Makeup & Beauty Tips : Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Hey, my name is Chelsea Bagozzi with
and we’re here today talking about beauty and make up tips. Right now we’re going to
talk a little bit about how to choose the right color of eye shadow for your eye color.
A good rule of thumb is to remember your color wheel and to choose the complimentary color
of your eye color. So if you have blue eyes, the complimentary color of blue is orange.
That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear an orange eye shadow. But it does help
to wear warm colors that, and warm, a good way to remember warm colors are they, the
warm colors are colors that come from the sun. So you’ve got you know, your reds, oranges,
yellows, all of those warm colors. But again, it doesn’t mean you have to wear orange and
yellow on your eyes to bring out your blue eyes. You can wear golds, you can wear bronzes,
you can wear warm browns, any color like that works. Just make sure that you are choosing
colors that are warm. And those are just a rule of thumb, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear
other colors. Another way to bring out blue eyes is to wear blue eyeshadow and you can
wear, you know, a nice soft blue, it doesn’t have to be 80’s blue. You can choose, there
are so many different blues out there, you can choose a metallic blue or a silver blue.
There’s so many different color of blues that you can choose that can enhance the color
of your eyes.


  1. alright. she said i can wear warm tones like red and yellow but i can also wear blue…. i'd say that means that i can wear any color i want = not helpful at all LOL

  2. Okay, I agree this video sucked really bad, but I have blue eyes and I dont wear orages, but i do wear like golden browns, or mocha colors, stuff like that, it really does bring out the blue

  3. yea my eyes change color to! They change from Blue to grey to blue- green to green with a lil bit of yellow in it! My grandmother had grey eyes! But i wear alot of different colors and they bring out my eyes!

  4. Nice tips, i have got blue eyes with little bit of grey and round my pupil i've got light green. But color of my eye are changing, when i'm outside they are light blue, and when i'm inside the are dark blue, also it change becouse of my humor. Little bit weird, huh? 😀

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