Live PD: Follow My Finger (Season 2) | A&E

I’m just going to have
you step out real quick. I want to make sure you’re
all right to drive home. All right? I don’t want to step out
on the highway [inaudible] I’m out here, ma’am. All right, right. You’re going to go right back
here at the back of your car, OK?
– What am I going to do? Right back over here. Yes. Right there, turn and face me. No, I’m not doing
this, absolutely not. Ma’am, you most certainly are. No, I am not. Ma’am, stand over here. I am not. – Stand over here.
– Why are you– Because I’m telling you
to stand right over here. I am not doing this. – You are doing this.
– No, I am not. OK, either that, or I’m
going to go under my suspicion, and I’m going to arrest you. OK, so are you– OK, OK, I don’t [inaudible]. OK, that’s what I figured. Stand right over here. Face me. Turn around and face me. There you go. Put your feet together.
– Yeah. OK. See my finger right here? I want you to follow it
with your eyes and your eyes only, OK?
– Yeah. Just put your
hands by your side. No, leave– You’re making me so, like– Ma’am, leave
you head straight. See the tip of my finger? I want you to follow
that with your eyes, OK? Ma’am, you’ve got to
keep your head straight. I’m trying the best I can. But you’re, like, make– OK, try it again. What am I making you do? I don’t know. You want me to
follow your finger. – With your eyes.
– Yes. Leave your head straight. Like, you’re looking straight.
– OK. So you’re following
it with your eyes. All right, so I’m
staying and looking at you. Correct, but your
eyes are going to move with the tip of my finger, OK? I think. [laughter] No, you’ve got to
keep on following it. OK, you’re making this more
difficult than it has to be. OK, but, please– I need to make sure that
you’re OK to get home. I’m OK to drive. OK, I need to know that. OK. OK? All right, so I want to look
at the finger and follow– With your eyes and
your eyes only, OK? Mm-hmm. Ma’am, keep on
looking at my finger. I’m not telling you to stop. You’ve got to follow it and
keep on following my finger. OK. Kind of like an eye
test at the doctor’s. You’re making me so nervous. OK, I don’t know why
I’m making you nervous. I don’t know, because
I’ve never done this. OK, that’s why I’m
explaining it to you, OK? I don’t know. So I have to follow it. You’re going to
follow my finger. Yes. All right, help me out, buddy. I don’t know what– I am helping you out. Keep on following
the tip of my finger. Don’t look away from the
tip of my finger, OK? Did I do it? No, what you’re
doing is making me think that you don’t
want to do the test so you get out of
not doing the test. So that’s making
me think you’re not complying with field sobriety. So here’s the thing. When you sign for your license– Yes. –it’s implied consent
that you will do this if you are under
suspicion of driving while under the influence. – OK, OK.
– OK? Yes. Am I my clear enough? – Yes, yes, yes.
– OK. I’m trying to–
I’m just– So just follow it with your
eyes and keep on following it. You’re anticipating
what I’m doing, OK? I don’t know what– So I don’t know how
else to explain it. You have to keep on
following my finger because you’re going to leave
me no choice but to place you under arrest and take you
back to the police station and let you blow in
the Intoxilyzer, which is the machine at
the police station that measures alcohol
in your breath, OK? What I want to do is I want to
make sure you’re OK to drive home, and then I’ll let you go. But until I’m satisfied,
I can’t do that. OK, so if I can’t do it– You can do it. OK, so– I’ve done this
thousands of times. OK, OK, OK. And I have to keep
my head straight. You got to keep
your head straight, and you’re following
it with your eyes. – OK.
– And your eyes only. And I’m not moving
my head at all. You keep on following
it with your eyes. OK. How am I doing with that?
All right. – OK.
– All right. So here’s the thing. I’m going to ask
you not to talk. – OK.
– Concentrate on my finger. OK, I’m not going to tell
you how you’re doing. I’m going to expect you to
just follow my finger, OK? OK, I’m trying my best. No?
– No. I don’t know what else to do. OK. So here’s the thing. We’re going to do
this one more time. And then I’m going to
have somebody come up here with a preliminary
breath test machine and see how much alcohol
is in your system. Right now, I think,
in my opinion, is that there’s
something medically that she can’t walk
the straight line. I don’t think that it’s because
she’s impaired because I would see the signs of that. I just don’t feel comfortable
letting her drive out of here, and she’s willingly
getting a ride. There is– technically,
she can’t operate the motor vehicle safely. But I don’t feel like I had
enough probable cause to place her under arrest for driving
while impaired because I didn’t see any signs of it. Being a drug recognition expert,
I’ve done this for 12 years. I’m going to use
my better judgment and not arrest her and
get her the ride home.


  1. This officer was incredibly kind.
    I have MS. If I were to be pulled over, I doubt I could pass a field sobriety test just because of the motor skills involved. Heck I use a cane to climb bleachers at my grandchildren’s ball games!
    As a driver, I would ask for a breathalyzer or a blood test,
    But this post reminds me that I need a medic alert bracelet.
    He could have instantly made assumptions, and didn’t.

  2. "C'mon, help me out buddy " "I'm not sure exactly wha…so you want me to FOLLOW your finger with my EYES? " "Jeez. God. Wow. This is tough buddy"

    Just take her in officer. She's obviously too stupid to move her eyes.

  3. Cop: "ok ma'am, I'm going to stick my purple headed-yogurt slinger into your mouth. You just need to hum for a few minutes while I….Mmmm yeah…ooops! No teeth now ma'am. Ok ma'am, let's try this again. Now open up and….mmmm yea…DAMNIT I SAID NO TEETH LADY. ok now we're gonna try this again. Just say Aaaaah, and remember, NO TEETH! ok here we go just remember not to use those chompers… OUCH DAMNIT LADY! How many friggin times do I…"

  4. That cop is doing It wrong that is not how it is to all you do not go that far out.. people's eyes do not go 90 degrees to the left or right..

  5. He forgot to say just one thing that might’ve made her understand a little better instead of stopping after a second lol
    Do not stop following my finger unless I say so

  6. she stubborn plain and simple!! she kept saying no im not doing this at the beginning and when he made her she turned into teenage little girl mode!! i cant…. i dont under stand….. boo hoo….

  7. This is how law enforcement handled suspected DUI in the 60's 70's and most of the 80's. How old is this vid? Is it from an alternate universe?

  8. I got pulled over one time (Only once so far thank goodness haha) and the officer seemed convinced I was drunk (I was stone cold sober, had 1 beer like 3 hours prior. But I understand why he was suspicious because I was nervous and stuttering, first time being pulled over, was in my brother in law's car). He did the same thing where he brought me out behind the car and did the finger test. I didn't give any attitude, just did exactly what he told me. Moved his finger around for like 5 seconds and said "Whatever, have a nice night". They can usually tell very quickly even by how you respond to their commands. It's interesting to see them do the same thing to other people and immediately understand why he was able to determine my soberness so quickly!

  9. if she didnt show sugns, why did he pull her over?, besides that he has the patience of a god. ohhh she was so annoying, and stupid!

  10. I thought the whole point of the finger test was that if they couldn't follow the finger without turning their head, they were too drunk to drive.

  11. She just got low IQ I think.. "DO I FOLLOW THE FINGER? b-but i cant even see my eyes when i try to move my head i cannot even .. what"

  12. If she can't do something as simple as this then she shouldn't be driving at all. How did she even get a license? "Ma'am you need to stop at the stop sign." Lady: "So I can't be moving when I stop? I have to stop? I don't understand?"

  13. Shoot her in the kneecap for God's sake. Then plant some coke & a Glock on her. Like we used to do. These new cops…

  14. I think he knew she wasn’t impaired but since the cameras are on he thought he had to follow through with it… so he was trying to get her to do the test right so he didn’t have to arrest her for no reason 😂

  15. Honestly, this fool was swingin his finger across her face like a martial artist! It's supposed to be a lot slower than that…real talk

  16. Next time police officer say ‘“ do not move the head and follow the finger only by eyes”. These are words of a simple sentence.

  17. This is funny becouse if a police cop was queuirling with me trying to get a reaction about following his finger I'd say police cop I hope it hurts your pinky then I'd know this police cops sincere about how tight he is about the situbantation

  18. this cop was cool. once you have to explan the test 10 times,its already failed…is this lady for real????she understands english but shes so messed up

  19. This officer is going WAY To FAST with his finger. My opinion, he needs to get retrained on how to properly conduct a field sobriety tests.

  20. This test is admissible in court. I've done this test a couple of times. I have a lazy eye, and after passing the other tests, (leg stand, walk the line, finger count test, ABC's) they still brought me in. I pass the breath test and go home after my car is towed and wastes hours of my time and money. The stygmus test is a sham.

  21. The finger test was not implemented even close to properly. You are looking for smooth pursuit as you slowly move your finger. When impaired, the eye will not have smooth pursuit

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