Kid’s Eyeglasses – Child-Friendly Glasses | LensCrafters

The day I found out Andrew needed glasses,
I was worried for a couple of reasons. At first it was his reaction, he thought they
would make him look silly. I was also worried about their durability. Glasses are an investment and you know – kids
will be kids. I hoped there would be a pair he loved, that
would last, too. A child getting his first pair of glasses
can be a big deal, for parents and kids. At LensCrafters we have a range of durable,
kid-proof glasses, so you can explore our wide variety of lenses and kids’ frames,
and let your child choose with you. That way you can make sure that everyone is


  1. why does this has to be a story about Andrew getting glassws like why cant we lust see them like (NORMAL) videos so it can just be SiMple

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