Life From a Hedgehog’s Eyes

(upbeat guitar music) This is a hedgehog. This is what you see when you look at a hedgehog. And this is what a hedgehog sees. There’s a reason hedgehogs are so shy and it’s because they can’t see what’s going on. They have a hard time figuring out what is two inches in front of them, let alone what is around them entirely. For example, a pine cone to a hedgehog might look like another hedgehog. Or, it might look like something scary. When a hedgehog is scared of something it will raise it’s quills and hide it’s face. Hedgehogs are very easily startled by any noise or movement. (music) There are three main personality types to a hedgehog: There is the curious hedgehog that likes to explore everywhere, the observant hedgehog that likes to sit back and look around, and then there’s the timid hedgehog who’s scared of it’s own shadow. Since hedgehogs are nocturnal, hedgehogs like to burrow during the day. Which means they are constantly searching for a dark place to hide and sleep. (music) If hedgehogs aren’t looking for a place to sleep, they’re looking for food to eat. They’re constantly tasting things, smelling things, looking around, trying to figure out where their next meal is. Since hedgehogs are insectivores a very important part of their diet is insects. (music) It’s okay to take a hedgehog outside for a little bit, but just don’t do it for too long. First off, hedgehogs are nocturnal, so being in the sun too much can really hurt their eyes. Second off, hedgehogs already have really poor vision so they can’t tell what’s going on and it might stress them out a little. And that’s basically all that goes on in a hedgehog’s head. From exploring, to hiding, to finding places to sleep, and finding food hedgehogs obviously have a very hard life. (music)


  1. My hedgehog just miscarried 3 jelly looking fetus no bleeding she's young I got her from a pet shop.
    Will she die… She's eating drinking very well..

  2. I’m just like a hedgehog because i hate sunlight, I hide my face when I’m nervous and I only come out of my safe place for food or fun.🦔🦔🦔

    This is what 80% of the comments are. (But I am telling the truth here)

  3. I’m so excited! My mom bought a head chog for me but it’s not coming until Christmas! It’s a white headge chog with red eyes. He lost one eye due to a diesease. I don’t know what to name him. Good name ideas?

  4. I told my mom I wanted a hedgehog and she surprisedly agreed but than I told I would have to keep some insects in the fridge and she told me she’s getting the hedgehog it’s own fridge to but the insects on in my room

  5. Many peoples hedgehogs are shy. My Poke is only shy around new people. He lives in his cage at night and during the day he sleeps in my bed and in my shirt when I am around. Hedgehogs are only timid if owners don’t properly care for them.

  6. if they can't see more than 2 inches away then why don't they make tiny glasses for hedgehogs so they can see better XD

  7. Life from hedgehog’s eyes: why do humans keep exploiting me for money? It’s so confusing when they say they love animals and then they hurt me and have no respect for the fact I don’t want to live with humans. Why does this person whine all the time about her bad luck with me, when this is who I am? Why isn’t one pet enough for her anxiety and depression? Why am I never enough for her? … why do ppl get to blame exploitation on mental illness, when I’m a depressed hedgehog and I’ve never abused anyone? Mental illness doesn’t equal more excuse exploitation. And frankly I think my owner is just a narcissist wanting everyone to feel sorry for her while she makes so much cash off my unique hedgehoginess. Because I don’t know anyone with anxiety or depression who’s as egocentric as this.

  8. my hedgehog is the curious hedgehog, i’ve had her for 6 months and she is usually always calm and she always has a good grip of seeing things and people

  9. My hedgehog can be all three personalities at different times, but he's pretty grumpy most of the time lol

  10. Do hedgehogs have any particular reason to be nocturnal? can they see better at night or have other senses?

  11. Taylor, you are so inspiring! This video was published years ago. I remember always watching your videos and learning about animals. I remember laughing at how funny you are and seeing such a genuine and loving person on my screen! You are so brave! You have been bullied, have had physical pain and emotional pain throughout your life, have had an abusive ex, become and addict, and so much more. Yet you overcame everything! Jeez I have no idea what to say! You have such an inspiring story! Thank you, for being you! I love you Taylor.❤️

  12. Ahhhh. Taylor’s first video. ❤️ Oh how this channel has grown!!!! All the struggles she has gone though. 100,000% My fav YouTuber of all time!!!!!! ❤️ (Rip the cheese king May you chomp on infinite seaweed in a fishy heaven.)

  13. I need some advice. I just got my hedgehog two days ago. I don’t have a name for her yet. Anyways when I try and pick her up then she goes into a ball and her spikes go up. I want to be able to hold her. I did for about a minute. I did put treats in my hand and she came up to my hand to sniff it and didn’t take the treats. But I was wondering how I could get her to open up more and for her to come out so that I could hold her. Anyone have any suggestions??

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