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most of us are not blessed with
genetically amazing eyebrows whether the genetic lottery I know I sure wasn’t
look at mine they’re kind of thin I’ve got a big scar here from being busted
open got another scar here from being busted open I tend to not get myself in
those types of situations anymore but today we’re going to eyeb rao max
together we’re gonna go in the bathroom I’m gonna show you one simple little
trick you can do to looks max your eyebrows let’s begin max Ehrmann welcome back face Chum here the
Internet’s best friend we live in an interesting time more and more young men
are saying that they’re having trouble attracting women to them they say that a
lot of the girls have high standards and that they don’t meet those standards if
you find yourself feeling like that there are a lot of different steps you
can take like using one of these for your eyebrows now I know what some of
you will be thinking but Xiamen that’s key they call it whatever you want to
call it and while you’re at it you can also maintain possession of your vCard
till you’re in your mid forties because you thought you had everything figured
out and you weren’t willing to take some steps to make yourself look a little
better you know the way that those girls took those steps that’s why you worship
them on Facebook and Instagram because they made themselves look good my
youtube channel is for winners if you’re a winner you should subscribe now let’s
get started making our eyebrows aesthetic so I like to start out by
using a little brush and just kind of brushing my eyebrows a little bit okay
you don’t want them to be clumped up or anything and this is just the first step
you can consider it cry mean your eyebrows then you’re gonna take your
little pencil here and extend it a little bit by the way these products
that I’m showing you I will link them down below in the comments as well as
the description they’re really cheap on Amazon so most importantly is to make
sure you don’t overdo this if you overdo it it’s gonna be obvious you’re gonna be
walking around looking like a freak and we don’t want that so for me since might
get really light right in here and of course I have that scar that’s my
primary point of focus now that I’ve brushed them out I’m just gonna kind of
fill it in just a little bit but not a lot right not too much same thing and I
stretch the skin to make it easier to fill in now it’s going to look a little
extreme at first but that’s what you use that’s what you use the other side for
which is the brush side that’s a boy statics and you sort of
brush it in a little bit I really have to clip some of my nails
that’ll be our next video I’ll show you how to make your nails super aesthetic
since I’m also a little light right there I’m gonna kind of fill that spot
in just a little bit then have to be a lot either just a little bit and then
you kind of brush it back in always make sure you’re brushing it in just really
light strokes and then you go back with the brush to fill it in again since I’m
really light right in there I just want to make that part look a little bit
better and brush it in and if you want you can put a little bit
of definition right here but you just don’t want to use too much because when
you do too much it’s gonna look super fake and that defeats the whole purpose
of trying to look better and if you have other spots where it’s a little bit
lighter and you just want to make it fuller we just want to make it look nice
and full if you already have really nice full
eyebrows and you might not even need to do this a little bit more and then I
think I’ll be done with this one that’s about good so as you can see this is
eyebrows a little bit filled in just a little bit it’s not a lot just a little
bit you don’t look in you don’t want to overdo it less is more
under these circumstances now I just have to fill that one in so far here’s
what we have now I’m gonna show you something that you don’t see many people
talking about I think I actually created this one so you take one of these color
palettes again I’ve got links to all this stuff down in the description and
again if you think it’s too gay for you to do this hold on to that v card and
hold on to it strong brother because when the 90% who look normal want to
compete with the 10% who look really good they have to take little steps to
do so and girls have got this on lock they’re all really good at doing this
guys aren’t because they’re afraid to don’t be afraid make yourself look
better if you want to so I’ve got this little palette here and I’m gonna take
some of the dark right some of the dark watch this I’m gonna blow your mind here
and just lightly putting it on the eyebrow just lightly just lightly applying it to the brow and
letting it hang on aesthetics look at the difference now you hear a lot about
that hunter look right you hear a lot about the hunter look the lowbrow
everybody wants a lowbrow a lot of us don’t naturally have low brows mine are
not naturally low but I can make them look a little bit lower by going back at
it a little bit with the pin stick with me now stick with me advanced techniques
here brother advanced techniques real real light and
not only will this make you look thicker and fuller but it makes the brow look a
little bit lower as well boom now I’m going to brush it in again you always
want to brush it in you never want to leave it looking fake always want to
brush it in always boom and that’s what we’re at so far so as
you can see it’s just small little changes small little change nothing
major but the difference between this brow and this brow is like night and day
now keep in mind brows by themselves are not going to do it for you brows alone
are not going to take you from a 2 to an 8 they’re just part of the overall and
we’ll be exploring more of the overall things we can all do to improve the way
we look and the way we feel about ourselves so if you want to learn more
about looks magazine make sure you subscribe now if you’re not already
eyebrows can make a huge difference in your overall aesthetics and your overall
looks Maxine don’t deny yourself that it wouldn’t be fair it would be somewhat of
a crime and injustice you can beat the best

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