Julianne Moore: I Play A ‘Charming’ Psychotic In ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ | TODAY


  1. I stopped at 1:26 because of the host… I love Julianne Moore – Wasn't the interview about giving her a voice? PS @numerology – At 1;26 you should know who you are (1) in relationship to the other (2) and be of service (6) – Failed ~ Julianne, on the other hand – channeled the energy and responded in kind…(1:49 – I know who I am (1), what this home base/trampoline is (4) that I can transform from(9)) that's what great personalities do ~ Yeah to the Today show for showing off Kingsman's Top Woman – can't wait to see it!

  2. already watched it… i love her character… im terrify of poppy but loved her demeanor.. adorable yet sadistic… loved poppy so much.. julianne amazing

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