so I don’t know maybe she can’t see
we’re not sure Lily do you need glasses hey y’all welcome back to you living Lone
Star thanks so much for joining us and hanging out with us make sure you hit
that subscribe button if you’re new so that way you can watch all of our videos
um but today is Lily’s eye appointment so when I took her to her annual checkup
they always do the eye portion where they test the eyes and Lily failed so I don’t
know maybe she can’t see we’re not sure so we’re at the eye doctor so we can
check it out basically and the eye doctor is at the mall basically so she’s pretty
excited because it happens to be next to her favorite store clairs but we’re
gonna head in and do this eye appointment and see what we’re working
with are you how do you feel Lily are you excited me nervous you’re nervous
why have you ever been to the eye doctor before? Daddy took me one time when he had his eyes checked. yeah but you’ve never had yours
checked right? so wish us luck. And it’s just me and lily today. Because Gramma is here! So that means she has the boys. Liam is napping. And she promised Lincoln a bubble bath. So he’s excited. So it’s just me and lily! Girl time!! Yea!Girl Time! I. Am. A. robot. I did not like that. What did that thing do? It shot my eye! It shot your eye? With what? with air so she’s got her super cool glasses and
so she did all the tests we were there for an hour and a half they did all
kinds of stuff and she had to say all the letters and all the numbers and
everything and she did she did really good you spent your money
daddy has been sneaking her chore money you’ve been getting money for doing
chores yeah super cool okay so that was fun yeah so an hour and a half that we
spent doing that appointment it took forever and
they did all kinds of things they measured her eyes dilated her eyes they
said her eyes are healthy um and that she does..lily do you need
glasses? yeah she needs glasses so I got our prescription and we will be picking
out some glasses very soon but now it is super hot
the boys are awake they were napping while we were gone with Grandma and now
we gotta go do dinner you still got those glasses oh it’s the Girl
Scouts we bought some already do you need glasses? You need glasses?! we’re excited about that chore
for money yeah yeah those are the dilation
sunglasses yeah she’s nearsighted that she’s nearsighted and so what does that
mean? so she can’t see far yeah she can’t see far and she’s got an astigmatism said you’re gonna need the glasses all
right you’re gonna be fun yeah so surprising that she would need glasses
that’s not like me I didn’t need glasses until I was like 22 23 I didn’t need
glasses until I was like 18 and I refused to wear them until like five
months ago the reason mommy wears glasses is
because she didn’t wear them for the longest time all the time and I would
say where you glasses wear glasses and she would drive us around so basically
there was about a period of four years where I almost died over her glasses and
then we got her glasses and then after she got her glasses she didn’t wear them
for the longest time that’s not even true that’s true not true because he’ll also tell you that I never drive anywhere that he drives every wish so that’s how we know
that that’s not true that’s all so what what are you doing?brushing my teeth aggressive toothbrushing you getting into the swim bag?got your string
cheese what you doing Liam? brush em good Oh you’re making a mess grandma had all of our stuff packed for
tomorrow close your eyes. oh my goodness what is all of it oh it
is all of this hey guys oh man thanks so much for spending another day with us
it’s another long day coming to an end we’re what we usually do I usually end
the night hanging out with the kids in here and we sing and we pray and we kind
of hang out for a little bit and kind of goofy and then we get ready for bed what
we’re doing tonight yeah what a fun day Lily has to get glasses that’s so crazy
you know I said earlier you know I I had glasses but I didn’t need glasses until
I turned like 23 so I never thought that Lily wouldn’t need glasses so young but
that’s cool what kind of glasses do you think Lily should get comet what kind of
glasses do you think she should get leave us a comment down below and tell
us to give us some ideas I’m hoping she gets something kind of like pink or cute
oh like my glasses that’ll be fun the real answer to the question is is if you
want pink or you want like a dark color just get both yeah you could do that too
Lincoln had a good time hanging out with Grandma and taking a nap yeah all in all
a pretty fun and normal day here at our house guys this is kind of regular stuff
so we thank you so much for subscribing if you were new to the channel and you
haven’t yet subscribed click the subscribe button down below click it click the subscribe button do
it we have some exciting videos coming up
for you guys as we kind of edge your way a little further into summer so we’re so
excited for you guys to spend time with us and we look forward to making more
videos and we will see y’all very soon we hope y’all come back

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