Just Cause 4 SPOTLIGHT: Supply Drop

Welcome back to our Just Cause 4 Spotlight series where today, we’ll be taking a look into the new and improved Supply Drop function Supply Drops, the successor to Just Cause 3’s Rebel Drop, allows you to select exactly the vehicle, weapon, or even some cool random items that you want and fly them in via the menu How’s that for same-day delivery? With a whopping total of 104 vehicles as well as new exotic types that have various functions transporting yourself around the world has never been more fun Seriously, just look how many vehicles there are and this isn’t even all of them. It’s insane! Or, if combat is more your cup of tea the various weapons, including the iconic Wind Gun are available too How does a Supply Drop work? First thing’s first, you’re going to need access to these various items in order to drop them and you can unlock these by completing various game content Operations, Quests, performing car or bike Stunt Rings or advancing your Army of Chaos Frontline by liberating regions Cool, so, we’ve completed this objective which has popped up with a message here to say that the item reward has been added to the Supply Drop Let’s go ahead and fly it in Another new feature is being able to precisely angle your drop using the ‘ghost’ container rather than just throwing a beacon and hoping for the best like in Just Cause 3 This is perfect for setting up intricate stunts, dropping a boat into a river, or angling a car away from enemies for an escape Introducing: The Pilots There’s a total of 7 pilots that Rico can unlock as you progress in achieving Chaos Milestones Fortuna and Bulldog are available immediately Haragan unlocks at Milestone 4, Bailarina at 6 Brujo, 9 Humo, 11 and finally, Fiera at Milestone 14 The more Pilots you have, the more frequently you can Supply Drop items So it’s definitely worth causing chaos Loadouts Each Pilot has a Loadout function similar to the Grapple Hook so you can assign certain items to each one Then, simply Quick Drop those items in without having to go back and select them from the menu again You’ll likely start to accumulate certain favourite cars or planes as you play For example, if Bulldog is our sports car guy we can assign this vehicle to him, and that’s all he will drop And if we only want Fortuna to drop barrels, she’s on it The Quick Drop feature speeds up the process immensely and prevents you having to hunt through the many available items to find your favourite Let’s check out the Supply Drop in a range of different scenarios It might be time to make a quick getaway here! Let’s Supply Drop in one of the sports vehicles In Just Cause 4, the vehicle handling has been majorly overhauled There’s also multiple camera angles, and even the addition of a radio So you can jam along to some authentic South American tunes whilst speeding through Solis I’m thinking that conventional weapons aren’t quite Just Cause 4 enough in this situation Let’s take out these guys with a giant head instead! Thanks for watching our Spotlight on Supply Drops What vehicle, weapon or sandbox toy do you think you’ll be flying in the most? Let us know in the comments below Be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell to be told when we upload And we’ll see you in another Just Cause 4 video Bye bye for now!


  1. The vehicle handling looks shitty, no offense devs. I loved the just cause 2 handling. I also love flying big jets so I hope there’s a huge airport.

  2. Put there video in .25 or something and pause when it comes to supply drop menus, since everything is unlocked you get to see the collection! It looks great

  3. Are the containers like Pokéballs? Cause otherwise I can’t see how a cargo plane can fit inside one of those containers, but again, this is Just Cause we’re talking about 🙂

  4. Finally I'm happy Just Cause took into many of the players' requests and ramped up the enthusiasm and crispiness of this game. Forget about nerds who look for logic (something like 'cargo plane drops a cargo plane?!!') What we loved in Just Cause 2, what we wanted from Just Cause 3 and we wanted in the future Just Cause simply reflected perfectly in Just Cause 4. Hope this game gives a tough competition at the end of the year and it's releasing on my b'day!!!!!! Nothing more I want. Feel the storm. Bring the thunder🤩

  5. The radio in the cars and llamas should be the main selling point of 4… I guess the tornadoes are cool too… but radios and llamas

  6. So if I want a weapon and a vehicle, I need to have two separate airdrops? That’s kind of lame. I much prefer the rebel drop system in JC3 where I can get everything I need in one drop.

  7. I dont sesm to have the supply drop feature available to me in Just Cause 4. I never played a Just Cause game before and its a bit annoying not having the feature.

  8. (To AVALANCHE and SQUARE CNIX) You know that cargo trailer truck you get in the speed stunt somewhere in the sand-biome, the back-piece of the cargo trailer, remake that so you can operate it. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the help, guys, I've been trying to do this forever, and you guys helped me a lot, thanks so much!! 🖤

  10. Someone please help me!!! When I went back in the game to play, I lost 2 of my pilots!! I had 4 of them and now they act like I never unlocked them!! They tell I need to be level 4 & 6 but I’m at level 8!! So what’s happening??!!

  11. how do i unlock the supply dump in the first fucking place, im like 30% through and i still dont even have the fucking option

  12. I wish The Black Hand could take back regions
    I wish that fighter jets could take of and land at military bases
    I wish that the Fellhawk Jet Fighter had jet noise
    I wish that you could supply drop Black Hand and Army of Chaos vehicles
    I wish that tornado sirens would go off If a tornado was near a highly populated area…

    I W I S H T H E G A M E H A D A M U L T I P L A Y E R M O D E

  13. Every time I spawn things too much it says out of stock and it won't get back in stock so if anyone has answers please help me out

  14. I've unlocked various stuff by advancing the frontlines but i cant spawn them the supply drop feature doesnt show up

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