do here? She has asked me
to get a reply as well. And she has said she will
kill me if I don’t get it. You write something
and give it to her. What? Hey,
should I write the reply as well? this letter? My dear Balu. Hi, Raj.
– What happened, Trisha? Why did you call
me on the boat suddenly? I have got some happy news for you.
I am very happy. I am flying and on
the seventh heaven. Right? I see. Raj. Look at this. – How did
Trisha get this letter written by me? What does this cover have? It isn’t a cover but Usha’s life. My dear Usha. If you aren’t in my life,
I wouldn’t remain alive. If you are a camera,
I am your flash. You are too much.
I will teach you a good lesson. If you are a sandwich, I am the pizza. I will teach you a good lesson. Your Balu. Who is Balu? You don’t know who Balu is? Now why should the younger ones suffer
because of the mistakes of elders? Now Karna got defamed by
people because of Kunti’s mistake. If Karna wouldn’t have existed,
Mahabharata wouldn’t have happened. If Balu didn’t exist,
Usha would not have existed. Karan forgave Kunti. Now you
should forgive your brother as well. Accept Balu as your brother. You haven’t left
anything for me to say. Trisha, he is the one
responsible for Balu’s birth. Now both of you must
stop talking rubbish. Did the two of you have
the same maid in your houses? Now.. – There is a
limit to everything, Raju. Why are you blaming him
for the mistake your father made? Keep quiet. Yes. Usha? What did you say? Lord, please bless me. Please accept me in death. Please leave me, Raj.
– Raj! Great news. Daddy has agreed to get
us married to you two brothers. Come home at four in the evening. Don’t forget. Evening. Four. I want to get you
introduced to daddy. Okay? Wow. Trisha loves her
sister so much, right? Hey, brother. Don’t hit him. Don’t
hit me. If you hit me, I wouldn’t die. There is no guarantee for that. But
I can jump into the water on my own. Yes. Here you are. Press it harder.
Come on, harder! Harder. Hey, brother. What have you turned
my condition into since morning? This cold and headache don’t
seem to go even with balm and tablets. And now when I am going
to tell you something.. ..listen to me carefully. What is going to happen next?
Do you know? – Hey, what more can happen? Tell me. Now tell me, my friend. “Look there. Look there at those two.” Where did you get these two from? Usha gave it, brother. For what? – For what? She
asked to wear this for the evening. Two suits? For you and me?
– No. For you and the second is you as well.
– What are you saying? I mean, the first one is
the good and nice Raj. – Yes. And the second, the one with cat eyes,
Balu. That is again you. How is it possible? I don’t know how it is going to be
possible. Only God is aware of that. It is okay in graphics.
– But in reality.. ..where are we going
to get graphics from? I cannot think anymore.
Now you think. Idea. Yes. Usha, come here.
– I am coming. I am coming. Hey, leave me. What will people
say if someone spots us? Leave me, Raj.
– Raja? No! Sorry. I am not Raj.
I am Balu. I am Balu. I made a mistake. I sinned! Oh no. Now I am of no use to your sister. Lakshman cannot touch Sita.
I am sinner. I am sinner.
– Balu. Yes? – You made a mistake.
What will you do? Forget it. No. Not at all, sister-in-law. Lakshman has touched Sita.
This is a sin. A big sin. No, no, leave me. Balu. – Now I don’t deserve
to be called a good man. I am a goon and a sinner.
I don’t deserve your sister at all. Please leave me. Please forgive
this sinner, sister-in-law. Balu.
– Forgive me. No.
– Balu. I am a sinner.
I am a drunkard. Balu! Balu!
– Hey, Trisha. What happened? “This is great.” The work is done.
– Give me the clothes. Hey, he is faster
than my character. Hey, Raju.
Did you see Balu somewhere? Don’t talk too much. Come
inside after some time. I am going. I will tell Raj and solve the problem. Don’t worry, Usha. Brother-in-law. Where is my Balu? Where is Balu? – Don’t lose your cool.
I will find out everything. Don’t worry. Please. What happened? Did that goon
create some new problem again? Very, very small problem, Raj.
– What? Small problem? Balu thought of me as Usha.. .. and touched me here and there..
– Do you understand.. sensitive my Balu is? He is not sensitive.
He is senseless. Brother-in-law.
This is the last warning. If you say anything else about Balu,
it wouldn’t be good. Usha..
– Madam. He is gone, madam.
Balu is gone. He is gone? But where? He took the train for
the morning 8:30 train, madam. I tried a lot to stop him. But he didn’t stop. He said bye and many
other things and left. And he gave this letter to me.
-Letter? What letter? Usha, I am a complete sinner. I am a lowly man. I had touched your sister. I kissed
her body and behaved lowly with her. My dirty cat like eyes saw her too. How will I face you now? That is why I am leaving
this village and country for ever. I am leaving you and
going far away from you. To make amends for my sins.
If I am born again, we will meet again. I don’t deserve to love you. If I am born again,
I will meet you again. I am leaving. Your Balu. Balu. Usha, what happened to you?
– Usha! Pick her up..
– Usha. Usha. – Usha.
Hey, what happened to you? Get up, get up, get up.. Get water for her..
– What are you doing? What? Hey, she fell down before
I could read the entire letter. What did you write? Now I am not there, right?
– Yes. But Bagchi is here, right? Yes.
– He is better than me, right? Hey, fool.
– Isn’t he good? I will teach you a lesson now. Balu! I knew you would come back.
Where did you go, Balu? Trisha. Did you come
to know about Balu? Nothing till now. Usha. Usha. Usha. Usha. Madam. Sandwich for you..
– I am going to come a little late and.. I don’t want any sandwich. Trisha. How is my Usha? Balu hasn’t come.
That is why she has gone mad. Don’t say that, Trisha. I will not let your sister get mad.
I am already mad in your sister’s love. Your sister is mad and I am mad. Both the mad people will get married
first and then we will have a family. And then, we will have sons. What
is the difference between Balu and me? His eyes are cat like
and I don’t have eyes at all. Disgusting. You swine! Hey, they fell off. Hey, why is the doctor here?
– Trisha has become unconscious. Raj!
– Trisha. Raj. – What happened?
Why did you call me so urgently? Come. Come, Raj. I see. How is Usha now? My Usha has gone mad because
of separation from Balu. It is better if she forgets him. Hey, it isn’t easy
to forget one’s lover. Shut up and get lost. Go.
– Yes. I need some help from you
to get Usha better. – Oh yes. I can do everything for you.
Tell me, what should I do? What is this?
I need to promise? Don’t you trust me? I have trust. That is why
I am asking you to see my hands. What? What are these?
– Cat like eyes. Cat like eyes? But why? Wear them and act like Balu.
Please. -Oh no. I have to act like Balu.
I cannot do it. – He is gone. Please, Raj. For my sake. Till the time Balu comes,
please act like Balu. Oh no, no, no, Trisha.
Balu will not come back. He will come back. I will look for
Balu and get him back. That is my job. Till then, please act like
Balu for my sake. Please, Raj. Okay. Lord. Praise the Lord. Someone is waiting for me
to click a picture of a corpse. Trisha. Trisha. Trisha. How should I explain to you? How? What should I do now? Have you thought what will
happen if I put these and go? Let anything happen. I want
the life of my sister back. – Oh no. Your sister is stubborn.
She will not leave me. As soon as she sees me,
she will hug me tight. Really? Balu. Okay. I will adjust with that.
– What? How is it okay?
Trisha. Fine. Even I will adjust. But after, she will start kissing me. Oh no. Okay. I will tolerate even kissing. What? And while kissing,
what if we go further? What will happen then? Please see to it that
it doesn’t go beyond kissing. Here you are. Wear it. You are in deep trouble.
– Raj. Yes.
– One minute. Let me tell you
something important. From now on, you will
not say quickly and in a jiffy. You will say show is
over and the shop is closed. Okay? – Show is over
and the shop is closed. Yes. The show is over
and the shop is closed. What is this get up? – Yes.
You are looking great in this get up. Hey, fool.
All of this is because of you. What will we do now?
– What? We will have to wait for them to come? There they are.
See, the car is here. Car is here.
– Keep quiet. Where have we come? To the temple. – I don’t want to go.
God doesn’t exist. We haven’t come to see God here.
In fact, we have come to see Balu. What? Balu! Balu! Balu! Hi.
– Bye. Bye. Balu! Trisha. People donate flowers for
their sisters. You donated your lover. I have seen king of love. But this
is the first time I have seen a queen. What should I do?
– Yes? After all,
she is my darling sister. Oh yes. Are you in
pain because of all this? Pain? Yes. People say that
love is very painful, right? I can tolerate every kind of pain. For the sake of Usha’a happiness,
I can tolerate everything. What? What? Oh my God. She is in such a lot of pain and yet,
she will suffer everything? “Tell me. There is pain.” “Where is it?” “There is pain in my entire body.” “There is pain.” “Where is it?” “The whole body is aching.” “How should I tell
you where is it paining?” “God knows where is
the source of pain hidden.” “I don’t know why there
is pain in my body.” “Do you want to know?” “There is pain.” “Where is it?” “The whole body is aching.” “There is pain.” “Where is it?” “How should I tell you
what kind of pain it is?” “The world doesn’t
know about my pain.” “Only my heart knows
why there is pain in my body.” “Do you want to know?” “I get your dreams, lover.” “And those dreams
give me more pain.” “Why do you come
to my dreams, lover?” “You trouble me more in my dreams.” “Whom should I tell this
story about this dream?” “This story of pain
is a little strange.” “Whom should I tell this
story about this dream?” “This story of pain
is a little strange.” “This is painful.
What should I say to it?” “Do you want to know?” “There is pain.” “Where is it?” “The whole body is aching.” “There is pain.” “Where is it?” “The whole body is aching.” “When you touched me,
I felt pain.” “I am afraid to be your lover.” “There is a treasure of pain ahead.” “This is nothing, lover.” “What is it?
What is your intention?” “There is one intention.
Give me pain and take pain.” “What is it? What is your intention?” “There is one intention.
Give me pain and take pain.” “Listen to me, lover.
Please tell me.” “Don’t do anything of that sort.” “There is pain.” “Where is it?” “The whole body is aching.” “There is pain.” “Where is it?” “How should I tell you
what kind of pain it is?” “The world doesn’t
know about my pain.” “Only my heart knows
why there is pain in my body.” “Do you want to know?” “Hey, when I gave you my heart,
I came to know, my lover.” “There is love between
us gradually.” “I didn’t care for the result
and I didn’t see the future.” “Neither do you
know nor do I know.” Oh my God. Really? Come on. Stop please. You have changed and playing
double role. Brother, what is it? Are you trying to fool everyone? I will go to Trisha and tell her. You will lose your job.
– Please don’t do that, sir. Please, sir.
– What do you think, brother-in-law? Sir, I will get him
fired tomorrow. Come on. You are correct.
Hey, you are gone. -Hey! Gopal Ram. Oh crap. Quickly. In a jiffy. The show is over. Trisha.
– Yes, uncle. What are you doing, dear? I don’t have any work
since the time Raj has come. That is why I am playing a game. Dear, you are playing a game here. And Raj is having an
affair with your sister Usha. Disgusting. Now fire him. What is his mistake?
– He is with you as Raj.. ..and with her as
Balu with brown eyes. He is cheating all of us.
I have seen it on my own. Promise. I had told Raj to become Balu. What? What is this mystery? Why do both sisters want Raj? Uncle went for a religious trip.
Uncle, did you get anything for us? If you have got anything for me,
please give it. Nothing for you nor me. But I have got something for my son.
Should I tell him? He has seen a very sweet
girl for you in Delhi. Oh no, father.
– You are shouting so much. That means he is in
love with someone else. You are right. He is in love. Hey, ask him.
Who is she? Who is she? Trisha. Madhav Rao’s daughter.
– Trisha? Trisha. Don’t shout so much, sir.
Her father has said yes. Son, is that right?
– I swear on you. Mother. Cancel the
girl from Delhi, mother. Hey, the girl from Delhi
is cancelled. We lied to know the truth.
– Really, mother? This is my style.
– What happened to you? After you left, we had to face some
problems.. – Hey, what is he saying? We had tell a lot of lies.
– Hey, nothing, mother. We had to lie.
-Lies? What was it?
– For the sake of one lie.. ..we had to tell a lot
of lies under compulsion. This is what I am saying.
– Say it. Can I say it in front of aunt? Aunt?
– Yes. He is going to tell us a secret.
Come on. Go ahead. Yes. So I am saying it. So when aunt went
to the village.. – Yes. The maid came to you..
– She did come. And with that maid..
– What? What is he saying? – And
you had an affair with the maid.. ..and she became a mother.
– What is he saying? Hey, mother, why are you getting
shocked for such a small thing? He has created such a lot of
problems there. Listen to them first. Hey, if I don’t create a problem,
how can we do a good deed? Whatever had to happen has happened. Now tell the truth to Trisha. In these circumstances,
we will come to know what she says. Okay, father.
Come on, we will tell her. Yes. Hey, I think it is
our last day together. I will take care of everything.
Come on. Something wonderful happened today.
I am very happy today. One minute. I don’t know. Poor one.
Why is she so happy without a reason? Yes. When we tell her the truth,
she will be so sad. We are in the grinder. If
it gets crushed, it is flour. – What? Or else, hay. You will be in a mess.
Not me. Hey, why is she dancing in happiness? Then? – I will tell
her everything today.. Hey..
– Hey. Raj. Do you what happened today?
– Yes? I wouldn’t tell you. I wouldn’t tell you. Hey, she wants to show you something.
Go and see it. I am leaving.
Bye. – Hey, listen. Trisha. He.. He wants to tell you the truth. Yes, tell her.
Tell her. Come on. Nothing. I am going
to tell a sweeter truth. Whatever I am about
to say is bitter truth. And I am going to show
you truth as pure as fire. And whatever I am about
to say is like ash. – Shut up. Raj. Come with me..
– Yes. I am leaving.
– Hey! Hey, leave me.
– Where are you going? Stop! I cannot.
You are gone. – Listen to me. What do you mean? I see. Is it that?
– Yes. Hey, listen to me. Hey, I am giving it. – What is this?
Usha is talking alone like mad people. Keep quiet. Okay. Take this. Hey, who is she talking to? That Balu will never come back. That is why she is talking alone. I feel that.
– That is true. Come on..
– Have it. Come on. Take this.. Hey, take it easy.
– Balu. Look at who has come. Yes. Brother. Raj..
– Oh my friend. Brother. I am back. Hey, fool. Who are you? If you are the henchman of Raj,
I am the henchman of Balu. Ganges flows in this country.
Ram, your Ganges has become dirty. Got it?
– Raj! How are you, brother? Sorry, brother.
I went away without telling you. Hey, who are you? Your Balu.
I am Balu with blue cat like eyes. The black night of the rains
when I was conceived by the maid. Don’t make a story. – Now the
story is yours. Screenplay is yours. Dialogues are yours as well.
I am the hero, brother. Raj. Always stay like this, Raj. Balu. Balu. Balu. Balu. Balu.
– Yes? Just say whatever you always say. Please. Say it. Show is over and the shop is closed.
– Wow. Superb. Show is over and the shop is closed. Did you see, Usha? Balu is back. When Raj is here, I am very happy. No one can separate Usha and Balu. Now Balu mustn’t go anywhere. Dear, it is your responsibility now. Now all of you are happy, right? Yes, yes. I am sure you are
happier than all of us. Right? Balu is here.
Now your bad time has started. Gopal Ram,
the starting could be anything. The ending is more important. Every one in a running race
thinks he is going to win the race. But at the end,
whoever wins is the real hero. Got it? I have a doubt. Since childhood, I have
only seen you ringing this bell. Why is it so? You naughty! To get married again? Shiva. Shiva. So that nothing befalls falls?
– Krishna. Krishna. Bell. Where is it? Where is it? Hey, fool.
-Hey, who is it? Who is a fool?
– I called you a fool. You came to my house
and calling me a fool? Yes. If you have guts, come up.
– Yes. Wait, I will come there. Yes. Come on.
– You don’t have guts to come down? Come on..
– I will teach you a lesson. I wouldn’t spare you..
– Don’t talk so much. Come on..
– What do you think? Come on. – Listen.
Tell me. What do you think? What is this? Is this a house? All the time,
there is a bell playing here. This is my house and we can
do whatever we feel like doing. We will ring the bell or crack
your head open. What is your problem? Go and get someone, butler. Butler. You said that to me? – Then
why are you wearing a white dress? You called me a butler?
– Yes. Who are you? Who am I?
– Yes, tell me. You are asking who I am?
– Tell me. You know what Mumbai is?
– Yes. I know. Yes?
-Yes. Do you know Munnabhai from Mumbai? I know Munnabhai MBBS too. Who is he? Where does he stay?
– Hey! I am his left hand and right hand. Yes. Where is it?
– I am here. And look there. One is there. Hey, he is Balu.
– What? Balu.
– Go and play ball with him. Balu. Balu. Balu. How did you come to our house? Your cat like eyes? Hey, he isn’t Balu..
– That means he isn’t Balu. He is Raj.
– He isn’t Raj as well. He isn’t Raj or Balu. That means he is an illegitimate
child born to another maid. Why is he kicking me? Is it? So who are you, sir? Hey, dark one.
– Sorry. The whole of Mumbai knows
how dangerous Munna is. The enemies go away from me. And girls come close to me. Wow. Wow. I have fallen in love with Usha. Hey, don’t hit me and scare me.
Come to the point. Hey, hey, hey..
– Daddy. What is this, daddy? And he is hitting on Usha.
– Keep quiet. What have you thought of Munna?
– Who is he? Have you thought of him as
a hen who lays eggs worth millions? Do you know who Kareem
Lala in Mumbai is? Yes. I know. Underworld don. Munna is the first and
foremost henchman of him. Chaman Lal.
Why did you get such a big cake? Why did you do such a big favor? Lala. -Yes? Happy birthday to great Kareem Lala. No, Gopal Rao. No. Not at all. I like common people
and their style of living. And the language
of this is very sweet. Great. Everyone understands it. Talk in Hindi. I went to Kareem Nagar
after committing small thefts. That is where I learnt
how to make bombs and shoot guns. I learnt Hindi. And I learnt
whatever people wear here. I gave up the culture of that place.. I have to repay the
debt of ordinary people. What did I do? The garlands
and flowers are of the people. It is your neck.
– Yes. Lala. These are the sub-contractors
of our Vande Mataram project. Who gets the tender
for Vande Mataram project? Lakshmi Narayan gets
it every year, sir. No, Lala. I wouldn’t let
that happen from this year. Hey, hey. You speak.
– He tries. He does nothing else. Don’t worry.
You will get this contract. I will make arrangement for this. This is my promise.
– Cut the cake. Come on. He.. He looks like Raj! He seems like Balu.
– Keep quiet. Eat. Eat.
– No, no, no, I don’t want to eat it. What is it? Eat it.
– No, leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Eat it.. – No. Please. Lala. This goon is
a man from elder brother. He had a plan to finish you. Take him away from here. Munna, people give gifts on birthday. But you saved my life.. ..and gave me a new life. This is Munna. Despite being young,
he has achieved such a big feat. He has been working
so wisely since years. Munna.
– Lala. Lala. He is saying Munna
and going on kissing him. Who is he after all? Hello. Munna is Kareem Lala’s life. And I Munna’s left hand. Shake hand?
– Nice to meet you. Who is he? He is my right hand.
– I see. You are torturing
me because of this plan. How much more should
I massage his legs? Munna gets his legs massaged
for two hours in Mumbai. In two hours, I will be dead. Massage Munna’s legs first.
Then massage mine. I cannot do it. Don’t cry here. After you are done,
go to the next room and cry. Listen. The real plan is that Trisha
and Raj have been set up together. And Usha didn’t have anyone.
Even that has been set. Usha didn’t have Balu.
Even that has been set. Now Balu will put on the cat like
eyes and be madly in love with Usha. And Raj? That means Raj and Trisha.
– Yes. And her sister, Usha..
– Yes. Has got Balu? And you are quiet?
What kind of a father are you, daddy? He is very lowly. – What? Don’t say that. He is your father. What kind of a father is he?
Father or enemy? Shiva. Shiva. Wow.
– What? Krishna. Krishna. Wow, this is amazing.
– What? Move.
– She is amazing. Krishna. Krishna. She is such a nice looking girl. Come on, have fries. She is not a girl. She is your aunt. What? Aunt.
– Yes. Side. Side.
Side. -Please take me in your arms. Aunt. Aunt.
– Yes? Hyderbadi rice is so tasty. Let me taste it.
– Govinda. Govinda. Govinda? That film star? Krishna. Krishna.
– He is a Bhojpuri star. Have you lost your mind? Don’t you know how much
I love Usha? But you don’t understand. Now when it was time
for us to sing a song.. ..but they are playing. Show is over and the shop is closed. “Come on, come on, come on.” “Do the work quickly.
Earn money quickly.” “Let us get done with the complaints.
What else do you want? Tell me.” “You are in my destiny.” “Who can force love?” “In a jiffy.” “Quickly.” “Quickly.” “Quickly.”
– “In a jiffy.” “Hey, wow. Wow, wow. Wow.” “Hey, I lose my balance.” “You are aware, my lover.” “Let you and I be together.” “All the time.” “We have fallen in love.” “Tell me. You are I?” “Hey, show is over.” “The shop is closed.” “Hey, show is over.” “The shop is closed.” “Hey, show is over.” “The shop is closed.” “You are special.” “After getting you,
I have put my heart at risk.” “Don’t be proud to get my love.” “I wouldn’t spare you
if you break my heart.” “I warn you. If you break my heart,
I will slap you.” “I am giving my promise to you.” “I will never ever leave you.” “Wow. Something has happened to me.” “There is a strange
restlessness in my body.” “Everyone is behind me.” “They are scared of you.” “I don’t know how to fall in love.” “Where should one
go if the heart breaks?” “If I lose the game of love,
I will just get shattered badly.” “Quickly.” “In a jiffy.” “Quickly.” “In a jiffy.” “Come on. Come on.” “Come on.” “Do the work quickly.
Earn money quickly.” “Let us get done with the complaints.
What else do you want? Tell me.” “Quickly.” “Hey, you are a girl like Madonna.” “When you dance,
you look like Sridevi.” “When you are with me.” “My heart beats fast.” “I am like a seller.
I have sold off all my valuables.” “I am your fairy.” “Be friends with me out of love.” “Hey, don’t leave me and go.” “Stay in my heart.” “Place a bet, lover.” “You wouldn’t be spared.” “Hey, Gabbar Singh said
one who is scared is dead.” “If I lose the game of love,
neither you nor I will exist.” “Quickly.” “In a jiffy.” “Quickly.” “In a jiffy.” “Do the work quickly.
Earn money quickly.” “Let us get done with the complaints.
What else do you want? Tell me.” “Everyone gets burnt in love.” “Whether one is rich or poor.” “Show is over. Shop is closed.” “Show is over. Shop is closed.” “Show is over.” Right. The character is just like
the one we had made for the story. Hey, how did one,
who looks like you, take birth? If it is so, even I am the
third birth of Rama Rao. Krisna Swamy. Don’t talk rubbish. Gopal Rao is very smart. He got the character
we had built up in the story. Meaning he is striking
us with his our own sword. Now we have to attack
him with his sword. The game is over
and the shop is closed. Hey, that is good.
You are acting just like Balu. – Yes. Hey, this is a game of crores.. .. and you are acting uptight
for a mere fifty thousand? Munna, get into Raj’s
character urgently. Yes. The game is over
and the shop is closed. Hey, don’t say that at all.
Say in a jiffy and quickly. I see. Okay. You are Raj now. Raju. Raju. Here you are. The bill.
– Yes. Hey.. – Hey, there is
extra bill for extra character. Hey. Keep quiet. Munna. Now you are
in the get up of Raj. Just convince Trisha somehow and get
her to the guest house of Gandipet. Gandipet. Here is the bill. Meaning we have to kill
Raj right in front of Raj’s eyes. He will understand everything. The plan of killing? Another bill. Brother-in-law.
Here are all the bills. He is giving so many bills at one go. Tomorrow, he might ask for food bill,
sleeping bill and various other bills. I hope we don’t turn into
beggars the process of payment. We are going to receive crores. So fine,
give away these clothes as well. Raj. Raj. I am very happy, Raj. I have got a very big tender.
It is a big success. But credit goes to you. Thanks, Raj. Thank me later.
Sit in the car now. – But why? Hey, I will tell you.
Sit in the car now. Come on. Come on. Where are you going, Raj?
What is so urgent? Guest house. Saxena and his men are planning
something dangerous for you. Yes. If need be, they will finish you off.
That is what they are planning. Rubbish! Hey, come on.
Come on. – Leave me. Let go of me. Raj..
– Come with us. Leave me. Raj.
– Come with us. Come on. Hey, come with us.
– Where are you taking me? Raj! Leave me. Raj
– Come with us. Come on. Leave me. Hey..
– Oh no. Keep it away. Okay? Leave me. Leave me. Trisha! Thanks for dropping me. Bye.
– Bye. Hey, this is Munna, right?
Why is he roaming around with Usha? Hey, this isn’t Munna. It is Raj. Hey, Munna is roaming
with Usha, right? Hey, no. It is Raj.
– Munna. Raj.
– Munna. Raj.
– Munna. Hey, what did father ask you to do?
And you are hitting on Usha? Hey, this isn’t Munna but Raj. One to roam around with
Usha will be Munna, right? Hey, if it would have been Munna with
Usha, he would have slapped us tight. Raj. Munna.
– Munna. Munna. Munna. Munna. Munna, what is the plan? You have to kidnap Trisha.. .. and take her to the
farmhouse to get her signature. Haven’t you gone yet? Okay, I am leaving. I am leaving. I will do that right now. Trisha. You are educated. Won’t you sign on the blank paper? The matter is written on this.
Hey, give the pen. – What is this? What is this? Number two. If you don’t sign on the tender
for the Vande Matarram contract.. ..we will let go of you. Or else, we will kill Raj. Trisha. Don’t fall for their words. Don’t sign under any circumstances. Even if they have to
kill me for that, Trisha. But please don’t sign. Don’t worry. Even if they kill me. Hey. – Trisha! Wait. Don’t do anything to Raj.
I will sign. – Here is the pen. Sign it quickly. Hey, are you shocked
because your plan has failed? I will give you another shock. Till
the time Trisha thinks you are Raj.. will have to smash your own men. Hey, go and thrash
him and teach him a lesson. Hey, wait. Stop. You are dead now.
– Come on. Let us hit him. Hey! Where did he come from? Raj.
– Yes? Why are you talking to him?
Hit him. – Yes, yes, yes. You are hitting me so hard.
Co-operate a bit. Trisha wouldn’t have a doubt.
– Hey, this is not much. Hey, suffer for some time or else,
we will be caught. Trisha will come to
know that I am not Raj. And our plan will fail.
Co-operate a bit. Is it?
– Yes. So you can hit me here.
– Okay. Here you are. Hey, what is this?
You are Mr. Saxena? Hey, what should I do?
Here you are. Here you are. Here you are. Wow. Good shot.
– Thank you. Oh no. Raj! Sorry. Okay?
– Trisha. Hey, stop. Stop. You are going on
hitting me in turns. Both of you are going on hitting me. Let me run away from here. Wait. I will get cold
drink for both of you. Listen to me.
– Listen to me. Raj.
– Yes? Coke or Fanta?
– Coke. Look, you don’t know me.
I am Munna, a goon. Hey, till now, you have
only had the pickles of Andhra. If you make this mistake again,
I will send you back to your place. I will see.
– See for yourself. This isn’t right. Before there is any more ruckus.. .. I should tell the
entire truth to Trisha. What is it, Raj? You got
me to the temple all of a sudden? There are some things
expressed best in front of God. Want to take out an auspicious
date for the wedding? No. Not that.
I have made a mistake. Mr. Raj.
Mr. Saxena has sent this for you. ‘Raj. The plan to kidnap
Trisha has failed.’ ‘You have to give me
co-operation in the next plan.’ ‘This is the advance money. I will
give the rest when the work is done.’ ‘Saxena.’ Trisha, this is a lie.
It is a game to get me entrapped. Raj, I know everything.
This is one of the cheap deeds of Saxena. You didn’t doubt me at all? Should I doubt you? No chance. Then how did you have a doubt on him? But Raj, he is a cheat. He is a fraud. He is my father. And she is my mother. This girl is our friend. She did everything on our command. You love me a lot, right?
That is the reason you trust me a lot. By trusting Gopal Rao and Saxena,
you doubted my father. I haven’t come here
to clarify anything. I have come to warn
you of the impending harm. I am not sad that he lost his job. But he was worried about what
would happen to you and your company. This is the reason Raj came to your
rescue but he didn’t tell you the truth. I tried a lot of times
to tell you about Balu. But I couldn’t say anything
when I saw Usha’s condition. I am responsible for everything.
Raj hasn’t made any mistake. There is no witness for
anything that we have done. But keeping God as witness,
we have told you everything. But it is okay if
you think it is a lie. I made a mistake once.
Please forgive me. I will never do this again.
I promise. I am happy. But it is the responsibility
of both of you.. .. to keep your company
safe from these lowly people. Keep that in mind. All of you should give consent. I will burst this coconut
open in front of God. Raj. It is a delicate matter. I don’t know how
to say this to Usha. She is very sensitive. How will
we tell her that Balu doesn’t exist? I will tell the truth to Usha. Trust me. I will handle her. Okay. Look, Munna. If only Usha and Trisha have
their property divided between them.. ..our job can be done. Munna. We must complete our job. Go to the hospital in Raj’s
get up and finish off Madhav Rao. You are right. Look, Munna.
Go to the hospital in Raj’s get up. I will reach there directly. Oh my God.
– Hey! You cheat!
– Hey. Usha.
– Trisha! risha! Hey, move. Hey! Munna. Munna. Munna. Hey, Chotu. Where are you? Munna. Munna. Sister Bharti.
Your son met with an accident. – What? What are you looking at?
This is the house of Raj. Your enemy. Look at this. When they saw that you
are so badly hurt, they were very sad. My heart melted when I saw
their pain on seeing your wounds. They are not merely parents.
They are like God. Hey, Munna. One point is right. We have done
a lot of misdeeds in our profession. I agree that money
is important for life. But life without parents is a waste. Bharti. Bharti.
– Yes? Come here.
– I am coming. Do you remember it
is Raj’s birthday today? Since it is his birthday,
you made flat bread and sweets. Couldn’t you make something else? Don’t have it if you don’t like it. I have made it because he likes it. Tell me. How is this chain?
– It seems like a gold chain. Hey, it will look like
gold since it is gold. You are too much.
– I know that. What is this?
– I know. It is a friendship band. On every birthday, he ties one on your
wrist and you tie one on his wrist. I know that very well. And look at this. It is such a small thing and yet such
an important message is written in this. That is not for you. Give it to me. – Hey, stop it now.
It is time for him to get up. Greetings, sir.
He woke up now. – How is he? Raja. Raja.
– Raja. Happy birthday.
– Happy birthday. Hey, friend, in the eyes of the world,
we are father and son. But only you and I know that
we are actually very good friends. Your grandmother has made this chain
by saving money. It is nice, right? Babu. May you live for long, my son. You should have a long life, my Raja. Hey, fool. One who has the
blessings of parents is always happy. “Mother is like God.
Father is like God.” “Mother is like God.
Father is like God.” Hey, Chotu.
One needs parents’ love more than God. But you said..
– Because of the incident yesterday.. .. Madhav Rao was in a lot of shock. He is fine now. Go to the hospital quickly. I will
freshen up quickly and come. – Okay. Hey, who are you?
– Hey! Hey..
– Father. It is me. Raj He is a goon who has come from Bombay. Yes, father.
What brother is saying is right. Raj. He didn’t attack you back. He has changed because
of your parents’ love. He has turned into a
human being from an animal. Don’t instigate him now. Who? He? He has changed? Yes, I have changed. Because of this chain
given by mother.. .. and this friendship
band given by father.. ..and the love that they have
given me has changed me completely. What? For so many days, I was a goon. I was roaming around
like a Mafia goon of Mumbai. The real meaning of life..
– Hey. Has been revealed to me now. I will tell you the reality now. I was called here to
destroy the company of Trisha. All of this is the truth. This is the reason that Gopal
Rao has destroyed your family. Please help me to
work against Gopal Rao. That is the only way I can ruin him. If you don’t believe me, take this.
Take this and shoot me. Shoot me. You cannot shoot him even if you
want to. He is telling us the truth. Son. It is time to save
the company of Trisha and Usha. Both of you must unite now. Now let me see how Gopal
Rao can destroy the company. The game is over
and the shop is closed. Saxena. Are you trying to fool me? Despite trying for the second time.. .. you couldn’t make
Madhav Rao unconscious. Why? Is this a small project for you? 200 crores. It is a project worth 200 crores. Come, dear.
It is a day to celebrate today. All our misunderstandings
have been cleared. Yes, uncle. Now without delaying,
go and meet the two of them. They have been waiting
for you since a long time. Don’t delay now. Go on, go on.
– Yes. Hey. – Yes. Along with making sweets,
make some snacks also. – Okay. Okay.
– Tasty. If you so desire,
go and make it yourself. – Me? Yes, if you make them tasty,
even I will have it. Will you eat?
– Yes. Should I give you one tight slap? Usha. Despite knowing my truth,
they have forgiven me and accepted me. That is why I am very happy. You have turned into a good man.
I don’t want anything else. I don’t want it.
– Why? What happened? Everyone is here.
If Balu would have been here.. ..he would have
entertained us so much. Everyone said that you are a fool.
But I didn’t believe them. – What? You are okay.
– I see. Then I will feed
you on my own. – What? No, no, I will have it on my own.
– Have it. I have come here. Why did you come?
– I have come to wish Raj. I haven’t been invited
for the feast and yet, I am here. Here you are. Take this bouquet. Who called you to have food here?
– What is he saying? So tell him. Who has called you here? Daddy.
– Hey! Mother has thrashed me. Mother has thrashed you? You should have thrashed
her as well in return. What?
– Don’t cry. I see. Many,
many happy returns of the day. Thank you, uncle.
– God bless you. Did you see that?
– Yes. No one has come from
the colony. – Yes. All of you are so happy. I bring happiness wherever I go. There is another one here. Look. What is this? Where is the bouquet that
I gave you just now? – Bouquet? When did you give it to me? What? I spent 100
rupees for that. – Sorry. Wrong number.
– Wrong number. Wrong person. What do you mean?
– Hey. The one who had come first was Raj.
And the second one is duplicate. Look there.
– What? Is he dead?
– Hey, did he die without eating? Suryamukhi. Look there once.
Even you will die. – What? Aunt.
– Aunt. What?
– What? What am I looking at?
Are the two of them same? Both of them are not same.
They look alike. Don’t worry at all. I am sure there
must be someone like him as well. Hey, it is okay if he dies.
I will find a duplicate one. What? – Hey, Surya aunt.
Go and hug them. What did he say?
– He is asking her to go and hug them. What happened? I want to give you a birthday gift,
Raj. – Yes. So give it. Give it. What is this? Give it to me properly. Love me properly.
Then I will give it properly. Meaning?
– Leave all the work. Yes? – And move around
me by calling me by my name. Is it so? Trisha! “Trisha.” “Trisha.” “Trisha.” “Trisha.” “You are my life now.” “And you are the reason of victory.” “Your beauty is like
a respite for me.” “Respite for me.” “Your depth of love
for me is amazing.” “Lover.” “You are my lover
and I worship you.” “My darling.” “Lover.” “You are the reason of my life.” “Reason of my life.” “I have learnt everything from you.
My lover.” “Trisha.” “There are blue and
lovely clouds on the sky.” “Wonder if it is
going to shower on us.” “If we have to prove
our love for each other.” “We will make the sacrifice.” “Tell me. How will this
series of meetings go on?” “You are mine and I am yours.
We are like life for each other.” “You are like heaven for
me and God of my heart, lover.” “You are my lover
and I worship you.” “My darling.” “Trisha.” “We must be in the
heartbeats of each other.” “You are mine under
all circumstances.” “I have written your
name on my heart.” “You are mine.” “I have committed my
heart and body to you.” “I am always yours.” “We will never be apart now.” “We are together, lover.” “I will never get anyone
like you ever in life.” “You are my life now.” “And you are
the reason of victory.” “Trisha.” “Trisha.” “Trisha.” Munna. We got a call now.
Karim Lala is here. Welcome. Welcome, sir.
– Mother Earth. I bow down to you. My mother India. What is this?
He is kissing the ground. If Karim Lala is here on his own,
the matter is very serious. He can do anything
to get the tender. I will be done, Lala. The engineer of the Vande
Mataram contract is my friend. Yes. He talks to me
on the phone everyday. He has a lot of enemies
in all the states. And he always moves around
in cars that have number one. He is very clever. And hence,
he keeps on changing his car. What is this?
He changes his car after every minute. It is his plan.
To save himself. And what if it fails? He must be changing
the driver. – What? There are two of us coming.
What about the rest? Some of them were imprisoned.
And the others were threatened. But..
– But what? I have heard that
Madhav Rao is going to.. .. put in the tender
in any way he can. Hey, take the car
to Madhav Rao’s hospital. Get down.
– Come on. Get down. Come on.
– Come on. Move away.
Make way. – Hey, get lost. Come on. Come on, get lost. Get lost. Come on, move ahead. Hello, police station. Hey.. – Hey, who are you?
What is happening here? Madhav Rao.
You are being discharged. Take him away.
– Who are you? What is all this? Lala. Karim Lala. I see. It is you?
The one behind Bombay blasts. Yes. Don’t put the tender for
the Vande Mataram project. Got it? We will put the tender
regardless of whatever you do. Okay. We are going to kidnap you. Take him away..
– Hey, let go of me. Leave me. What did you say? Madhav Rao has been kidnapped? I am scared that they
might do something to father. It is his Karim Lala’s habit
to kidnap people and keep them away.. ..till he doesn’t get the tender. Raj. There is only one way
to get Madhav Rao out of there. Karim Lala shouldn’t come
to know that you and I are together. We will work in unison. Lala. This is the amount of 2
crores given by the syndicate. This should be made into
a DD in the bank immediately. It is your job to make a request.
And it is my job to grant it. Should I go to the bank? One must do whatever
he is supposed to do. And if someone else does it,
it goes for a toss. Didn’t you study Hindi in childhood? Didn’t you go to school or college? Are you educated or illiterate? He is uneducated. Don’t say a word.
– What? Or else, I will kill you. I only trust this gun.
And I trust my Munna. Where is my Munna? Lala. Munna.
– Lala. Munna.
– Lala. I am here. Brother-in-law. Do they behave
like this in the bedroom as well? No, I didn’t mean anything. Even his lover mustn’t be
kissing him with so much of love. He is kissing so lovingly. Stop speaking rubbish. And
cracking bad jokes. He has a pistol. I need work, Lala. That is it. The game is over and
the shop is closed. – Yes. I need this. I need this.
– Got it. I will go to the bank and make the DD. Okay? Okay?
– Yes. Lala. What did you do? He has taken 2 crores away. Just pay attention to the
people you are working with. I have a doubt on you.
– What? Keep quiet. You have a doubt on my Munna? Take him away and
throw him somewhere far. Come on. Hail the Supreme One. Abhay, what is going on here?
He has killed him. It is the passport to die. Lala.
– Munna. Lala. Lala. You had gone sometime
back and you came back so soon? I went sometime back and came back?
What are you saying, Lala? I have just come to your lap. I mean the one who came and
took 2 crores from you has fooled you. He is Raj. He cheated you very badly, Lala.
Cheated you. – Hey. Munna wasn’t here at all.
How did you assume he was Munna? Shall I tell you something, Lala? Raj may hide anywhere
but I will find him for sure. Then I will thrash
him and rip him apart. And make minced meat out of you. Just give your order, Lala.
– Don’t be in haste, Munna. We have to think of something calmly. The people of Andhra like
sour things and their families. In order to get Raj,
we must get hold of his parents. I want his parents. Got it? Correct, Lala. Correct.
Chotu. Come here. – What is it? Listen to me.
Go and get Raj’s parents here. Okay, right. – Lala. I will go and
take care of Raj and get the money. Lala. – Yes, Munna. There is a lot of confusion
between Munna and Raj, right? Both of us will make
a code between us. Yes, yes. Okay, okay. As soon as I come here, sing. Then I will sing. “My heart is beating.” And you.
“My heart is feeling restless.” Okay? Yes, yes.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Wow.
– Lala. I wanted to ask that Madhav
Rao of Laxmi industries..- Yes. He is upstairs. He is fine. He is fine till the
time we don’t get he tender. He will be with us. I am leaving, Lala.
– Lala, what have you done? You gave two crores to the other one.
Even he is saying the same thing. I think it is something wrong.
I have a doubt. Whenever I ask you something,
you ask me to meditate. Fooling Lala again
and again is not easy. That is why we have kept a code. Code. Code.
– Code. I will not tell you at all.
Not at all. I am ready. Hello, Raj. Listen. I am standing
outside the house of Lala. I am paying attention to everyone. Should I come if you ask me to? There is a ticket? No one wants it. Yes. yes, tell me. What? What are you saying? The lowly Karim Lala is
going to sacrifice a kitten? Before the tender? And later?
He will kill the poor one later? Oh my God. There is no one here.
Tell me fearlessly. What? What did you say? After killing Vasu, Balram
will feel angry with Karim Lala? And he will kill Karim Lala? And Saxena will kill Ram Gopal?
– Daddy! I see. So Saxena will
also get killed later? Yes, yes. So this is good. They will fight among themselves.
I have arranged it that way. Here? There is no one here.
And no one has heard me as well. Don’t worry.
Yes, I am coming. Bye. I have come to know. I have come to know. I have come to know. Karim Lala. Karim Lala. Karim Lala.
I have come to know the truth. I know everything, Karim Lala. What are you saying?
– What? The one to know
everything is the Lord. Who are you and what do you know?
Tell me. I have two sons. The first
and the original one is this one. I see. Is it?
– Lala. Don’t disturb me.
Listen to me first. Here, here. I have come to know their plan. Look here. Even you will come to know. What? Tell me. Tell me. Lala. To get the tender, you will
sacrifice a cat and lizard first. – What? Yes. Then you will kill me and my brother. What? – Will I do that after
living for so long? Oh Lord. Keep quiet.
– Ask your son to keep quiet first. Or else, I will shoot him. – No.
Let me tell you their plan first. You will be happy to know.
– Yes? Tell me. Tell me. You will kill my brother and me first. In that anger,
my father will shoot you.. – What? With a gun. And because of the
anger of your death.. .. this Saxena will kill my father.
– Oh God. And in that anger, Bhagwan
will chop Saxena into pieces. – What? What? – Oh no. Keep quiet! Take this mad man away. I will remind you again, Lala.
Keep my words in mind. Listen to me carefully.
Please. – Oh no. Someone take him away.
– No! Lala. No, listen to me. No. Lala, you will repent.
– Hey. Lala, listen to me.
– Is this fool really your son? Hey, listen to me, Lala.
Listen to me, Lala. Brother. listen to me. Are you angry with me?
At least you listen to me. Oh no. Oh no. – Hey, what are
you doing there? Come here. Come here. Come here. Meditate.
– Meditation? Is he meditating? Hello. Tender officer is on the line. Hello.
Karim Lal. Lord. Praise the Lord. Hey! What is the matter?
Your voice is low. Lala, this is a government phone.
The voice will be low. – Yes. Tender time?
– Come on time. The time is 2. If you don’t come on time,
you will die. You will be left watching. – Hey, why
are you talking about death and all? If it is so,
I will kill you over the phone. Listen, no one else
should come for the tender. Just because you are criminals,
I have to keep records. If I don’t do your job, I will die.
Even this fan doesn’t work. Isn’t it working? – Hey,
keep quiet, this fan won’t work. What? – But we have to move.
Merely shouting wouldn’t be useful. Lala. I have got Raja’s father. Yes, I am coming. Hey! – Hey! Take the phone. – Thank you. Hey, why are you keeping
it in the pocket? I will call up my son. – Why? He must have come from school.. .. and must have gone
off to sleep after having milk. That is why he is asleep.
– What? Milk? School? Sleep? What are you saying?
I am talking about your son. Even I am talking about my son,
not yours. Don’t try to play
a game with Karim Lala. Even you don’t mess with me,
fool. – Fool? Go ahead.
– Hey, move aside. Move aside. What? – When he says that,
he really kills. Ask for forgiveness. Ask
for forgiveness. – He will kill her? Yes. – I will give you 1000 for that. Oh Lord. – Sir,
take the money and give it to me. Lala. Indian women are
proud of their husbands. Try to instigate
his wife first. – Yes. Hey, Indian woman. – Hey. Your wedding vermilion,
your wedding necklace. Your husband. If you want all this, call
your son or I will kill your husband. He will not go even if
you thrash him badly. – What? It is better if you kill him. Hey. You will lose
your husband. – Yes. Lose him? – Yes. So let him die.
It doesn’t make a difference to me. Kill him.
– Hey, do you have the courage? Hey, kill her. – Hey, if you are a
man, kill him first and then kill me. Yes, kill her. – Kill him. Yes, kill her. – Kill him. Hey, hey, hey.. – Kill her, kill her. What is this? Oh Lord. Where
did the values of Indian people go? Where have the values gone? Run. Run.
– Run. Run. The police are here. Hey, Lala. You are here?
You aren’t scared of police. I am not scared of
police but their whistle. Hey, Gopal Rao. – Hey, stop it.
Who gave you this whistle? I have given it to him.
To wake him up. But he didn’t wake up. Hey, but he isn’t getting up.
He is a corpse. Lala. Lala. – Tell me first. Lala, that Raj wasn’t real. No. Code.
– Hey, Lala. That is not Raj. Lala. – I know everything.
Who are you? Raj. “My heart has started beating.” Munna. – Yes. Lala. I know which bank locker
has Raj kept the money in. – Yes. I will go and threaten the bank manager
and get the money. Okay? – Yes. Chotu. Come here. – What? Who are they?
– They are Raj’s parents. Raj has fooled you. – What? Lala. They are not
Raj’s parents. – What? Yes. – Tie them up. I will go to the bank. I will come with you. – Hey. I asked you to get Raj’s parents.
Who did you get? Raja. Lala. Raj. Munna. Munna. Raj. There was a confusion,
Lala. Lala, I have an idea. Listen to me.
Munna has a girlfriend in Mumbai. She knows all the
moles on Munna’s body. “It is stuck.
Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck.” “My heart is stuck on you.
It is stuck on you.” “I have come close to you.” “Oh my Lover. Go off to sleep.” “When you are with my young heart,
I feel young.” “It is stuck.
Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck.” “I am your lover.” “I am your king.
Give me a sign of love.” “Doesn’t matter if it is day or night.
You are always with me.” “With you, I always feel nice.” “You and I are together. Don’t worry.” “I hope you don’t run away later!” “Why are you getting worried?
My heart is crazy for you.” “I am a fairy.
Don’t take away my sleep.” “Even if you look for someone like me,
you wouldn’t get it.” “My heart is stuck on you.
It is stuck on you.” “You are the king of my heart.
Take away the symbol of love.” “When you are ready,
why should I think so much?” “I will be with you.
With my heart stuck on my sleeve.” “I have no one but you in this world.” “it is the feeling of the heart.
Ask everyone.” “Love will win every time.” “We are goons.
We listen to our hearts.” “I am a fair and young girl.
I am beautiful.” “You are king and I am queen.
These are the new times.” “You are the king of my heart.
Take away the symbol of love.” “I am king of your heart.
Give me a sign of love.” “I am here close to you.
Oh my lover, calm down.” “Stay with my young heart.
I am feeling young.” I have to find out
who is real and fake. Lala.
– Lala. This is my Munna.
– This is my Munni. How did you find out?
– He came and hugged me and kissed me. Hey, he did this with me.
There are two of them. I have seen his mole. And
it was where it was supposed to be. Right, Munna?
– Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Both of you can go to the room.
If Raj comes here, I will shoot him. Yes. Chameli came here.
Munna spoke to Chameli. And he has gone here.
Now we must kill Raj. – Lala. Your drama wouldn’t go on now, Raj.
– Hey, I am Munna, Lala. Lala. I am Munna. May you die in peace. Okay? Hail Lord. Heart is beating?
I don’t understand anything. Lala. It is you.
– I am Munna, Lala. I got the money back from Raj. Look. Count the note first and
check if they are real or fake. And find out if he
is our Munna or not. It is decided.
He has got cash. This is our Munna. And Raj is in the room
with Chameli. – What? Raj has gone with my Chameli.
– Yes. Go and check. I will take him to task.
Goon. – Hey, run. Run. Get hold of him. – Get hold of him. Get hold of him.
Get hold of him. – Lala. How many will you get hold of? Kill lizard and cat. Then kill my brother and I. Then kill Gopalan. Hey, keep quiet.
– Lala. Madhav Rao is not upstairs. Meaning Madhav Rao and
Raj will come to put the tender. Lala. – Lala. Madhav Rao
is coming to put the tender. So you come here in any case and die,
got it? -What? I don’t know how
and when you will come. You must come and come on time. Did you understand me?
Listen to me carefully if you don’t. I am hanging up. Daddy, sign the papers quickly.
– Munna called me. They are leaving as well. – Okay. Lal Singh has been informed. He will
kill them as soon as they get them. They cannot reach the tender office. Lala. You are still changing cars? Lal Singh is trying to kill me. He called me just now.
– Hey, why are you scared of him? I will take care of him.
Sit in the car. Lala, we have one hour. – Hey. I will tell you what the plan is.
The plan has a cat in it. Someone, take him away. Drive fast. No gear. Don’t
stop anywhere. I will follow you. Oh my God. – Where are they taking us? They will take us home since
we have been made to sit in the car. Oh my God. Even bad people have hearts. – What? Be careful. And look at their wish. When they are leaving them at their
house, they are going by AC cars. Keep quiet.
You are cheating Raj’s parents. Hey, I will teach him a lesson.
– Yes, brother. Lala. Karim Lala. Karim Lala.
I know that. Hey, where did you die? Now.. I have just crossed
the cremation ground. What? You have just crossed the cremation
ground? Just assume that you are dead. Madhav Rao will come before
you and apply for the tender. Then you will die. Come quickly. We will not let him come there. Make arrangements to
stop the car of Madhav Rao. Hey, don’t worry, Lala.
The car number of Madhav Rao is 4444. The car will come and
a bomb will drop on it. And there will be a bomb blast. Hey. Hey, there is a bomb blast.
Bomb blast! Bomb blast! Bomb blast! What is this?
Aren’t you scared of the bomb? Is it my wife that
I should be scared of it? I will rip you apart. Hey, you are too much. Hey.. – Sir.
I thought you are Madhav Rao. Hey, all of these are my cars.
All seven. – Lala. Look here.
– What? The number of our
car has been changed. I think Raj has done this. Lala.
– Hey. Never mind. There is still time. Hey, take out the car.
– Come on, make it quick. Thank you, Lala. You helped us nicely
by removing the car. What? Lala. Your gun has a brain. But
your bald head doesn’t have one. Bye. What? Hey.
– Hey. Hey. What happened? Come on. Get the car.
Hey, come here quickly. Come on. Make it quick.
– Yes, let us go quickly. Come on. Make it quick.
– Yes, let us go quickly. Hey, Lala! This is Lal Singh. Lala. I wouldn’t spare you now.
– Get him. Hey, he is coming here.
– Hey, what sort of a mess is this? Lala. Lala.
– Yes. Sit in the car quickly.
– Yes. Sit. Yes. Come on.
Lala. I am following you. – Yes. Yes. Come on. Oh my God. – Hey. And there are stones
being hurled at us. – What? Raj. – Yes? Saxena and Narsim are
coming to stop you. Be careful. Okay. Take the car from the other side. That side.
– Hey, follow my daddy. Come on. Yes. Hey, stop. Stop the car.
– Hey, stop. Stop the car. Come on. Come on. – Hey. Hey! Hey! Lala. – Lala sir. Just crash
into the car that comes your way. Even I did that. Which one? Which car? – A police car. Get hold of him. – Come on. Come on. Lal Singh is coming here.
Change the way of the car. Hey, take left. Hey, hey, what is this?
What is this? What are you doing? Hey, we trusted him
and he got us to this pit. You take salary from me and
try to put me into the pit. Hail Lord. Hello. – Hey, brother.
Where did you die? In the pit. – Hey,
people go into a pit after they die. Listen, there is half an hour
for the submission of the tender. Come early. What? Half an hour is left? Sir, only half an hour is
left for the tender to be filed. I don’t care. Come on. – Yes. We will go this side. Hey. Hail Lord.
Hail Lord. -No, sir. No. Sit. Hey, Lord. I don’t know driving. What is it, bald man? If you didn’t know driving,
why did you kill your driver? Hey, he is a big man.
He doesn’t drive. He can only fire. Hey. You drive. – I don’t
know driving, sir. I don’t know. Hey, I know driving. – What? I don’t know about it. When did you
learn driving? – How would you know.. many times I have driven. Come on. Push the car first.
Come on, take it out. Yes, we will do it.
– Come on. Come on. Hey, push it properly.
Are you dieting? Hey, push it properly. Come on, my Dhanno.
Come on. – Hey, stop. Stop. Hey, there is a car coming.
Blast it. – Yes. Hey, get him.
Get him. – Come on. Come on. What is this? What is this?
– Hey, what are you doing? Greetings, sir. – Hey,
you dare to cheat the one you serve? Look, Raj’s car is coming here. Hey, get him.
Get him. – Come on. Come on. Hey, get him.
Get him. – Come on. Come on. Sir. I didn’t know.
We kept a small bomb. Or else, would you
have kept a bigger bomb? Look, Raj’s car is coming here. Stay inside. Keep the door closed. I will take care of him.
Close the window. Hey, listen to me. Break the
car of Madhav Rao. Break the glass. His daughter has the
tender papers with her. Take it from and come here quickly. This belongs to him. Vasu darling. Vasu darling. I am here. – I need to talk to you. Did you call me, Trisha? Hey. – Hey,
cannot you see that we are talking? Cannot you see? Get lost. Hey, fool. Can’t you see as well? Come on. Get lost. Get lost.
Or I will thrash you hard. Got it? Get lost. My darling Trisha! Don’t worry. It is a drama. Stop! This is Munna. He has come on time. Hey, Raj. If you and Madhav Rao try
to go to the tender office from here.. ..I will behead Trisha and the game
will be over and the shop will close. Hey! Hey! Hey! – Trisha. This is Lala. Go and hide behind quickly. – Yes. Stop. Stop. Stop. Munna. – Lala. Come on. Sit quickly. Sit. Munna. Munna. Munna. Munna. Take me quickly.
Only ten minutes are left. “My heart has started beating.” Give it to me. – Yes. Here you are. Keep this. Munna. – I am not Munna. I am Raj. What? – Bye. Munna. Hey, stop. Stop. What? Hey,
he forgot the suitcase here. You should have taken the suitcase.
You left it behind with me. Sit quickly.
Come on. There is no time to sing. I am Munna.
Come on. Yes. – Yes, yes, yes. Come on.
– Let us go. Hey, you wouldn’t get the tender. And if you do get it,
I will get it cancelled. Hey, you should agree by now.
– Do you think our Lala is a fool? Not only a fool. He is a big fool. What? Lala. Did you see? Despite my presence,
they are saying you are a fool. I will tell them right now. Hey, we have won. Yes. You are here? – Yes. Now die. Here it is. – Come on, put it in that. Yes, yes.
Why does your head have dust? I see. You had fallen in the pit. Now I got it.
Don’t worry. You will get the tender. There is only one tender till now.
That is why you will get it. Hey, Saxena,
Gopal Rao, we will get the tender. We will get it.
There was only one tender till now. Come, come, come on. Come, Madhav Rao. Come. I have
given the tender. I was the only one. The time for the tender has passed.
Karim Lala will get it. Yes, Govind. Tell me. What should I tell you and die?
It was Vijay lakshmi’s tender. And you gave it. What? – Your tender didn’t come out. No! Hey, Saxena.
I put their tender with my own hands. Lala. You have done this. Hey, Hail Lord.
– Why are you saying that? Everything is over now. Sometimes, you sat in Munna’s
car and sometimes in Raj’s. In this process of change,
even the tender papers have changed. Munna. I was with you. – Lala.
He is the one. He has cheated you. Ask him. Lala. He has cheated you. Lala. I didn’t cheat you.
I am Munna. – I am Munna. I am Munna. – I am Munna. I am Munna. – I am Munna. I am Munna. – No I am Munna. Lala. I know who
is Munna between them. One of them must be Munna. And that is.. “My heart has started beating.
– My heart has started beating.” “My heart is scared.
– My heart is scared.” Hey, quiet. – Lala. What is it? Karim Lala. You kept trying to guess
who is it between them.. .. and you didn’t come to know. Both of them are together
and cheating you. You are bald and acting
as Don number one? You are bald and have a gun with you?
– What did you say? Hey. I am not talking much. I
will teach you a lesson now, bald man. I will break your head. I told you that both of them are
together but you didn’t listen to me. What happened now? You are stuck. You act as God.
What happened? You were cheated. Hail Lord. – Hey. Even I am here, sir. Lala. I told you, right.
Why did you lock me in the room? I told you.
You will kill me. Daddy will kill you. Saxena will kill daddy.
– You are right. Hey, hail Lord. I took out the bullets. Why did you take the bullets out? Gabbar doesn’t forget his bullets.
What? – Hey! None of you have the bullets.
I have them. Come on, brother. Kill everyone. Three bullets have gone off.
Now it is time for the fourth bullet. Brother. Where did the fruit
fall from if there are no trees? You are not a man
but a great one, brother. Come, come.
Arrest everyone and put them in jail. Game over. Shop is closed.
– Game over. Shop is closed. “Hey, hey. Game over. – Shop closed.” “Hey, hey. Game over. – Shop closed.” “Game over. – Shop closed.”


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