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Yeah, I grew up in Des Moines, West Des
Moines, Iowa. Went to school at the University of Iowa, did undergrad, med
school, graduate school… I did what’s called a combined degree program. It’s an
MD-PhD program, where you do two years of med school, you go to grad school,
finish your PhD, and you come back to med school. And so for the longest time, I
assumed that I was going to do internal medicine—internal medicine with
infectious disease. When I went back to the clinics after grad school, I had two
years of med school left, and its clinical rotations. I did the rotations,
and I really kind of enjoyed the surgical aspect of it, and so I ended up
choosing ophthalmology. When I did the rotation, I found that the surgical aspect, it—there’s a, hmm, I don’t know the perfect way to put it, but a lot of people call
it that instant gratification. Cataract surgery, you know, the patients being able
to see the next day, that afternoon, that type of aspect of it. It’s true. It’s, it’s very rewarding in that way. And I found that even as a resident, you know, after
med school, doing residency, that was very true in that regard, that you do get
that instant feedback. Because the other surgical sub-specialties, you get that
recovery, but it’s over weeks and months. It’s not the wake up the next day or
that afternoon, and you’re like, “wow I can see! I couldn’t see before!”

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