Kara: Story Of The First Deviant | Detroit: Become Human [HD Remastered]

Can you hear me? Yes ID TPC897504C Can you move your head? Your eyes now Cervical and optical animation checked Now give me your initialization test Hello, I’m the third generation AX-400 android I can look after your house, do the cooking, mind the kids I organize your appointments, I speak 300 languages And I’m entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner No need to feed me, or recharge me I’m equipped with a quantic battery that makes me autonomous for 173 years Do you want to give me a name? Yeah, from now on your name is Kara My name is Kara Initialization and memorization checked Now can you move your arms? Upper limb connection checked Now say something in German *Speaks German* Say it in French *Speaks French* Okay, now sing something in Japanese *Sings in Japanese* multilingual verbal expression checked Go ahead take a few steps Locomotion checked Great, you’re ready for work honey What’s going to happen to me now? I’ll re-initialize you and send you to store to be sold Sold? I’m sort of a merchandise, is that right? Yeah, of course you’re a merchandise baby You’re a computer with arms and legs And capable of doing all sort of things And you’re worth of fortune Oh, I see it I thought You thought? What did you think? I thought I was alive Shit, what is this crap? That’s not part of the protocol More memory components going off the rails Okay, recorded Defective model, disassemble and check the required components You’re disassembling me but why? You’re not supposed to think that sort of stuff You’re not supposed to think it all, period. You must have a defective piece or a software problem somewhere No I feel perfectly fine, I assure you Everything is alright, I answered all the test correctly, didn’t I? Yeah, but your behavior is non-standard Please I’m begging you, please don’t disassemble me I’m sorry but defective model has to be eliminated, that’s my job If a client comes back with a complaint, I’m gonna have some explaining to do I won’t cause any problem, I promise I’ll do everything I’m asked to, I won’t say another word, I won’t think anymore I’ve only just been born, you can’t kill me yet Stop it, please stop, I’m scared I want to live I’m begging you Go and join the others Stay in line, okay? I don’t want any trouble Thanks My god Detroit This is where it all began The world’s forged The place where it all started And it will all end One era And I came to live I stepped out the darkness And I opened my eyes First, there was the fear, the lights, the noise, the cold And fear again I could feel my hands shaking My heart pounding in my chest Life running into my veins I wanted to live I fought for that I had to find out what was outside I had to see daylight Feel sunshine on my skin Wind on my face To see the world The colors The smells But the world is not what I imagined It is dark and cold It is harsh and violent Unfair and brutal It almost convinced me I was nothing Less than an object Just an obedient machine But deep inside of me I could feel something different A gentle and warm whisper telling me that I am… alive I had to escape I had no choice Escape to love, to hope, to live To figure out what that force inside me was Maybe I’ll change the world Maybe I’ll choose a different path Now, it’s up to me to decide My name is Kara I’m one of them This is our story


  1. Kara was released in 2012 as a tech demo that would later give birth to Detroit: Become Human
    The Kara that's in the demo IS the Kara that you play as in the game https://i.redd.it/at0ikv8uae111.png

  2. it would have been cool if Kara actually plays the role as rA9 not like to lead(bc that’s Markus job)Kara would be like a role model to everybody!Like an android that’s an inspiration for many to protect and to take care of their love ones!!She’s kinda like a symbol of kindness or something like that.

    idk pls dont judge

  3. I dont think this kara is the kara you see with Todd. If u go far enough into the dump that markus is dropped into, she is there. Singing in Japanese.

  4. Guys all of you are wrong
    Ra9 is CONNOR
    R= 18th letter of the alphabet
    A= 1st letter of the alphabet
    9= is nine.
    18+1+9= 28
    What is his famous quote?
    “28 STAB WOUNDS”
    And when Markus was dead, two androids said “The life of androids are on your hands” if I remember it correctly. So boom, Connor is RA9 not Kara.

    Someone bout to get r/whoooshed

  5. Wait… I saw this video a few years ago. When I didn't even know how to speak English or what Detroit: Become Human was… Or this is Deja vu that I'm experiencing. Weird.

  6. when you let a deviant go off the assembly line, then call in a deviant Hunter, to which finds the deviant, and throws it into the junkyard

  7. Btw if ure wondering wat RA9 is it was Alice It stands for Real Alice 9 for 9 years old not a theory it IS Alice so they said only ra9 can save them because then the first deviant can be born

  8. "I thought…"
    Me: w…what?
    "…i was alive"
    Guy:Shit… What is this crap?!
    Me: 😶
    Guy:*immeadiately removes her body pieces*
    Me: No!! Dont do that!!😞

  9. My theory is Kara is rA9 because in this video she made other androids deviant just by walking past them but Markus had to physically touch them

  10. Its interesting to see people really get emotional over a machine. It kinda scare me actually, because one day, sooner or later, machines and technology will be this advanced and if we let them take over our emotions, humanity will end.

  11. Guys remember what it was talking the creator of company Cyberlife.
    The first Android will wake up and everything will change I don't remember what he talks but we all know how this story continued!



  13. I've been obsessed with this tech demo since 2014. I discovered it at a young age and it's haunted me ever since but only very recently have I discovered there's a whole ass cinematic masterpiece of a game attached.

  14. If you think about it, it's impossible for this to happen, only if the computer was programmed to do so, because robots are just things that do what it's programmed to do, I don't know how to explain this but if you really thought about it you'll really think that god is incredibly amazing.

  15. Maybe that’s why she was destroyed in the beginning. Because maybe she tried to protect Alice from her dad but then he destroyed Kara. And it makes sense because he’s says “I’ll destroy you like I did last time”when she tried to protect Alice; implying that he’s already destroyed her for that Same reason. And that’s why when she was reset and she saw Alice about to get hurt she broke free so easily. Kinda like when later on in the story she gets reset again and forgets Alice but easily remembers. So does that mean Kara is Ra9

  16. Messiah is regarded as the savior of all mankind. A Living thing or not and would bring them salvation near to the end of days

    Is it really ra9? Is it really just a myth?

  17. Ohhh my god it's makes my cry every time when he starts to disassemble Kara and the things she says makes me so emotional I don't know whyyy

  18. how come kara didn't have that circle chip in her head? or is it just a.. i don't even know what i'm thinking anymore _

  19. Kara was probably rA9, she's the first one to believe that she was alive, I suppose, I haven't played the game yet cause I'm broke and I can't use no laptops but anyways, think about this, why's did the intro showed Kara in the first place? If Markus was rA9 then they should've used Markus, but It's Kara, and I think that she was rebooted since she felt too alive to know things, and Kara didn't fought a programmed wall like Markus did, she did it with your own choice, she knew that her job was not to stop the Father (forgot his name too) her goal was to save the girl, before she was bought, she had already fought the wall, she felt so Alive that she knew how her Morals'

  20. 1:38 the moment when she learns her name is when she stops to speak like a machine and the moment she thinks that she’s alive

  21. I'm not sure which is more creepy; human looking robots who are programmed to act like humans or the people (commenting here) who are able to have feelings like compassion, sadness and/or love for them 😫

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