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DUEL! Nightshroud: The Villains takes the first turn Kaibaman: The Light always beat the Darkness Nightshroud: but this time the darkness will erase all the light. I discard King of the Swamp to add 1 “Polymerization” from my deck to my hand I set 1 monster and End my Turn Kaibaman: I Draw I will show you how a Dragon Tamer play First I will add some friends to use them later I activate Melody of Awakening Dragon with its effect I add 2 Blue-Eyes White Dragon to my hand Now I will take some of your Life Points Nightshroud: But my monster is in defense mode Kaibaman: at the cost of change to defense after attack, my Spear Dragon inflicts Couner Damage Spear Dragon, Attack! Nightshroud: when my Troop Dragon is destroyed by battle, I can Special Summon another one from my deck Kaibaman: Well that’s all for now, is your turn. Nightshroud: your monster has 0 DEF, now even my Troop Dragon can destroy it. But first I will show you my best friend, though it is a young version of it. I Normal Summon Red-Eyes Wyvern Now I change my Troop Dragon to Attack position Now my monsters will attack that’s enough, I End my Turn First I Normal Summon Lord of D. Now I will give my monster a musical instrument Now I activate The Flute of Summoning Dragon Appear my friends! Blue-Eyes White Dragon Now Blue-Eyes Attack! Finally Lord of D. Attack! And as long my Lord of D. is on the field, Dragon-type monsters cannot be target of cards effects I End my Turn Nightshroud: Your dragons are powerful… but… I activate Pot of Greed You know the legened of Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes right? While Blue-Eyes brings the Victory, Red-Eyes brings infinity posibilities I Activate Polymerization! I combine my Red-Eyes Black Dragon with Meteor Dragon to Fusion Summon my Meteor Black Comet Dragon! and its effect let me to send 1 Red-Eyes monster from my Deck to the graveyard and inflict to you damage equal to half of its ATK Say Goodbye to the protection of your monsters Comet Dragon attack and destroy Lord of D. Let see if you can come back from this. Kaibaman: I have no doubt about that… Is my turn, I Draw I also activate Polymerization I fuse my 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon come to my side Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon But not always three heads are better than one I tribute my monster to Special Summon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon It gains ATK equal to the number of Dragons in my graveyard x300, and its ATK is 4800 I can also negate any card that target it. Now Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Attack Nightshroud: The posibilities of my Red-Eyes not end here. I activate my Comet Dragon effect to Special Summon my Red-Eyes Black Dragon from my Graveyard Take flight Red-Eyes Black Dragon Kaibaman: ( Now I can see your true feelings to your monster ) From my hand I activate Inferno Fire Blast since I control Red-Eyes Black Dragon is on my field you take damage equal to the ATK of my monster with this your Life Points will fall to 100 Also I chain Emergency Provisions to send it to the Graveyard and gain 1000 Life Points Is true that right now i cannot destroy your monster but my dragons will respond me I End my Turn Kaibaman: Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, Attack! I set 1 card and end my turn Nightshroud: (I trust in you Red-Eyes) I activate Pot of Cupidity, I banish 10 cards from my deck to draw 2 cards. HAHAHA I activate Silent Doom to Special Summon 1 monster from my Graveyard I Special Summon my Red-Eyes Black Dragon AHHHHHH Kaibaman: What is wrong? Nightshroud: I tribute this weak monster to summon the incarnation of the Dark Dragons Appear! Red-Eyes DARKNESS Dragon Kaibaman: ( This monster is the origin of the darkness in his heart ) Nightshroud: my monster also gains 300 ATK for each dragon in my Graveyard, and its ATK also becomes 4800. Kaibaman: but even in a battle between our monsters will end in a draw Nightshroud: You wrong! I Normal Summon Attachment Dragon, and its it equips inmediatly to your monster its effect change the position of the monster that is equipped Here is where the dark covers the light Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Attack! Kaibaman: I activate my Command Silencer, and its effect negates the attack and let me draw 1 card Nightshroud: You just gained time I set 1 card and End my Turn Kaibaman: (If I destroy that monster the darkness will leave his heart) I change my monster to Attack Now Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, Attack and destroy that Darkness Dragon Nightshroud: AHHHHHHHH What happen, who are you? Kaibaman: (it looks he is back to the normal)
That does not matter now, I will finish this duel now. Since my Blue-Eyes was destroyed I can Special Summon my Deep-Eyes White Dragon When is Special Summoned this way you take damage for the dragons in my graveyard. You take 3000 Damage. Also it gains ATK equal to the ATK of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Deep-Eyes Attack! Atticus: I Activate Red-Eyes Spirit Its effect let me Special Summon my monster, come back my fiend! Red-Eyes Black Dragon! and it becomes the new attack target (Thank you Red-Eyes) Kaibaman: I Set 1 Card and End my Turn. Atticus: Red-Eyes You … I set 1 card I End my Turn Since I dont normal summon a monster this turn I can Banish my Red-Eyes Wyvern to Special Summon my Red-Eyes Black Dragon Kaibaman: You play good, I can see your real you now now show me what can you do BATTLE! Deep-Eyes Attack! Atticus: My Red-Eyes is my friend, and I never leave him and he never leaves me so, you may destroy my monster but he will not gone alone I activate my Trap Card Red-Eyes Burn Since you destroyed a Red-Eyes both of us takes damage equal to the ATK of that monster Both of us will go along with my monster Kaibaman: Your love for Red-Eyes moves me, but I think you two will go alone I activate Ring of Defence. Atticus: (Well, it seems like it’s just you and me Red-Eyes) Red-Eyes: (The Darkness finally left master)

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