Lumify Eye Drops – Coupon Info, Side Effects, Cost, Reviews, Dosage

so is Lumify the right drop for you so
that’s the question we’re going to be answering for you in this dry eye
episode I am Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and let us know where you’re joining us from in the comments below and then if you find this video valuable share it with your friends so they can know if Lumify is right for them as well so let’s jump right into the Lumify eye drop and what
it is okay so a lot of you have probably heard us talk about Visine and Clear
Eyes and all of those redness reliever items that you should stay away from we
absolutely want you to stay away from those but there is a new redness
reliever drop on the market it’s called luma Phi and what it is is
brahmana diene and basically pramana diene is actually a glaucoma dropper
it’s used been used for years in glaucoma so
that’s kind of an interesting thing but it is the newest redness reliever on the
market Bausch and Lomb released it this year
it’s an over-the-counter medication and it’s really meant to relieve redness
just for minor eye irritations and it leaves your eyes whiter brighter you
know it doesn’t use any bleach or dyes or anything like that
so this Vermont Adeem that does treat glaucoma so it lowers your eye pressure
it was actually found that it was leaving people with whiter eyes or less
redness in their eyes and so that’s how they figured out that it might be a
great drop to you know put on the market so it does contain luma PHY contains a
small concentration of this medication and that is enough to you know get rid
of redness and most people so in studies that were done
looma PHY demonstrated improvement in ninety-five percent of people within one
minute so we put the drop in within one minute that redness is going to be
relieved however you know we talk all the time about how we’re not big
proponents of eye drops and this one is no different especially this one because
it still does contain preservatives it contains benzalkonium chloride or bak
and preservatives can really irritate the
eyes of dry eye sufferers some people are just more sensitive to preservatives
than others so that’s something to be aware of with this drop so luma Phi does
selectively target this redness without any of the side effects that come along
with Visine and clear eyes and the main side effect that we’re talking about is
rebound redness now rebound redness means that the more that you use the
drop the red or your eyes can become basically because you’re just covering
up the problem you’re not doing anything to fix it but luma Phi you know hasn’t
really been shown to have this rebound redness effect so you can use it you
know once a day or whatever and you’ll be fine your eyes aren’t going to be
more red but that’s what we recommend is using it still only sparingly like we
would Visine or clear eyes or something like that special occasions special
occasions only you know weddings big meetings things
like that no more absolutely no more than once a day
luma Phi does say that it is safe for use four times a day but you should not
need it four times a day nor do we want you to be using it four times a day
because of those preservatives and you know just a last thing to kind of note
in this portion talking about luma Phi is that it kind of makes us eye doctors
nervous in a way because red eyes can be caused by so many different things
of course dryness can cause red eyes but so can corneal ulcers and abrasions and
viral infections on your eyes and contact lens over wear and things like
that that you need to get looked at by your eye doctor the number one tip here
is to always have a red eye checked out by your eye doctor before you start
medicating it with anything basically yep 100% agree so one of the questions
we always get asked with any kind of drop is what kind of coupon information
is out there and with this being a new release and with it being
over-the-counter there’s always coupons available we did put a description in
the link to a blog post rewrote so all these links will be in there but get
coupons from hip to save com coupon mom calm usually has a website or excuse me
they have say they usually have a coupon on there
and also the luma fight site which is through Bausch and Lomb they’ll also
have coupons usually there and you can also get them from your eye doctor so
you Ness them about them but again you don’t need you don’t need to get a
coupon necessarily just because the costs in the price of the bottle tends
to be anywhere from ten to twelve dollars for the smaller size all the way
up to eighteen to twenty dollars for the larger 7 point 5 ml size the 2.5 ml if
you used it once a day is gonna last you a very long time
yeah and it’s probably in a loss last month and so those are both pretty
sufficient bottles they’re pretty big so let’s go into luma fight side effects
and so the the company states that there is no rebound redness I’m still a little
skeptical about this because it’s you’re still constricting blood vessels that
could rebound again but studies show that they didn’t cause that some but I
can’t talk anymore so some other illumise buy side effects that the
company noted is itchiness of the eyes foreign body sensation or scratchy
feeling in the eye tearing and pain which is pretty common with any drop and
anything you put in or on around the eyes these are always temporary side
effects and if they last more than a couple days then you should probably get
them checked out but again if your eyes are inflamed due to dry eye or due to
anything then they’re gonna be there anything’s gonna sting even our hydrated
and lash cleanser is gonna sting your eyes so just know that if your eyes are
inflamed it will cause burning mm-hmm yeah so you know other questions we’ve
gotten you know what are the alternatives to luma fire is there a
generic for luma fie well luma fie is so new that there’s no
generic for luma fie and there probably won’t be for you know a couple years at
least and then you know alternatives to limit I you know if you’re suffering
from red eyes you really need to figure out checking with your doctor you know
figure out what’s causing the redness in the first place you know is it dry eyes
or is it that you’re over wearing your contact lenses or is it some other
reason you really want to get that figured out first because every red eye
is not treated the same you know red eyes are treated completely differently
in everybody so there’s no generic you know get that
read I figured out a couple tips for you first of all you need to make sure
you’re drinking enough water throughout the day so hydration is so important
your eyes are gonna look red and you’re gonna look tired if you’re not hydrating
your body and that means drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of
water a day so if you’re 150 pounds that’s 75 ounces of water spread out
throughout your day next you need to look at your diet so get rid of all the
processed junk that you’re eating you know things in boxes and switch to a
more plant-based diet you know eat things that look like how they were
picked eat an apple or carrots or you know things like that avocado avocados
you know you want to eat healthy fats also so avocados and coconut oil and
flaxseed and you know omega threes and stuff like that those are all wonderful
for your eyes and wonderful for redness and the last big one is really eyelid
hygiene so what I mean by that is cleaning your eyelids and your eyelashes
twice a day just like you brush your teeth twice a day or at least you should
so a lot of this is really gonna you know you can use our hydrate lid and
lash cleanser for this that’s used twice a day but you want to make sure that
you’re keeping your eyelids clean and your eyelashes clean because when those
aren’t clean and free of you know all the extra bacteria that’s on them then
that’s going to get into your eyes it’s gonna irritate them and you’re gonna end
up with red irritated eyes so if you can handle that then you’ll be much better
off than you know if you just try to use a redness reliever eye drops and the big
thing to remember with this conversation is that red eyes are a symptom of a
greater problem and so going back to what we just said you need to figure out
the root cause of the redness looma fight is not going to fix that it’s just
gonna get rid of the red eye so use illumise to summarize use luma PHY only
for special occasions when you need to get rid of the redness either for a
social event to feel more confident either for a special occasion like a
wedding or like work if you have a big meeting so you don’t look stoned or
drunk or hungover and so just do something like that use it only for that
and you’re not going to cause any harm using it once twice a day but don’t
become reliant on it and don’t use it if you don’t have to all right so if you’re
just joining us let us know where you’re joining us from in the comments below we
just discussed luma Phii drops our take on it some coupon information side
effects costs and how to dose it and if you should use it or not which is a no
only needed type of ebb answer so you can go back to the beginning of this or
you can click the link in the description that goes over everything we
just went over and we’re gonna add the video that to that link eventually as
well yeah and so let’s jump over to live questions so let us know where you’re
joining us from and who we’re using a new system today and I don’t know how to
use it so this is gonna be fun if you go to the actual one yeah that’s safe we
appeared out here yeah you answer that one
alright has anyone had a problem with elevated blood pressure while using
wrists ASIS as far as I know this is not something that you really should need to
worry about with rhesus you know of course there may be systemic side
effects and things like that but elevated blood pressure isn’t something
that I know as a as a side effect averse ASIS right no it is probably something
else that you’re either taking or doing that’s causing that elevated blood
pressure all right so we got Sonya from Falls Church Virginia Brenda how are you
doing from Mississippi Sharon from Sebring Florida all right Tammy asks do
you think upper flow control plugs could cause blepharospasm um I would say it’s
possible because you know you’re putting something foreign into you know those
puncta so that could irritate and you know sometimes you know it could cause I
don’t know if I’d say blepharospasm because blepharospasm is like where your
eyes just want to really squeeze shut like that all the time
I would say more of an eyelid twitch probably it’s more likely that they
would cause something like that but I don’t know I might look into something
different that could be causing it yeah definitely
all right so if you have questions for us put them in the comments below that’s
what we’re here for to answer your questions live here on air and if you go
back to the being of the episode we went over luma Phi also if you found the
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and if you join us before put it too and I’m gonna say hello all right next
question Lynn s can contact dermatitis around your eyes make your dry eyes
worse and that’s a definite yes yeah and so ooh and so with contact
dermatitis you’re affecting the eyelid hygiene and because your eyelids are not
completely healthy that’s gonna cause problems with your eye secreting the oil
gland or the modem and also just having that rough and surface it’s just gonna
cause more problems as well and so contact dermatitis definitely is
something you want to get under control because it is gonna work your eye eye
and there’s obviously something going on there that’s causing the inflammation on
your eyelids which is probably happening to your eyes as well yeah so contact
dermatitis is usually due to something that you’re using like a lotion or face
wash or you know even an eye drop or something like that it’s usually due to
a product that you’re using even a you know clothing detergent or whatever
laundry detergent so really take a look at if you’re not already aware of what’s
causing it you know really take a look at those things in your life that you
might have changed recently all right Nancy says hello Carol says hi from
Lincoln Nebraska Nancy says Northport Alaska that’s fun all right Sara says hi
guys I’ve been using your spray and soap and I’m curious how you guys come up
with ideas for your products I just think it’s so cool any new products in
the works maybe wipes like clear decks Sara great
question I’ll start the first one how do we come up with our
ideas for our products you and plain and simple so we created the dry eye
syndrome support community if you’re not part of that just type in dry eye
syndrome support community that’s our group it’s free to join it’s just a
little more private so you can ask us more questions and tag us in there
we tend more responsive in that group than we are on this page you because
this page is a lot bigger the group’s got about six thousand this page has
about eighteen thousand and then we have a paid community as well which is only
about a hundred people and that one is just a lot more private even still but
to go back to your question so ideas for products come 100% from that group and
when you guys bring us something we look to make it better and that’s the whole
goal of that group it’s not the whole goal of the group but it’s whenever you
guys bring us a product idea you guys say I’m having a challenge with X Y but
can you guys think of something better and then we start talking to people that
can make it for us and then that’s how we come up with our products that’s how
we make them that’s how we’ve made almost every part we’ve had we’ve had
some bad ones but we’ve had some really good products our hydrate little ash
cleanser you can go to free hydrate calm and you can pick that up there for free
just pay shipping but little plug commercial there mm-hmm but with the
hydrate lid and lash cleanser that is one of our best products that we’ve ever
come out with and it was just a way to try to improve upon what’s already on
the market example being a vanilla is a great prescription medication we were
using it in our office but there was no over-the-counter option that was a
little less expensive hence hydrate was born our tea tree soap
was I have dandruff and eczema really bad on my skin I started using this soap
it worked really well and so I wanted to bring it to you guys and we added tea
tree oil to it to help with demodex mites and so that’s where that came
about our masks our first two versions of our masks were completely terrible
our third version I think we’ve hit spot on yeah there’s still some deficiency in
it but it’s probably our best mess that we’ve ever come out with and I’m very
proud of that one first – not so much so we’ve had a lot of problems with those
and then our omegas were just we wanted what omega-3s we were taking we want to
know where they came from and if they came from a sustainable source
if they were triglyceride base we just wanted to control that process so we
made those better so yeah that’s how we come up with the ideas is from you you
bring us ideas and then we try to make them better yeah and then any new
products in the work yes so in the next two to three weeks if
you’re not on our email list make sure you get on it just go to our website go
to dry eye committee comm put your email in there you’ll get our free dry eye
book and then you’ll also get on our email list because whenever we launch a
new product we give you the first one for free and so we’re coming out with an
eye makeup remover that is more moisturizing and so it’s going to be
grapeseed oil it’s organic grapeseed oil organic
jojoba oil vitamin E vitamin E in tea tree oil and then we’re getting ready to
release a lutein and zeaxanthin and the reason we’re coming out with that is
because we have one out now but it’s also got a lot more things in it so it’s
a little bit on the higher price range yes so the lutein or the ocular health
formula that we have out now is specifically geared for people that have
macular degeneration and it’s you know the formula is made for people that have
that already and so people that don’t though and just want to extra protection
for their eyes this lutein and zeaxanthin that we’re coming out with
soon is you know really just going to be a way for you guys to protect your eyes
more and it’s you know not necessarily for people that already have macular
degeneration and you’ll learn all about lutein and zeaxanthin once we release
that we’ll do a couple videos on it so we’ll teach you guys a lot more about it
but those are essentially carotenoids that just pretty much scrub your body of
free radicals and they tend to focus themselves in the macula area and then
wipes like clear decks yes so those we’ve had those in the research
pipeline for about six months it’s very challenging to put a
hypochlorous acid cleanser on a wipe and in there’s a reason why like Aki soft
lid scrubs have a lot of ingredients in it it becomes more stable in there with
all those ingredients in surfactants so we’re trying to make it still that pure
hypochlorous acid but in a white form and a single-use packet that has been in
the works for about six months so you thanks for the question alright Nancy
says hi from me and Arbour if you’re just joining me know I was who she’s a
Michigan Panama hi see if you’re just joining us we went over luma Phi at the
beating of episode if you enjoyed that share it with your friends also let us
know where you’re joining us from down below if it’s your first time with us
put a 1 if it’s multiple times or you’ve been with us more than once put it two
in the chat box and then if you have any questions let us know all right hey look
I said hello alright so Brenda says I use eye drops
for dry ice my eyes get really red from the shower there could be a couple
things I mean if you’re you know if you get water in your eyes sometimes that
can actually make your eyes more dry and more red just because first of all water
can have you know bacteria and stuff like that in it but it’s also when you
get water in your eyes you wash out all of those good tears you know and tears
are made of other things water they’re more lubricating you know and they keep
your eyes just you know easier to see through less red all of that more
comfortable and water is just you know it’s not comfortable to get in your eyes
truthfully so that’s probably just what’s causing it and I’d also analyze
what you use and so like shampoos conditioners look at how many chemicals
are in those I actually use our tea tree oil soap for my whole body my hair in my
face in my body it’s five ingredients I know what’s in it I know where it’s made
and there’s just not all those chemicals that are in like shampoos and
conditioners so sometimes those can cause irritations especially because
you’re mixing so many alright Nancy says hi from Northport Alabama and she’s
using her stasis Sonia says I recently tried side rrah
one night I put the drops in before bed the next day I had the bitter taste in
the back of my throat for 15 hours 16 plus hours made me sick and really upset
my stomach is this common I even follow the tips to minimize the dripping into
my sinuses and throat yeah I mean that tastes in the back of your throat you
know unfortunately is very common for some people it can last longer than
for others you know some things that you can do I know you’ve probably heard them
before but you put the eyedrops in and you close your eyes just kind of squeeze
right here to kind of close up those puncta those little drainage canals and
that can kind of help a few other things that you can do put it in and then drink
your green smoothie in the morning or you know a glass of water or something
like that smoothie is going to work a little bit better but that can kind of
you know wash things out basically because your eyes your nose your sinuses
your mouth it’s all connected so that’s why you end up tasting it and Brenda
wanted to pass along that she puts her eyedrops in the fridge and it feels
really good to her dry eye so she just wanted us to pass that on yeah and
that’s a very good tip to put them in the fridge because it has that cooling
sensation to it do blepharitis and my booming and go hand in hand can you have
one without the other thanks so much for all the information and products that
are great and that was Gina asked that so this is a great question and it’s
kind of a it’s it’s a yes they go hand in hand and no they don’t
so meibomian gland is function well yes they go hand in hand but you don’t have
to have one so my Bowman gland dysfunction is what’s
also called posterior blepharitis which is just kind of an inflammation of the
back of the eyelid and it’s where your myelin glands are and so that’s kind of
how they go hand-in-hand but then there’s interior blepharitis which is
typically what we call blepharitis and so blepharitis on the interior side is
usually caused from oil called seborrheic blepharitis
or it’s caused from bacteria which is staphylococcal blepharitis but either
way if you have blepharitis on my bombing glands function we’re kind of
treating it the same way we’re just getting those eyelids back into shape
using warm compresses using eyelid hygiene like a hypochlorous acid cleaner
and then just pretty much maintaining a better diet better nutrition and more
water and so yes they are different but yes they are the same and we’re going to
treat them the same same way as well all right Carol’s been
with us a couple times it’s great okay
I’m usually bone-dry I guess in my eyes are usually bone-dry my eyes are pouring
out tears no nasal allergy symptoms leaves crispy try trails on face does it
sound like infection and do I add moisture ops even though there are so
many tears I can barely see and so Karen I’m gonna post an article to this yeah
and it’s an article that I wrote we wrote a couple of months ago it’s called
a pepero why are my eyes watering so much and it’s very common it’s gonna
sound crazy but when you have watery eyes
it’s the telltale sign that you have dry eye especially if your eyes are bone-dry
like you said so there are a couple reasons that your eyes can water and
watery eyes is called a piff era in optometry speak and there are a couple
reasons you know one of them is my bohmian gland dysfunction and that just
means that your eyelids are not producing the correct amount and the
correct type of oils for your tears and so when you know you’re my booming
glands aren’t working correctly and you’re you don’t have the correct
you know composition of tears on your eyes then those tears are gonna want to
fall off of your eyes so that’s one reason another reason can be that when
your eyes are so dry your you know your lacrimal glands which make the tears for
your eyes just decide that they need to over produce because there are no tears
there and so they just try to produce more and more and more but they’re
producing the wrong type that you need and that’s why they continue to fall off
your eyes so he’s gonna post this article that you can read it goes into
much more depth about it and some other things that you can do okay so Sharon
says I’m doing everything that that you guys recommend which is the omega-3 the
lid and lash cleanser tea tree soap warm compresses drinks a lot of water but I
still wake up three times a night with both eyes stuck together so I keep I
wash in the bed with me to help with my eyes without them feeling like they’re
ripping open I have also tried zayed rub but didn’t feel like it worked what else
can help to stop the eyelids from sticking
and so yeah you’re doing a great job and so the one thing I didn’t see you
mention in there is changing up your diet a little bit making sure that your
diet is healthy and more of an anti-inflammatory diet because just
remember that blepharitis dry eye those are all inflammation and so if you eat a
lot of things that cause inflammation it’s gonna make all that worse with that
being said you could also have something else going on like a recurrent recurrent
corneal erosion and that’s kind of that ripping feeling and if you had one you’d
know but that could also cause some of the problems that you’re having so it’s
always good to get checked out for that and possibly put you on like a steroid
drop and that’s gonna help reduce that inflammation as well anything to add to
it and I’ll post a almost an article to you as well all right perfect
well thanks for joining us if you found this episode valuable make sure you
share it with your friends or tag somebody that you might know and make
sure you like this video and let us know any more questions that you have in the
comments below also we talked about looma fly at the top of the hour so you
can click the link in the description up top and then we will see you guys next
week thanks H dr. Travis Ziggler CEO of I
love and I want to thank you for watching the video now I could ask you a
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  1. This drop causes rebound redness similar to naphosoline based redness relievers and dries the eyes because of preservative BAK in it.

  2. I totally believe everything the good doctors say about Lumify but my goodness the effects on my horrible red eyes and yellow sclera are miraculous!! The red veins in my eyes disappear and the whites of my eyes become really blue. Suddenly I have the beautiful eyes of my youth! I would definitely not use this product more than just for special occasions as it is so new and who knows the long term effects, but it's a godsend for special occasions to give me more confidence. I don't think I get rebound redness but it is hard to tell because my eyes are so red anyway! I do notice a very slight itchiness when I am wearing the Lumify drops but ditto because my dry eyes (diagnozed by my opthamologist) are itchy anyway.

  3. I’ve been using Visine about once a day/4-5 times a week for 4 years(maybe even longer) depending on the week because of my self conscious self at work. I have allergies and am at a computer all day.. my eye doctor said that I don’t have dry eyes so I’m certain its allergies. I take an allergy pill most days which helps me greatly with allergies and I used visine to tackle my eye redness (which was pretty stupid) ..I am truly a victim of rebound redness. I was wondering if I can use Lumify once per day for a little while until my eyes gain back the natural look and lose the rebound redness and then only use it for special occasions? I’m just cautious about buying Lumify because I don’t want it to be another rebound effect. Any recommendations would be great! Please respond !

  4. MY REVIEW: I have both dry eye and super red veiney eyes (one worse than the other) AND I also wear contacts because, ya know, vanity. First time using this I was absolutely floored by how amazing it was! My eyes were WHITER THAN WHITE! I have NEVER seen my eyes that clear. It lasts ALL day! I had ZERO irritation and felt majorly comfortable, which is unusual for my sensitive peepers. It was a miracle!!! HOWEVER, in the mornings on the day after using my eyes were waaay more bloodshot than I have ever seen them, I looked possessed. Full disclosure, I bought & used them in NYC and was partying pretty hard till the wee hours, but I was actually scared by the level of redness I saw…so I used them again straight away. Repeat this for a week, I was shocked every morning and therfore used every morning. Tt's really just a chicken and egg situation, but I can see how this stuff is super addictive. Unfortunately, I accidentally left the bottle behind in the hotel room and cannot get them anymore as I live outside and even Amazon won't send them to me (in Hong Kong). I miss them every day, so maybe it was a blessing disguise, as I surely would've have become insanely dependant on them.

  5. Can Lumify be dropped directly into your eyes while wearing contacts? If not, what is the shortest time before I can put contacts back in?

  6. I've got burning red eyes, I've also got amd and have had eye ingections. I'm living in Donegal, Ireland. Do you think it's an allergy. Carol Alcorn

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