Kellogg Eye Center glaucoma chief co-leads Surgery Day at Amer. Glaucoma Society 2018

– Surgery day is a very popular aspect of the American Glaucoma Society. With all of our new devices, many people are wondering
is it right for my patient and what we try to do is
provide a balanced perspective on the appropriate patient, the tips for optimizing your outcomes, complications, and also
the long term results. The reason why we decided to choose glue as one of our symposium topics, is that there are several
agents that are now available and we realize that other surgeons use it in different areas of the body. When it comes to ophthalmology, there are now two preparations available and we have to think about
how these newer agents may be quicker for us
in the operating room, but also not compromise on the quality of the surgery that we provide, as well as their outcomes. (gentle music)

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