Lauren: Waking Up with Crossed Eyes

(upbeat music) – Lauren is very dramatic,
she’s very fun-loving, she’s funny, she’s
very humorous. – I like to do crafts
and I like to paint and I like to go on YouTube. – Always finds something
positive out of every day. – She’s also just a very sweet,
caring person to talk to, and you get a sense
that she cares about what’s going
on around her. She’s a lot of fun. – She had been at school and
there were some other kids that were sick and
she had gotten sick. – I got all dizzy so
I went to the nurse and then, after that, the
nurse told me to lay down. I ended up falling asleep,
and I almost missed the bus. – She came down with your
typical symptoms of a cold, ya know, cough, sneeze, sore
throat, and had a fever. And then the following
morning she came downstairs and her eyes were
fixed toward her nose. – If I looked at my mom, I
would see that she had two faces with four eyeballs,
two noses, two mouths, and probably like 100 teeth. – She was extremely
scared, crying, ya know, what’s wrong with
me, why can’t I see right, why am I dizzy and
sick to my stomach. It stayed like that
for a number of hours and then it stopped and
then it would be just one, and the one eye would
just drift back and forth and back and forth, so that
was scary for all of us because nobody knew at that
point exactly what it was. – When I had to do one of
those timer reading tests, I would be like the slowest one and I’d only get past like
three sentences in a minute. It made me feel like I was
the only one in the world who had this sickness. – So I had taken
her up to the doctor after she had been
sick a couple of days. At first, he thought
it was seizure related, and then they ruled that out and he wanted her
to see a specialist. – When I first met Lauren
and heard her story, the most striking thing to me was that it was a
little atypical. I see a lot of children
with eyes that cross and eye misalignment, and at
her age, it’s a little less likely for it to just
come on all of a sudden. Because of that, and with
her being otherwise healthy but with some kind of vague
symptoms of some stomach bug, she had had a headache,
and with the double vision, I felt that that was enough
to warrant further workup rather than just chalk it up
as a childhood misalignment. Part of it may be because
she was so articulate and able to describe
her symptoms of double, but it was very clear
that this was not normal. And at her age I was
worried about her suppressing vision in one eye. The double vision was
actually a good thing. That meant that she
wanted to use both eyes, but if she started to
suppress vision in one eye, then it could become a
permanent form of vision loss. She’s a little bit older
for that to happen, but it was still possible. It’s also an important
time during her life when she’s developing
binocular, or three dimensional, vision, and with
the eyes crossing, if it became more frequent,
she could start to lose that potential permanently. – [Kristina] So,
they called and said, “We need to have her come in
and have the surgery done.” – On the day she told me
that we’re having surgery, that scared me a lot. – [Kristina] The day of
surgery, my husband and I and Lauren, we went in to the
Outpatient Surgery Center. – [Erin] The day of
surgery, the patients arrive at the Outpatient Surgery
Center and are greeted by one of the people
at the front desk who brings them back to
the preoperative area. There is a little play
area for children there, which, in my experience,
puts them at ease. There’s toys and anything that makes it feel
more normal for them. – I took my monkey, his diaper
bag with all his diapers, and then we walked in and
then I did all the paperwork and then, when they
asked if I had insurance, I got stuck on that and then
mom had to answer that one. – They made her feel special. It was kind of like
it was her day. – She seemed comfortable;
she seemed at ease. The nurses there are wonderful working with children,
I find, of all ages. And she didn’t seem
overly stressed to me. I was a little
worried because of her being kind of sensitive,
but I found that she did take charge
of the situation. She asked the questions,
very appropriate questions. In many ways, I think
she asked more pointed and appropriate questions
than a lot of adults. – [Kristina] It was really nice. – [Lauren] They made me
put on a special pair of pajama pants and, after that, I got only like five minutes
to go in the toy room. – [Kristina] We went from
her cubicle into the OR. – Lauren came into
the operating room. She was accompanied
by her mother. And so they were prepared that
she was going to have a mask over her face to help
put her to sleep. She had decorated it beforehand,
which she seemed to love, and she’s artistic and
it looked beautiful. – They said I can’t put any
stickers like right here or right here ’cause they’re
gonna hook up a tube, so I decorated these with like
heart stickers and flowers, different hearts,
and crayon stickers. And then they got me
my own heated blanket and it was so warm. – So, she had her mask
that she had decorated. Mom was right there by her side. Anesthesia spoke to her about
we’re gonna hold the mask. She did that no problem, and,
even though there’s a lot of people in the room
wearing blue garb, everyone kind of
introduced themselves and so she seemed pretty,
again, at ease at that time. She went to sleep no
problem and, at that point, mom was able to give
her a kiss on the cheek and left the room and
told her I’d talk to her right after the surgery. At that point,
anesthesia takes over as far as keeping
her safe, intubated, and ready for my part
of the procedure. – She wasn’t scared at all, and that was the
important thing. – It felt like I was
only asleep for a second, and then I woke up and
I was all like woozy. – As soon as she
said, “I have pain,” immediately she
got pain medicine and it was gone
almost immediately. It was just a great experience. – Lauren’s prognosis
is very good. Because we still
are a little unclear as to the underlying cause
of crossing in all kids, it’s hard to predict
long-term what to expect, but she had a great
outcome initially, she’s maintained
good straight eyes, she has that benefit of
good binocular vision to help keep her eyes straight, and everything else about
her eye exam is normal, so there’s a very good
chance that she’ll have good single vision for
a very long time. – From a parent’s point of
view, I have to tell you that my experience, my
husband’s experience, we were so impressed
to feel comfortable to take our daughter
down to have the surgery. – The Outpatient Surgery
Center is an ideal location for, I think, both the
surgeon and the patient. It’s comfortable, it’s an
easy place to come in and out, the nursing staff
is all accustomed to working with this
type of patient, and it’s a topnotch facility
as far as the equipment available, the quality
of care provided, the follow-up for the patients, they always call
them the next day, and I feel like that attention
to detail and to the patient experience is what makes
it such a great place to work and to receive care. – For anything that I
would need to have done, I would definitely
have done there. – I’d probably say that
it was the best thing that ever happened to me
because it fixed my eyes and if I never had that, I
would never be normal again. (gentle music)


  1. Your so CUTE you are one lucky girl. You were still normal when your eyes when crossed you will always be normal NO matter what you look like

  2. Amazing little girl! I would have been scared crazy if I were you!!! Your SO BRAVE!!!!!!! I wish I could be as brave as you!!! Amazing story! I'm so happy that they got to help you and that you were totally relaxed with what what was going on!!!!!!!! You are an inspiration to me! Your just truly amazing Lauren! Bless you!!!!!! 😀

  3. I typed up something and this came up and now I'm watching this and now I'm really scard and also why am i still watching this if I'm scard????

  4. The same thing happens to me somehow but when I go to the doctors there like your eye will be fine in a couple of weeks next thing you know it's the same the. Name if it is BELLS PALSEY I think that's how you spell it and I'm only 10 WTF doctors go get contacts a$$ holes. I think contacts will help me LOL

  5. this happened to me last night :/ i woke up and cudnt see out of my right eye and wen i started to regain my sight, i looked in the mirror and my right eye was close to the corner of my nose 🙁 i dnt think that it's crossed anymore bt my eye hurts … waiting to see a doctor, such a nervous wreck right nw

  6. Boo hoo that's nothing I've had crossed eyed my hole life my vision is terrible and I need like 3 surgeries or my eye is rolling Back she had this for what a few weeks. The only reason this is here is cause the mother what's attention. And it wasn't even a serious case

  7. i've had crossed eyes ever sense I was born and I almost always see a little double. I think the worst thing is the eye strain.

  8. Ive had a lazy eye for 19 years now an no one would help me… ive had many operations and been patched and it doesnt even help….. i cant see out my one and i do mess up with reading. yeah this has ruined my self confidence and i dont have many friends from this but i am proud of who i am and i dont want to change that.

  9. I have a massive scar across my left eye because I was slashed with a knife by a school bully in 8th grade he was sent to prison for 19 years

  10. Why would anyone let her go a couple of days with cross eyes, or one that wanders at her age? I'm not that brave. So glad she's OK.

  11. Would this be called Alternating Esotropia? This sounds like the surgery that I had when I was 3 years old. My eyes were more like hers whereas I have a brother who had just a lazy eye so it was just one eye that he was using whereas I was using both but back and forth. It was successful though later on in life it doctor wondered if I could have done with the second surgery. When I had that checked by a doctor he said a second surgery at the stage I was at which was in my mid-30s would just result in double vision. I've been able to drive and basically do normal things. Looking back I think it affected my ability to judge distance in sports but being so into tennis retrained me to be able to do sports that particularly involved balls. There are a certain amount of times the effects have shown up but nothing serious or life-threatening. When I get tired one of my eye still wanders a bit and now I am 51. I am told I don't have much in the way of depth perception but the only affect I can see is that things appear Little Closer Than They are so that's good cuz then I don't end up running into things.😏 Some things may appear flat to me that are three dimensional but I'm so used to my vision that I see everything as being normal to me.

  12. i have a lazy eye my right eye points outward and it's making me lose all of my self confidence. Still learning how to love myself. 💜 STREAM STIGMA AND SINGULARITY!

  13. I was diagnosed with strabismus when I was 7 I had to get a patch on my good eye to help my lazy eye(it ripped half my eyebrow off😭). I then later had to wear glasses with a patch on them or about 2 years. When I was 10 I had surgery to fix my estropia. It was the scariest day of my life and to anyone who has never had surgery it is rlly scary. The next thing I remember is being wheeled around on a hospital bed and spending the next couple of hours recovering. My eye was very sore but it was worth it.After having surgery my eye was very red sore and puffy and I couldn’t see out of it. I was given eye drops but it turns out I’m alergic to certain medical ingredients(yay😑). Now years later I have no problem with estropia but I am short sighted in my left eye(the one I didn’t have surgery on). I lost all my self confidence and worth during the ages of 7-10 because of bullying. If you know anyone with a squint eye, please support them as it is very stressful and hurtful to get bullied because of a medical condition. Anyway that’s my story of strabismus😄❤️

  14. lovely child Hope she is well . exploitation just another children's add a informative infomercial is the commercial side of what vaccinations can do I know parents everywhere have been encourage with this presentation and that normal but the realistic truth is its a commercial with paid actors Go and find some real Mom YT channels if your looking for eye surgery for a child. shopping for the truth

  15. I have a similar problem. If i try to look in the top right corner, i would see double. I could do it for as long as i can remember. There may be a certain bone stopping it, because sometimes when i do it i feel a bone going straight through my eye.

  16. I was born with crossed eye i got my first surgery when i was 4 years old i grew up being bullied about it and it made me super self conscious about it, im glad she’s receiving the help she needs for this because it will surly save her from so many problems in the future mentally.

  17. I hope she's doing okay! It's a good thing her surgery was a complete success, you can't even tell she used to have crossed-eyes. Kids can be so cruel.

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