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I grew up here, in Lincoln. After I finished high school, I moved down
to Los Angeles for a few years, maybe four or five years, and worked as a meat cutter. And then, I started taking classes at the
junior college, and I was in my first semester of classes. I took two classes: I took real estate, and
I took computers. So, I took this computer class and toward
the end of the class, the professor was talking about how research was making people who were blind see. Like they’d hook up a contact lens to their
eye, and they’d feed in digital impulses from a computer, and people who were virtually
blind could see geometrical shapes and things like that. And, something just clicked in my head where like: “wow, that’s so cool!” I want to do something like that. And, it wasn’t going to be eyes, but I just
thought: I want to do something where I could learn how to help people, maybe a paralyzed person walk or, I didn’t know. I just knew I wanted to do something like
that. I started taking biology and physiology classes and got more and more excited about how the body works and you know, all that stuff. I ended up going to Davis, and I was in my
junior year at Davis, and I still was considering research, so I started donating time to some of the professors that do research on campus, and it was like watching grass grow, and so I thought: Oh no, I’m not doing this. It’s just too boring. So, I didn’t know what I was going to do,
and I wore eyeglasses, and I had an appointment with my eye doctor, and I was telling him
this very story, and he said: “have you ever thought about doing this?” And, I kind of looked around and said: “no, but looks pretty cool.” And he said: “why don’t you come hang out with me for a couple days and see what you think?” So I did, and yeah, it was really cool. It was a really neat job, being able to help make people see. I wanted to do more medical side, so working under MDs, ophthalmologists, with assisting or doing pre and post-op cataracts and I really wanted to get into the LASIK. That was probably the main thing I wanted to learn. So I got really lucky and landed the job here at Griffin & Reed. It’s almost like an instant gratification
when someone comes in. They sit in the chair. They can’t see: “one or two?” “One or two?” — “Hey, I can see it!” — and they’re all
excited, and they leave a lot more happy than when they came in, so something about that just made me, it just struck a chord, that’s what I wanted to do.

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