Level Smart Glasses and Your Eye Doctor

(upbeat music) – As an optometrist, we’re
always looking to stay informed about what’s new in
technology and for 20 years, things have stayed pretty static. We’ve had incremental changes in a frame, incremental changes in a lenses, but nothing is like the
leap that we’re taking now with wearable technology. (upbeat music) iWear is an amazing
platform as a wearable. You’re already used to having it, it’s not an additional obtrusive thing that you’re adding to
your daily lifestyle. Level is, in my opinion,
the first practical entry into really advanced smart eyewear. So not only do you have a
beautiful pair of glasses that you’re gonna see well with. You know have something
that can add another layer of functionality into your life. It has the technology
built into the temple that integrates into an app on a phone that enables you to track
calories burned, steps taken, but in addition, you’re
also helping somebody through a charitable
component to see better and access eyecare that they
wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The most important thing to
remember about smart eyewear is getting that
comprehensive eye exam first. That’s where we learn
chronic health conditions, that’s how I get my patients
to perform at their peak. All of this centers back to
that comprehensive eye exam. I’m excited and I love technology, but what I love about Level
is just the simplicity and back to its core, I think
you have a really good looking pair of glasses. Utilizing a vision benefit will make this new technology
much more accessible, much more affordable. Not only are we gonna be able to make sure you’re seeing well, we’re gonna make sure
you’re staying healthy and you’re looking good. Everything’s gonna take
a big step forward.

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