1. This guy wants his cake and eat it. He trades in older birds for younger ones. What kind of person moves some one in after a week and then argues with them for 15 years 😂

  2. It seems like he’s got a specific “type” that he’s attracted to. If you keep having problems finding the wrong partners, maybe you’re the problem. He looks like a controlling dude, his way or the highway. It explains that “highway patrol” haircut too, damn it he wants respect and he means business!🤣

  3. Learning what things mean
    "punk,stupid,loser father"
    That explains that haircut.
    "divorced for 15 years with a psychotic wife who might murder you"
    what does that explain?

  4. The girlfriend is an idiot, what do you mean she wants Mike's son, Christy is the child's mother! Woe he has brought so many women into this child's life. Mike brought a woman home within days of meeting her.


  6. These people are all so immature lol like they’re way too old to think getting engaged after a month is a good idea.

  7. Moved in within a week?!?!?! 🤔🤦 Couples who cohabitate prior to marriage divorce at a higher rate. The ex-wife is vindictive.

  8. I was going to go on the Dr. Phil Show for help. Me and my mother were asking for help but we were told if I was to be sincere it wouldn't draw and they wanted Dr Phil to look good. So basically he wanted me to pretend to be a bratty young adult instead of talking about my real problem which was dealing with autism. His show is all about "saving but it's like that girl Danielle said he doesn't do it for anything except the money and fame. Ill be Posting the link to the email from the Dr Phil executives on all these videos to show he's a scam and doesn't care about helping anybody

  9. The best thing to do with this type of person is to completely ignore them and get a restraining order if it’s necessary. Giving them attention just feeds it.

  10. Wow there relationship wont last watch lol /everytime someone gets married within knowing each other just a month it wont last

  11. Kristy the Ex-Wife is THE REASON why men are going MGTOW!
    Feminazi Harpies like Kristy is why Feminism is called Cancer by men! Feminism is cancer!

  12. YAS, went through this with my husband's ex, she even stole our car the night of our wedding and drove it to idaho, no honeymoon, see the game? 28 years later crazy has NO words to say, but UHG!

  13. Bitter ex wife is what it all comes down to, this woman’s made it her mission to stalk you, and not find another man. This woman has serious problems.

  14. This is gonna be another broken marriage cause the age of Julia she could be old enough to be his daughter instead.

  15. And to think that my ex said to me that he will call the police if I come to his house even tho I never hurted him… 😅😅😅

  16. Oh baby love @ first sight ! Drag in kids, family, exes into a drama filled situation , add discontent, extra , stir and Watch The Mess occur

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