Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder | Mental Health with Kati Morton Dissociation? Daydreaming?

Hey everyone! Today’s video is something that you keep asking for.
So I’m going to do it. Okay! Ugh. Dissociative identity disorder. what is it? (Intro Music) So like I said, today I’m going to talk about
DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. That is a mouthful. Otherwise known as,
multiple personality disorder. So, if any of you ask me, because some of you did, to do multiple personality disorder it’s the same thing. Ta-da. So, what is it? Now, I did a video recently with Melissa (IDrankTheSeaWater) and if you haven’t checked that video out, I
would encourage you to check it out. We talk about maladaptive daydreaming. And in that video, I talk about DID as
well so it’ll give you kind of the spectrum. Because I’m going to talk to you today about the spectrum of DID. Now, DID dissociation is something that our mind does as a
coping skill when things get really difficult for it
to manage. We get overstressed. We get
traumatized. We get… whatever it may be in our brain it’s almost like a protective mechanism
where it’s like, “I can’t handle this. This is way too much. AH!” and we go into dreamland and we float above ourselves to some
extent. Some of you talk about dissociation like you’re watching yourself do things but
you don’t have any control over your body. some people even describe that when they
have panic attacks like they almost can’t help themselves. They feel
like they’re like drowning. Like they’re watching
themselves, you know, float away. And it’s something that our brain
does when it just feels honestly like completely overwhelmed. So
that’s the reason behind it. now, most of my clients who struggle with
dissociation and have DID are people who have a traumatic past. It
may have been sexual abuse. It may have been physical abuse. It may have been anything repeated of those
sorts or something that just seemed so overwhelming and horrible like a complete devastation of their city, if they
were hit by tornado, or something like that. I’ve had clients who have very traumatic pasts and that’s where
the dissociation starts. now the way they describe it is on a
spectrum. Now, those of us who don’t struggle with dissociation regularly may have the experience that I have when
I get really exhausted and stressed out and I’m driving home from work and I’m like, “La, la, la. Singing my favorite song. Who knows what it is.” and I’m like, “Wow. I got home. How did I get here?” Right? then you’re like, “Holy shit! How did I get here?” That’s “dissociation” and it’s really daydreaming almost, like we just kind of space out. We just go into autopilot, right? We have all these terms we use but that’s kind of like on this end of the
spectrum like, well, it’s very mild. It’s kind of just because
we’re tired. We have a lot going on. But now, we’re back and our life wasn’t disturbed by it. now that is like the low end to the
spectrum. The high end of the spectrum being someone
who fully participates in a whole other life. Hints why this used to be called multi- bleh. Multiple Personality Disorder. Because people would create a complete alter ego I guess, or alternative life. And I talk about this in Melissa’s video a little bit about maladaptive daydreaming. Now they call it maladaptive daydreaming, it’s really just on the farther end of the
spectrum of dissociation and DID. And people can spend hours each day in this day dream and you
will have a whole other life. Like, my name could be Lucy and I live in New York City in Soho. And I have this amazing husband (which I
already have. Hey Sean!) and I this amazing house. I have this cute dog. He’s a French Bulldog. He’s a rescue. He’s so cute. Right. We create this ideal alternate
universe. Now no wonder we want to live there, right? I’d like to have that life. hello! And so Our real life, when you have to let go of
that, when a doctor or a therapist is like, “You’re spending five hours a day daydreaming as this other person. You’re going to have to stop.” We look at
them more like, “Are you kidding me? My life right now is a little hectic if you
haven’t noticed. I’m a little stressed out. things aren’t really going my way. I don’t really want to leave this life to come back to my regular life.” and so that, there in lies the struggle. The main reason that it will go away or that the urges to spend all this time
in this other alternate universe or with this alternate persona is when we actually treat that initial
trauma. Because people with DID, it usually
starts when we’re very young. like let’s say 8 to 12. That’s usually
the range when people begin showing symptoms of this. And it obviously can differ if you’ve had a trauma when you’re much younger than that, you
might have remembered it younger. Or if the trauma happened
a little older, you might be a little bit older. but that’s kind of what we’ve noticed. Now, when we work through that trauma and we do all of that horrible hard trauma work, we processed through it, we work with our
therapist. Talk therapy they say is the best and then
after that is CBT therapy. I bet you’re seeing a pattern that those
are usually the most useful but research shows that those are the most useful. And so if we work through that trauma all of a sudden, we aren’t daydreaming
anymore. We don’t know why. We’re not dissociating. Things get stressful and we are here and
we’re fine and we manage and that’s the end of it, to be honest. so, what DID really is is a way for our brains to cope when we’re really overwhelmed. And we have to kind of go away from what’s happening because what’s happening right now is just way too much. And so we’ll go away, but once we process through all that traumatic, all those traumatic
happenings, then we’re okay to be present, to stay
present. So if you are struggling with this and you find yourself either daydreaming all day or the majority
of your day or you find yourself dissociating, because I have a video on dissociation itself so if you haven’t checked that out make
sure you check that out. If you’re struggling with either of those things, I
would encourage you to talk to your therapist, to find a
therapist. CBT or talk therapy is best. There are also
lots of groups and things if that is something that helps you to hear from someone else’s experience. But most of all we have to work through
all of the stuff thats happened to us before because that’s the real reason why this is
happening. And I promise you that those urges to
live in that alternate world will go away. So keep checking back, keep asking your questions. As always leave your comments below. If you have something that’s really helped you deal with your DID, let us know. We
can help one another. And you can find me all over the
internet! everywhere! Twitter, tumbler, Google+, make sure you add me on Google+. I am on Instagram, KatiMorton1. Hey! I’m also on Facebook. I am on Youtube. Here you are. Hello! I have a website, I’m everywhere, so make sure you check that out. Subscribe, follow, whatever. and you can ask me your questions because I do FAQ’s during the week and you don’t wanna miss your chance your question answered. And I will see you all next week with another topic video.


  1. I've done this since I was a little kid, I had three traumatic experiences between the ages of 5-7. I was diagnosed with ADHD but my mum refused to put me on drugs (Legend), im glad she didn't. As I was growing up I woulld constantly day dream through school all the time and really struggle to focus. I could do school work when I really needed to for example to get my school certificate for Literacy and numeracy. After my schooling I always day dreamed at work unless there would be serious consequences. It's weird when my flight or fight response is engaged I can think clear as all hell and very precise, It became a bit of a buzz for me but when I did things that would engage my (FOF) i would re-live past traumatic experiences or be reminded of them. I've never been to see a psychologist/psychiatrist because it would make me feel like less of a man, It's also another reason why im glad my mother didn't put me on drugs. Though I have had serious issues with alcohol "lol". My daydreams have become more realistic and achievable as I have aged and I now use them to better myself and to invision myself as a better version of myself. I've nearly thought myself to death " if you get me" but I eventually get sick of my own shit and just laugh at myself. Im 27yrs old now with a partner of 7 years and 2 children my partner thinks im crazy but loves me and I think likes how I veiw the world or finds it useful, I don't share all my thoughts because she wouldn't understand and most people don't, which is ok. Im fairly success full in life so far and will continue daydreaming as I believe it as an unusual edge to be able to play out multiple scenarios in your mind to be prepared for reality when it comes to pass….. if it does. You just have to be careful it's also detrimental to your mental health if not moderated or if misunderstood. I think its a response to traumatic experience to a very conscientious person, and the ever lasting journey to understand why some things happen. It definitely makes you stronger if you use it and not let it use you.

  2. I've known for a bit that I daydream maladaptively, and you hear a lot about how it's sort of an escape from real life. Maladaptive daydreamers have many detailed universes and scenarios and stories that we just jump into to escape or procrastinate or pull ourselves out of a difficult situation.

    However, I don't see enough about the more negative daydreams. Many daydreams are actually negative and even violent. I've imagined myself in situations where I or people I know and care about have been hurt. I feel like we need to talk about that more.

    Also, many people may equated the daydreams to hallucinations, which is inaccurate as maladaptive daydreamers are aware of the fact that it's just a daydream, we are able to distinguish between reality and our imagination.

    Coming back to negative daydreams, you may be wondering why anyone would put themselves in a bad situation. Many times it's to know what we would do in such a situation or just to experience something we've always wondered about. Personally, I also have a depressive disorder which often results in me feeling emotionally numb, and daydreaming of something negative usually gets a stronger reaction out of me.

    Our daydreams are intensely vivid and there's virtually no limit on how or what we experience. So we often mumble during them, walk around, sing, dance, or just act out the daydream. I pace around my room a lot because if I walked around the house or outside, people would notice.

    Maladaptive daydreaming may seem like a quirk but I have lost hours or even a full day stuck in a daydream. I get triggered very easily. I'll be listening to a song and then pause it to play out my daydream, or maybe watching a movie or reading a book, or doing anything really. I'll always stop and let myself daydream which had prompted me to loose a lot of time. Because the daydreams are so vivid, we're able to spend a virtually infinite amount of time in them.

    Another thing that bothers me is that everyone I know and don't know and want to know are characters in my daydreams. For example, one of my daydreams takes place in hogwarts, but my close friends, other people I know, and even characters from other unrelated stories can show up. This bothers me because I am already non confrontational with people in my life, so if I ever have an issue I'll practice saying it to that person it in my daydream, but then I'll avoid actually telling them because I already have but not really. It's also concerning because everyone I know isn't just who they are, they're also characters, they're also figments of my imagination, which can be really weird because I've had multiple daydream conversations with friends and even my therapist, but those conversations aren't real.

    Maladaptive daydreaming can definitely be an escape, but it's maladaptive, which means it interferes with day to day life. I'm trying to be more present as of late, but I often slip into a daydream and realize "oh shit it's been 30 mins" or "wtf how is it 7pm it was 4 just two mins ago". And even though it interferes with my life, I can't imagine not daydreaming, giving it up would be like getting rid of a part of myself.

  3. Maladaptive daydreaming is NOT dissociative identity disorder. They are very separate. Please distinguish between the two. This video is supposedly about dissociative identity disorder but it has maladaptive daydreaming in the title and that is problematic. This was very confusing to me about your video and I would appreciate you doing this in the future.

  4. I haven’t been diagnosed with this but I know I have it. I have gone through extreme stress that was out of my control and my life got so bad and confusing I didn’t know what to do and now I day dream at least 5 hours a day imagining I’m a different person with a happy life and love and stability. Like I literally run around my neighbourhood for hours a day with my earphones in imagining I’m in a different place in my life where I’m happy. Like the movie plays in my head that I’m happily married and in love and have money and friends and family that cares. People notice my running around all the time and tell me that I must love exercise but they don’t get it’s not about exercise I’m just taking my mind away.

  5. Every teacher in school told my Mom, I was a daydreamer. I was a bad daydreamer. But it helped me and it still helps me.

  6. I very recently found out that this I actually a disorder. And I’m not the only one who does this. And now I’m sort of scared because I have realised the effect that is has on my life. I have been doing it as long as I can remember. It started out as being a way to get to sleep like someone reading a book and as I got older and school and life started getting harder and more stressful. It changed into being a coping mechanism to escape the reality of the world. I walk up and down my house cleaning and listening to music while being submerged in a fantasy. It has gotten worse this past year because of some bad things happening in my life. Everybody says how strong and brave I am because I don’t seem to get upset about the bad stuff happening in my life. But the reality is that I’m just distracting myself form what’s going on.

  7. Feel free to check out my book (Save me from my unbroken cycles by Quanshavia Green) I have suffered from this since the age of 7. I hope my story helps others and I can't wait until more research comes out about it

  8. Another video spreading misinformation about DID. This is not helpful to individuals who actually have DID you are spreading misinformation and are in a position of such power than people blindly believe you. I don't know where you got this information but it is FALSE.

  9. I have MDD. I’ll create whole other worlds with complex characters and plots. If I’m listening to music a lot of the time I’ll start to daydream. If I’m playing sport on my own outside I’ll daydream. I mostly daydream in my room pacing, I also talk out load to myself (as multiple characters). Sometimes depending on the content of the daydream I’ll act it out (physically) not including daydreaming. I will also find myself daydream when I sing and dance. The thing is, I love the worlds I’ve created and I love daydreaming. I don’t find it embarrassing, everyone knows I like daydreaming and I embrace it. I feel like if I stopped daydreaming I would loose apart of myself. I don’t think it interferes with my life (I can control it, mostly) or with my school work or relationships. Although I don’t see it as a issue (for me personally) I would still like advice 😊
    The only downside to this is that (even as a teen) I feel like I’m constantly searching for a this huge fantasy adventure that I know doesn’t exist. I want to be able to explore and adventure ✨ if anyone has any places to travel, explore or present ANY (and I mean any) type of adventure please tell me. Sorry✨🦕😅

  10. Thank you, Kati, for such a compassionate and comprehensive video! I would like to be a therapist just like you, and spread awareness about mental health issues. Thank you for being my inspiration! <3

  11. Ok, for some reason I felt the need to post on here and honestly I hope people see this post and respond I wanna know what other people with this disorder have to say. I definitely have this disorder, it's like you can make a movie in your mind and watch it all day, I have made multiple little universes that have grown and became more realistic since the age of 12 I also quite often picture myself in scenarios. Being famous on a talk show, traveling to a far corner of the world, seeing myself in the next 20yrs being successful, etc. But I would not consider MDD a "disorder" it's a skill if used correctly. There is no doubt in my mind that some of the most talented directors and writers in Hollywood have MDD. Where did you think George Lucas came up with the crazy idea of star wars??? Also ya kno those daydreams that involve you? The ones where you are traveling or are in a scenario you would like to be in? Get off your ass and do them! Turn your daydreams into goals and pursue them! MDD can be a skill when you learn when to stop dreaming and when to start doing

  12. I’ve been daydreaming like this for years, since I was little. I think it’s rly because I feel like my friends don’t actually like me and it’s nice to imagine that I have people that do like me //:

  13. So it is not a disorder it is not on the list may be it just happen to people who have bad life situation or living in bad environment so day dreaming is a mental habit and mental habits not easy to break

  14. Wow. I daydream like 5 hours a day but never really thought much of it except that im practically dependent to it. Yikes

  15. DID IS different to MDD, but psychiatrists actually think that MDD can be connected to DID, depression, or OCD.

  16. Ever since I lost my insurance and my therapist along with it I find my self doing this more and more and I used to do it all the time when I was younger but now it’s all I do and I’ll find myself out with ppl just waiting to be alone so I can get back to my daydream and just spend hours and hours in my own head

  17. I think we should create a support group online. Talking about this, helping each other help to cure with each other’s stories and trying. I think it will be very motivating it’s gets really hard when you are trying to give up —but it’s already under your skin. It’s addictive. I think it will also be liberating for many to talk this to someone who really understands.

  18. A letter to myself

    It feels good to go off to Dream Land doesn't it?
    A land of Eden where the grass is green and embers of our heart begin to egnite when you are there. You know you are still HERE but you are THERE.your in the elsewhere.the place where you know we have no control over. Their are days where I easily drift to you, but their are some where it is not the right time. You approach me at work when I stand alone with myself. You are warm and inviting when my talking to not think about YOU has run out and others in my world the REAL world that is cold and grows tired of me as I spill out anything and just whatever thoughts I can talk about as long as they are not about You. Their are days where I lose apart of myself in this world to talk to you, and you are cruel! You are a bittersweet vice that has leached onto who I believe I am and NOW because of YOUR reminder I am NEVER who I could of been.

  19. I m from india.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    I also day dream.recently i noticed that music is the trigger for me so i boycott headphone for a month not even touch that. After this i spend time with friends when ever i walk i count my foot steps and try to see the thing like trees house's and more to avoid day dreaming.and after @ month i day dream less then 90% .i now i am in a new world( A real world) .you all can control day dreaming just take a step and go for it world is waiting for you.👍👍👍👍

  20. I am DMIT( Dermato -Glaphic Multiple Intelligents Test) practitioner . If you have Arch pattern on. Your left hand index finger , then you maybe have such type of dreaming

  21. does the daydreaming have to involve you in it? i spend hours everyday living in this mesh of stories and characters i’ve fallen in love with but it’s been years. the “main character” of this other world i dive into all the time is a character i’ve always seen as this ideal version of myself and i’ve always wanted to be like her. idk if it’s something legit, i just now read about MaDD and it sounded sort of similar to what i do. i do dissociate all the time, like enough for people to have to shake me to get my attention sometimes. idk dude

  22. Is it at all possible to have maladaptive daydreaming without DID? I've had maladaptive daydreaming since I can remember but I don't think I have lost chunks of time and did things with no memory, more so I just do things while daydreaming and aren't fully aware but know I was doing them. I do have holes in my memory from traumatic events though.

  23. I'm not daydreaming…I am staring at nothing, thinking of nothing, and doing so for long periods of time. I'm literally doing so right now. It goes off and on, but once it starts it is either one long period of time or it gets interrupted but comes back. The second option is what is happening to me right now and it is really hard to keep typing this. I have tried googling this before but nothing comes up. I have even done this a couple times while driving, but in my mind it fights the wanting to "zone out" telling myself that I could get into an accident so I "wake up". I really want to tell my family about this stuff to get help, but I know they won't listen to me.

  24. but i dont think maladaptive daydreaming is only a coping mechanism……i have it and i think it is a serious disorder……it gets triggered by movies and songs also……again people feel voices in mind and they understand these are just in mind after some hours as well

  25. Imagination Daydream
    enjoy life by daydreamin', and pursuin' fantasy, it turns out to be very useful.
    even imaginin' just one hour, we can get 3 luxury cars, 2 private homes, 2 private jets ,big yacht and 4 gorgeous girls … What if we fantasize all day? !!

  26. I see myself voraciously eating too much, I cant help myself hehe. just kidding, yes I have a trauma and I have this chronic disorder. I know I am not normal. But then how can we cure them?

  27. I haven’t experienced any kind of child hood trauma so there’s not real need for me to dissociate, I just do, and I have no idea why. I’ve done it since I was very young. Sometimes, I’m living my best life with lots of expensive clothes, happy family/friends etc. but this isn’t always the case. I often daydream about terrible things such as rape, abuse or physical fights (and I don’t always win). I will spend hours each day doing this. I always find that I’m unconsciously doing some kind of repetitive movement too. Whether it be that I’m clinking my teeth together or tapping my foot to a certain rhythm (generally only about 3-6 beats long, repeated over and over again).

  28. When i was a kid other kids used to laugh at me cuz i used to speak by myself. I didn't do that anymore when i was a teenager but omg i used to run around the house with a smile on my face and clapping my hands with enthusiasm while living a happy moment in my head. Now i'm an adult but for a year i've been unemployed and my mdd got so bad i'm not able to clean the house properly, i don't remember where i've placed things. It's hard cuz sometimes i'm living the happiest hours while staying at home alone and when my boyfriend comes home i realise how stupid I am and I get so angry and frustrated

  29. At first i thought that it was just normal until i spend a day only to daydream. There are times that i spend my whole dayoff daydreaming. I was addicted to it. However i started daydreaming about detailed scenario of my death many times. After getting back to my real self i felt scared and searched it up. I discovered MDD and read a lot of similar stories. However i refuse to take any actions. I can't live without my alternate universe, i just can't. My daydreams kept me feel alive. Without i don't think i would make this far.

  30. I have this but nothing bad ever happened to me. My parents are nice, siblings are sane, never had problems growing up besides my mind. I am just a failed person because every time I get therapy it seems it is all about youth trauma that I dont have but I do have mental health issues. Cant I just be insane by birth? Its as if you dont have a youth trauma you cant have mental problems.

  31. GUYS. most people have an internal self that's the 'cooler version' of you but it's about how long you do it for. MADD (NOT MDD) is extremely stressful and disrupts your life massively.

    DID is a complex form of PTSD and tends to involve flashbacks, panic attacks and nightmares. you have to of experienced severe childhood trauma repetitively from around ages 6-9 yrs old as your personality has not fully integrated yet, from what i know, the child will pretend the trauma is happening to someone else as a coping mechanism, which will lead to splitting. DID is terrifying to have as your alters can also have their own disorders (eg you might not have bipolar disorder but one of your alters does). All the things I know about DID or OSDD (like DID buy without amnesia) ive learnt from the YouTube channel >> DissociaDID (strongly recommend)

  32. For me it's different, i was not diagnosed but it effects me alot to the point of being scared that it's real sometimes. I don't have DID and I feel they are totally separate things, I don't physically change my name or personality although it does alter my personality as a whole. For me there is people and if I'm in school, I imagine them walking into my classroom and talking to me, and I imagine my responses, it's almost like a movie in my head, but it's uncontrollable, it happens anytime my mind is left to wander. But often times the dreams are violent, maybe because of the books I read or the movies I watch influence it. But sometimes it's a guy that I've known for a long time and he's cutting me or trying to kill me. Other times im some sort of cat woman type person and I kill for the better. One that tramatized me is one time I watched the show Lucifer, and this guy gouged his eyes out. And for about a week I kept on thinking of this man, who I loved, when in reality I had no idea who he was but he gouged his eyes out because he said "love is blind" but they effect my everyday life and personality, I became more out going to mimic the person I am in my daydreams. I constantly worry about my future because I want to live out some of my daydreams. I wouldn't call them mental breakdowns but I have moments when I think "what if this is all real and these guys come to me and I don't know what to do?" That happened to me this morning and I cried so hard I couldn't breathe because I didn't know what to do. It's like I know it's not real but it scares me to think it could be. I want help but this isn't a very well known illnesses, and I want it to be more talked about because it effects people and how they function and it can be really scary sometimes.

  33. I think mine started when my parents abuse started. I would sit in my room and day dream about the life i wish i had instead of the one I did. its gotten way out of control now. …. but im not sure if its ADD or MDD . because i do go through it where im in dream land. but then also im constantly at this state where my mind never shuts up.

  34. este es mi canal en español sobre este tema del Daydreaming y sobre MD,
    comparte y suscríbete que crezcamos juntos

  35. This kind of sounds familiar. Although if my experiences are related at all, they are certainly on the low end of the spectrum. Definitely used to be worse as a kid too. But well, kids. Kids have a wild imagination anyway.

  36. As an Empath, INFJ, and an HSP, I also have been dealing Maladaptive Daydreaming. All these combinations may explain why I am the person that I am today. Quite weird isn't it?

  37. I instinctively hit double like (And realized YouTube does not work that way lol) because I can relate to this so much. Thanks for the layman language sharing.

  38. Weird, I daydream since I was younger than 6, and I do not remember passing through any traumatic experience. For sure that affect my life, sometimes is hard to stop and do something productive. But I think I managed to find an equilibrium.

  39. I have a question I need you to answer. Can you describe life without maladaptive daydreaming? I need to know how it’s like. I reduced it a bit for a day and a realized I can stand the mental silence of not having anything on my mind. Can you help?

  40. i've been doing so much research on maladaptive daydreaming because i go off into my "ideal world" literally for the whole day and i've tried to stop but i just end up making a new alter ego 🙁 i need solutions because it's blocking out the present

  41. Thats very interesting, because I somehow have these memory fallouts. Like, the next day I can't even remember how I got home, but I was fully aware of going home IN THAT MOMENT. It really just kicks in once I get home or wake up.

  42. What if your daydreaming is prophetic and you HAVE to imagine the future because it doesn’t exists in this parallel universe yet. History in the making. Will I ever stop thinking about the future?

  43. Just like to point out that MDD and DID are not the same. DID is formed as a child around the ages of 6-10 who was subjected to severe trauma. The DID is caused because the personality of the child fragments and becomes different alters, who are very real people. So a hundred different people can be living in one body. They can have different ages, gender, race, sexuality, everything about them is different except that they live in the same host. This is a life time disorder and is acknowledged as a diagnosable disorder.

    MDD is a non-diagnosable disorder and is not considered as an unofficial disorder. It very much is one though, but a doctor can’t tell you it’s what you have, it’s sort of a self diagnosing thing as most doctors label it as something else like schizophrenia. MDD is where the person has the ability to imagine and dream anything they desire. A person with MDD will spend hours and even weeks on the one thing they imagine, they tend to mutter, pace, laugh and cry whilst day dreaming. A person with MDD knows the difference between reality and their false reality, the person is never confused by which one is which. This is the reason MDD is not like schizophrenia. MDD can be caused by trauma or it can just happen to people. Sometimes an MDD episode can be really bad and last for weeks, this essentially means it takes up most of their time. Or it goes into a dry spell where it’s not always as draining.

    As someone with MDD, I found that focusing on my life and setting goals helps stem my episodes of daydreaming, anxiety, stress and depression make it much worse.

  44. DID is not imagining different lives, its switching between alters, personalities who have different characteristics, needs, desires, hobbies, etc. Its like 2 or more people living in the same body.

  45. Huh… I guess my therapist tricked me into stopping this. I didn’t want to get rid of my alter and I said it a lot. He assured me I could keep her and we were just talking about my stuff, not her. And now I’ve stopped daydreaming like I used to.

  46. I never knew I had this until I watched this video! As a child of about 6 years old, I would stare into space in my classroom and move my hands side to side as my arms were down. I would then make strange faces and sounds when I daydreamed. My teacher would see this and thought that I was having a seizure. I even had an EEG done with wires attached with glue to my head. I was not diagnosed with seizures. My doctor told my mother to ignore that teacher (this was in 1977). Later on in my life, I told my mom that it did look like I could have been having a seizure, as I work with students with disabilities who do have them at times. I was big with daydreaming as a child and now I notice that I daydream as an adult, especially when I’m driving and the traffic is heavy. I catch myself doing this at work once in a while and I quickly stop if someone is around. My usual daydreams are being able to be a gymnastics star, flipping over and over (which I cannot do at all). The other big daydream that I have is being able to be an amazing figure skater. I can skate, but not that well.

  47. I also suffer from mdd big-time from the loss of my daughter. I cycle through scenarios in my mind where I confront the people I feel are responsible only to come back to reality and not remember how I got there.

  48. I do spend a lot of time writing long rambling novels in my brain (and not on paper, though I do write short things on paper.)
    Oddly, my fantasy realms tend to be about apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic realms and similar things. I know there is wish fulfilment because of the sex, drugs, travel and adventure and sex that happen in these extended fantasies. But they are never about safe, secure home life. Rather the opposite. Perhaps it is because my adventures, travel, sex and drugs are the things in my youth that got me away from my home where the bad stuff was happening.

  49. Okay, but it seems a little more complicated than simply day dreaming because I do understand it has to do with that to some degree but when you split, you literally can be out of the body and someone else is doing the controlling!! I was sexually molested since my toddler days and I don't remember it at all!! I remember going up to the ceiling and watching my body being molested but it wasn't me!! I have gone out of my body multiple times since and I can always come back but I don't remember my childhood!! I was raped in my older days and my identies mostly come out when I party because I believe my adopted brothers had their friends at their parties when I was 8-9!! I just want to be able to remember and still be okay but I am scared to sometimes!! I know of some of the rape and Molestation but I don't know particulars and I have had a child one come out before!! I was very high pitched voice and scared my husband said!! He had to calm her down and make her feel safe and then I became an Exhibitionist!! I altered between the two all night, he said and he never saw me that bad before!! I don't remember any of it!! But in that mentality I recorded myself and if I didn't see it, I wouldn't even believe it!! I hope to get a therapist who understands Dissociative Identity Disorder soon and get deep into my subconscious mind and start on my journey towards healing!!! 💖

  50. Isn't this internal matrix syndrome? I just made that up, but, it seems to fit in the more extreme cases. We're ok in here. Don't know about you.😉😀

  51. Why can't you put your daydream into a novel or a movie scenario??? I can bet that many of the bestsellers or blockbusters were made of someone 's daydream… for example the lord of the rings of tolkien's …( actually this guy really had ptsd , after beeing on ww1 or2 )
    My daydream most resemble with the "young and restless " series, it starts when i was a kid and it s keep running; but i can.say mine is more interesting :D. I mean it's worth doing that, than watching soap movies. And i could still studied and working, while daydreaming but not with great results ( especially householding is a total disaster and a source of terrible distress) Unfortunately i couldn't struggled harder with my work because it was way too boring and anoying. I would never pay money on terapy for making me stop dreaming at something else while cleaning the carpets. That can"t be the ultimate goal of my life.

  52. I like to use my imagination, but the damn psychotronic people won't be happy until I squeak until I get more oil on my metal pieces. They're quite rude. Oh well, I'm just vulnerable. They'll accomplish nothing in the real world. XP

  53. The psychotronic people will get angrier and angrier at me with more punishments. I can't process them. I don't matter either way. Waste your time, right?

  54. I can't love or feel anything. I can't be punished because I have no emotion under my expressions. Keep coming. You will be defeated by yourselves.

  55. Not remembering how you got somewhere is not dissociating, that is a typical human lack of consciousness. You are not conscious in your ordinary state, but identified with thoughts and incoming impressions as they occur. You are not really there, ordinarily. You become what you see and experience rather than participate as a witness.

    When you have a rare heightened state of consciousness, you certainly remember every detail about the event – in extreme cases like car accidents time will seem to slow down.

  56. I had a boyfriend with DID, he refused medication or therapy because "he didn't want people to think he was crazy". Didn't matter that his other personality had violent tendencies and once threatened to hurt me

  57. Is it the same when you are caught up dreaming up scenarios for minutes on end? I taught myself to use it to be creative and to problem solve issues or build/make things.

  58. I think I have these tendencies. I imagine in different realities, with not only myself, but people I've seen in TV, or in my actual life. I give them their own stories, and they play out. Sometimes I even create my own people. The reason I think that I don't have this particular disorder, is because I don't spend hours and hours dwelling into them. I do it casually, or when I'm bored. It doesn't nessacerily help me for anything, I simply do for fun. It doesn't affect my everyday life I am still able to complete my everyday tasks unlike some other comments I've read. Can anyone tell me what this is I have then?

  59. I used to dream of my ideal self in my ideal world all the time throughout my day and I could dip in and out whenever I want creating vivid worlds with ease that I could escape to but it started to get more and more difficult to do this after I turned 25. I’m now 29 years old and have such a hard time going back to these worlds I guess it’s maturity taking over but damn I miss my escape…

  60. Please tell me how to cure Maladaptive daydreaming disorder .. it has ruined my life … I m suffering this since childhood.. now i am 25 .. please tell me..

  61. I am 16, I have anxiety and I often feel guilty and I also feel worthless (probably because of my grades..) I daydream practically all day.. I believe it is this condition.. After struggling 2 years and asking myself why I feel this way I finally asked my parents to take me to psychiatrist(which was hard because, i am from a 3rd world country where people think only mad people go to psychiatrists..) I have only talked about my anxieties to my parents and they don't know about maladaptive daydreaming…I am scared..

  62. I don't zone out…my attention span is actually very good because I am so interactive in my brain…I daydream intentionally.

  63. I’d say the only down side to my MDD is being emotional drained from putting my character in a stressful situation I made up. I suddenly get the idea to change the easy lives of my family’s into a tragic death or shameful actions, I unfortunately “act out” the parts in real time. Lots of smiling, giggling to myself, responding out loud, and even crying! So I’m locked in my house for a few days until imagination alters and my emotions calm enough to not make me tic like a nut in the middle of the store. Lmao

  64. I live alone were I’m free to fall endlessly into my universe. A curse and a blessing. I’m aware and in control enough to know when enough is enough and I need to get out of my home and interact with life, be in the moment without thinking , make real memories. I’ve been aware of my hyper imagination since I was 7, it fuels my eccentricity, and my love to learn and experience. I do fear marriage, kids. Etc. I fear being judged but don’t want to be let alone forever so I’m working hard to tame the urge more.

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