Lino Linares, DO – What are the different types of bipolar disorder?

First two types
of bipolar disorder. There’s bipolar disorder type
one, bipolar disorder type two. To have bipolar
disorder type one, you would have to have a major
depressive episode, which is a two week period
of very intense, debilitating depression,
minimum of two weeks. You also have to
have a manic episode. Now, a manic episode is
characterized by a five day period of decreased
need for sleep, which is different than decreased sleep. You actually have
increased energy. You feel like you
may not need sleep. Flight of ideas. Grandiosity. Delusional behaviors. Unfortunately, a
lot of people think bipolar disorder is mood
swings throughout the day. And that’s not the case. You really need to have that
five day period, at least, of a manic episode. With bipolar disorder type two,
you will have major depressive episodes but your manic episodes
are far less severe, usually lasting four days or less. But definitely not
throughout the day cycling. That’s really not consistent. That type of
affective instability is not really consistent
with bipolar disorder.

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