Malaysia Aesthetic : Differin – Adapalene acne Gel

Acknowledgment to Galderma (US) for this video content it’s time to rethink how you apply your acne treatment different gel is more than a spot treatment research has shown that in those who suffer from acne inflammation builds around the hair follicle well before you can even see acne on the skin so I think compliance with especially creams topical medications is a struggle because in order for the medicine to work you have to use it the right way for a retinoid like different to work you need to use it consistently not just when the acting is there but also remember we’re trying to prevent it as well a moisturizer can be applied after if you are prone to dry skin even if you don’t have dry skin or are not prone to dry skin you may get dry skin when using different gel adapt lean is a photo stable molecule meaning it will not break down in sunlight so there’s an option to incorporate different gel into your morning regimen if you are going outdoors or to a place where you are getting direct sunlight use a sunscreen as label I think a big mistake both consumers and even patients make is that they’ll stop their medication after they see clearance after the acne goes away in thinking about what acne is as a chronic disease that just does not work we don’t only want to clear the acne we’re gonna prevent future breakouts so continuing to use a retina would like different after the acne is gone is only gonna make sense it only is going to help you prevent those future breakouts different gel is able to clear and prevent acne which helps restore skin’s natural tone and texture

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