Knitting Help – Getting Good Tension

bjbj [creaking sound] People are always asking
me how they can get better tension! And I m afraid there s no magic bullet answer for
this. But when they re asking about good tension, they want to have smooth, even stitches without
loose stitches or tight stitches, everything being the same. And, um, there are people
who swear by tricks you can do, to make the edges of your work look better, like slipping
the first stitch, or purling the last stitch I don t even remember what those tricks are,
because I actually don t recommend them. The method that I recommend will make you a more
comfortable knitter, a more relaxed knitter, and just make your knitting better overall,
but it s not a magic bullet answer, sorry. Two things to this. The first one is time.
You are probably a good knitter who can follow patterns and knit and purl and decrease and
increase. And you re still finding that sometimes your tension is off. This is totally normal.
In my experience I see people developing that as kind of the last skill they get good at.
Get good at everything else first, and then over time your tension gets better and better.
So the first element is time. The second element is focus. And if you re a good knitter, you
probably don t pay attention to what your hands are doing all the time. You are watching
a movie or whatever, and your hands are going, and not really paying attention. If you can,
sometimes, whenever you think about it, focus on your hands. Focus on your body. Relax your
shoulders, relax your whole body, and then when you re knitting, pay attention so that
each stitch, the movements of your hands, are exactly like the one before it. And if
you focus on this sometimes, every now and then, really giving it your full attention,
that will become the way you knit. And that will be the habit you have for knitting. And
it will greatly improve your tension. So, two things. Time, which includes patience,
and focus. Good luck. [music] h{-v Staci Perry Normal Staci Perry Microsoft Office Word Title
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