MAKE YOUR VALK 3 AMAZING! [Setup, Lube & Tension] Tutorial



  1. Thank you for 8000 Subscribers 😀 Its still amazes me how a good for nothing person like me, with just a camera and subpar quality, came so far. Its all because of the love and support that you have given me, that motivates me to keep on making more videos, ignoring my bad gear. Thank you so much for this <3

    PS: Giveaway winner's announcement is the next video 🙂 My apologies for the delay :'(

  2. If I was using dnm-37 Instead
    of Maru/z lube , would I still apply 4 drops in total or just 2 1 on each side

  3. Q: Have you used Cubelelo Hurricane lube? It's supposed to be the "lightest and fastest" but my Gans air still feels a bit sluggish with it.
    I need a lube that can make the cube as smooth as possible. (For some reason that's the only type my fingers can handle, everything else locks up).

    Should I lube my Valk 3 with hurricane? At the moment it's getting a bit slow, at least compared to the new GTS 2 I bought last week.

  4. The best lubing tutorial I have ever seen on YouTube till now.keep it up. I also want u to release a video on how u got into cubing and what improved your skills.

  5. Dude, you're awesome, My valk was super slow until I found this tutorial! It is now buttery smooth and fast! Thanks and have a great day! THANKS FOR HELPING ME ALSO

  6. I CANT GET THE LAST EDGE IN!!!!!!! everytime i reasemble a cube… i still havent gotten it in… IT JUST WONT GO IN!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. just got the valk 3! it's amazing out of the box,but its too fast for me. amazing video! I might set it up one day!

  8. The cube is performing better but I have one major problem: how do I get the lube off of my hands and the cube surface?

  9. My cube after the two rust turns pops a lot and it’s still not loose enough I don’t have any sort of lube but I have foosball lube (foosball is the mini soccer table thingy the lube is used for the rods) should I use that lube?

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