Jordan Peterson on the meaning of life for men. MUST WATCH

Well I’ll tell you a couple of strange things that the things that I don’t really understand the first is when we’ve done the analysis Of the effects of the future authoring program it has had a different It’s differential impact on men and it’s had a particularly differential impact on what I would call excluded men, and so that would be non-western ethnic minority men or or What? Majority, man who are doing very well so for example at Mohawk College The future authoring program had a particularly robust effect on Mohawk College students who were men who hadn’t done very well in high school And who hadn’t picked a major that had a destination a career destination at its end so you can imagine those people are they have an ambiguous relationship with the idea of education and They’re not oriented specifically towards a goal. They’re not very motivated Now why did it have a differential effect on men? That’s a good question Well first of all the women are doing better so It might just be a matter of the fact that it does better for people who aren’t doing as well and at the moment most Of them are men I don’t believe I think that might be part of it, but I don’t believe that’s all of it I think that part of the reason that women are doing better is cuz they’re agreeable and So if a system sets out a structure and says here’s a pathway to attainment The women won’t rebel against that they’ll go along with it and that’s working very well for them at the moment the men especially the men on the disagreeable end of the distribution And there’s way more men on the district disagreeable end of the distribution, then there are women right That’s what you get from if you look at overlapping normal distributions, so there’s the male district female distribution for agreeableness male distribution for agreeableness tremendous overlap Okay, women are higher all the really agreeable people are women all the really disagreeable people are men And maybe the real differences occur at the extremes right so so and it’s it’s a very interesting side effect of overlapping Distributions, so they people can be mostly the same But that can still produce radical differences Disagreeable men won’t do anything they don’t want to do They just say up yours I’ll go home and play video games With you no. I’m not listening to your stupid and Why should I work for you? I’ll just go have fun I’ll do my own thing I don’t think they’re motivated and so then if you take the men who are like that and you say, okay. What do you want? You can have what you want But you have to figure out what it is So then they write down what they want they think oh hey well that might be worth having so maybe I’ll put some effort into It that’s what it looks like to me now You know that’s weak evidence, and this is a weak argument, but I’m trying to stretch out my understanding to account for this But I’ll tell you something else that’s really weird. I don’t understand this either, so More than 90% of the people who watch my videos on YouTube are men now that’s weird because not about 80% of psychology students are women so that is not what you would expect right you would expect that the Majority of them would be women and you might say well it’s because of the political stance I’ve taken and I thought well that’s possible so I went looked at the demographic data because I have That well before I did any of the political videos 85% of my viewers were men so it’s actually increased a bit, it’s increased by 6% and that’s not trivial But it was still overwhelmingly men, so that was interesting. I thought what the hell why is that exactly and then now I’ve been watching crowds when I’ve been talking to them and The crowds that have come to see me in person this happened at the University of Toronto free speech debate and I actually noticed it and Commented on it before the debate took place because I was talking about intrinsic differences between men and women and I looked around the room And I thought hmm hey 80% of the people in this room are men So I had all the men’s women and women stand up and then all the men stand up I said look like here’s a natural experiment For some reason 80% of the people who showed up to this or men now everybody thought I was kind of cracked to to do that and it was a risk You know what and all right, but I thought no weather something going on here And then what’s interesting now is that every public appearance that I’ve made that’s related to the sort of topics that we’re discussing is Overwhelmingly men it’s like it’s like 85 to 90% And so I thought wow that’s weird like what the hell’s going on here exactly, and then the other thing. I’ve noticed is that? I’ve been talking a lot to the crowds that I’ve been talking to not about rights But about responsibility right because he can’t have the bloody. What are you doing? You can’t have the conversation about rights without the conversation about responsibility because your rights are my Responsibility that’s what they are technically so you just can’t have only half of that discussion And we’re only having half that discussion and the question is well What the hell are you leaving out if you only have that half of the discussion and the answer is what you’re leaving out Responsibility and then the question is well What are you leaving out if you’re leaving out responsibility and the answer might be well, maybe you’re leaving out the meaning of life That’s what it looks like to me. It’s like here you are Suffering away, what makes it worthwhile, right? you know you’re completely out you’re completely you have no idea what you’re You it’s almost impossible to describe how bad an idea that is Responsibility That’s what gives life meaning It’s like lift a load Then you can tolerate yourself right because look at your useless Easily hurt easily killed. Why should you have any self-respect? That’s the story of the fall Pick something up and carry it pick make it heavy enough so that you can think yeah well Useless as I am at least I could move that from there to there well What’s really cool about that is that when I talk to these crowds about this the man’s eyes light up, and that’s very good I’ve seen that phenomena because I’ve been talking about this mythological material for a long time and I can see when I’m watching crowds people You know their eyebrows lift their eyes let light up because I put something together for them. That’s what mythological stories Do so I’m not taking responsibility for that That’s what the stories do so I save the story people go click click click You know in their eyes light up, but this responsibility thing That’s a whole new order of this is that young men are so hungry for that it is unbelievable And one of the things I’ve been talking to some of the people who’ve been Running for the conservative leadership in Canada, and I’ve been talking to them about well the difficulties They have communicating with young people because conservatives What what the hell are they going to sell to young people right because being conservative is something that happens when you’re older they can sell responsibility No, one’s selling it and the thing is for men. There’s nothing about responsibility You know I was watching The Simpsons the other day I watched the first Simpsons episode And I deconstructed it and so it’s really interesting so what happens in the first Simpson episode is that? It’s Christmas and homer and Marge are going to buy some Christmas presents, but Homer doesn’t get his Christmas bonus And so he’s absolutely crushed by that and that Actually is a recurring theme in The Simpsons where Homer loses his job or something like that or can tonight make enough money He’s completely crushed even though he’s kind of useless bumbling Laughing fool of a guy. You know the thing that gives that show its soul is that he’s still oriented towards his family That’s what makes him honorable is that? Foolish as he is he’s decided to adopt Responsibility for his family and to try to bear that and so he’s not he’s a holy fool He’s not a complete fool And it’s so interesting watching the story because he suffers dreadfully as a consequence of not being able to fulfill his responsibilities well That’s for men Women have their sets of responsibilities. They’re not the same Right because they’re complicated because women of course have to take primary Responsibility for for having infants at least but then also for caring for them there they’re structured differently than men For biological necessity even if it’s not a psychological issue and it’s also partly a psychological issue women know what they have to do men have to figure out what they have to do, and if they have nothing worth living for then they stay Peter Pat and Why the hell not? because the alternative to valued responsibility is Impulsive low-class Pleasure and you saw that in the Pinocchio story right that’s Pleasure Island, it’s like well Why lift the load if there’s nothing in it for you? That’s another thing that we’re doing to men. That’s a very bad idea and to boys it’s like You’re pathological and oppressive. It’s like fine. Then why the hell am I going to play That’s that if that’s the situation if I get no credit for bearing responsibility It could bloody well be sure I’m not going to bear it but then you know your life is useless and meaningless and you have you’re not you’re full of self-contempt and nihilism and and That’s not good, and so that’s why I think all right That’s what I think’s going At a deeper level with regards to men needing this direction a man has to decide that he’s going to do something He has to decide that yeah, well. You know partly what you’re trying to do in the future authoring processes say, okay well What’s your highest value? Right it’s the star. It’s like. Okay. What are you aiming for you can decide man, but you know there’s some criteria It should be good for you. It should be good for you in a way that facilitates your moving forward Maybe it should be good for you in a way. That’s also good for the family in the community it should cover the the domain of life I mean there’s constraints on what you should regard as a value, but you but within those constraints you have the Choice you have choice Well the thing is is that people will carry a heavy load if they get to pick the goddamn load So and they think well I won’t carry any load It’s like okay fine But then you’re like the sled dog that doesn’t have a sled to pull you’re just gonna You’re gonna tear pieces out of your own legs because you’re bored. You know you need people are pack animals They need they need to pull against a weight, and and that’s not true for everyone it’s not true particularly say for low conscientious people I mean maybe they’re open and creative or extroverted and some other things but for the for the typical person They’ll eat themselves they’ll eat themselves up unless they have a load this is why there’s such an opiate epidemic among Dispossessed white middle-aged guys who are unemployed in the u.s.. It’s like they lose their job. They’re done Right they despise themselves. They develop chronic pain syndromes and depression and the chronic pain is treated with opiates It’s like that’s what we’re doing so Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me is you you have to and it’s so interesting to watch the young men when you talk To them about responsibility, there’s a god damn thrilled about it. It just blows me away. It’s like really. That’s what’s that’s the counterculture Grow the hell up and do something useful really I could do that oh I’m so excited by that idea no one ever mentioned that before it’s like rights rights rights rights Jesus It’s it’s it’s appalling. It’s a it’s and and I feel that that’s deeply felt by the people who are who are coming out to To listen to these sorts of things – they’re they’ve had enough of that So and they better have because it’s it’s a non-productive mode of being Responsibility man that’s where the meeting in life is so


  1. It has nothing to do with having responsibility and everything to do with men not getting laid anymore. The number of men not having sex in a year skyrocketed to 30% over the last 15 years it was at 10% before. Asian and Indian men in the US are at around 50% and you have to consider that these numbers are at least 10-20% higher because men will lie about it. Since internet dating came along and got more and more accepted 50% of the male population became completely invisble to women and most of these guys couldnt get a girlfriend in a year if their life dependet on it. The responsibility and career thing is a just a proxy for getting pussy, men desperetly try to find a way to higher their sexual market value even it is 95% decided at birth simply by how tall and handsome you are. A handsome depressed workless dude will have a 10.000 times higher chance to get a gf then an average guy with a decent job. There is really nothing that can be done about this situation since in the end what truly makes you happy isnt a Lambo in your garage but experiencing sex, love and beeing desired.

  2. I spoke to a French liberal Muslim woman who told me that the rights that the French have must be made universal. I asked her, ok, that costs money. Anytime you ask for something, someone's got to pay to ensure that it is enforced in order to happen (responsibility), such as a rights and privileges. She didn't have an answer for that. She honestly thought that since it felt good and righteous to hold those moral views, the practicality wasn't necessary.

  3. There are some underlining concepts which should not be taken for granted. JP associates Peter Pan Syndrome with being nihilistic. A person who rejects the prevailing concepts which governs adulthood with a person who rejects completely all concepts associated with what is considered or should be considered as having purpose or meaning.
    During World War 2, in England women would often taunt men who refused to participate in the war. Ridiculing their masculinity. Some of these men, would inevitably join. These wars are somehow segregated to be presented by historians and sociologist as being independent from each other, when these wars are connected in more ways than one. Without World War One, there would be no World War 2. Without these smaller wars which preceded World War One, there would be no World Wars going back to Napoleon and beyond. These wars are all started by aristocrats born into privilege, who boast about being connected by birth all trained at prestigious universities who proudly sent their less fortunate into endless wars to gratify their lust for bloodshed and greed. Which ultimately solved nothing but make themselves exceedingly rich and others psychologically and physically impaired, unbalanced and antisocial. Someone who stresses the prevailing social concepts as being morally correct or representative of adulthood are those who throughout history has also promoted divine law. These people manipulate others by framing language which promotes some idealism which should held as virtuous while degrading others who reject their concepts as being exploitative. These people are merely agents of the state who push people into some collectivist ideals strategically, which when abused, which is always, leads to a collectivized mentally which as history has shown ends up as being apocalyptic.

  4. I am fascinated by the fact that he communicates such complex or meaningful ideas without stopping between words or using words like “ummm”, “like”, “you know”!!!

  5. When a female says i want to be a man or i know how to act like a man i'll tell them straight up no you can never know what its like to be a man and never dream of being a man either its really really tough.

  6. He's not wrong… it's easy to see everything he's saying is fairly accurate in todays society. But let's face it by the end of the video it kinda feels like he also hates these infantile men as a result. It's one thing to address an issue, but it's another to shame those affected by it. With regards to men who have little to no responsibilities and why they sometimes get caught in this cycle and how difficult it is to get out of it. there are factors that come into play as we age and so quickly health or injury can play a part in these situations. Don't be so quick to judge others based on how right you are. Sometimes being right isn't enough, sometimes we just can't help being an asshole about it on top… You go ahead and say all these truths to the men out there who suffer from many of these flaws. Some may recognize that they are afflicted by it and wasted their youth doing nothing, some may go on wasting their lives in some way or another and their are some who may take offence to what you are saying it because they already know what you're saying is true and they just can't deal with it.

  7. The reason why I'm watching Jordan Peterson videos is not because of his lecture… but rather because of his linguistic intelligence. I am fascinated with it and planning to do the same.




  9. I'm literally peter fucking pan right now. Although it cant persist, theres something to be said for removing yourself from all that society demands of you. Bad part is this lifestyle is so addictive. I'm having a hardest time deciding what I even want.

  10. all basic thought derivative of existentialism, read a book from the last century and a half; Kundera, Camus, Kierkegaard

  11. "Women know what they have to do. Men have to figure out what they have to do. And if they have nothing worth living for, then they stay Peter Pan. And why the hell not? Because the alternative to valued responsibility is impulsive, low class pleasure."

    This whole video is great but I think that quote really touches on the pathology of so many issues in the US. Pretty much describes the plight of the mass shooter, the incel, the recently unemployed middle aged men that become drug addicts, the gang violence in inner cities…All super destructive, different manifestations of the same nihilism that seems to be almost exclusive to idle men.

  12. You are a Genius Jordan and people love you but for Gods sake DEAL WITH YOUR PROBLEMS

    Everyone has problems but it is up to us to SOLVE those problems

  13. The classrom in which you Lecture students is COMPLETELY unnatural

    Put some color in your class

    Put up some paintings

    Make the students comfortable in the classroom

    Play some music

    Play some videos

    Having a big screen TV in your classroom is a HUGE step forward because EVERYONE loves TV

    I know you understand

    You just have to make the STEP FORWARD

  14. Men are on average 100 percent more intelligent then Women

    ALL of my viewers are MEN

    Because i give them what they want

    But its more then that

    Women are not completely themselves to blame for their low intelligence

    There are many forces in this world that want to see us DIE IN MISERY

    The Aliens

    The Globalists

    The Nazis

    The Politicians

    Whatever they call themselves they ALL want to see us dead and in greatest possible pain

    They want to crush our BODY MIND AND SOUL

    They want to DESTROY this Holy Planet

    But fortunately for us there are many Men among us who took it upon ourselves to HELP mankind and the Earth

  15. Teach your students about AUTOSUGGESTION Jordan

    That's the ticket to the solution of ALL your problems and progress

  16. This is why some get strung out on drugs and some shoot up the schools teaching the foolishness of "rights without responsibilities."

  17. I am a woman! All I want to do is scream-I am a woman at every video I watch the predominate subscriber base is! This is so frustrating! I don’t understand why. I am a middle-aged, educated, and i’m definitely not average otherwise if it matters. Where are the women??

  18. These days men are obsessed with the idea of alpha man and they think being an alpha man means being surrounded by women and to never get rejected by women. We can't be more wrong.
    Alpha man means taking responsibility. Those men take responsibility for communities and not just their families. And here we are so called wanna-be-alpha who can't even fix our own lives. It takes tolerance and persistence and not huge muscles to be an alpha. I am not saying having big muscles is a bad thing but that is not all. You can all be skinny and yet be a responsible man.

  19. A key thing Dr. Peterson mentions is how in current Western society there's very little to no incentive for men these days to voluntarily take on responsibility. It's in our DNA to do so, but when society spits in your face over and over again… it's very difficult for men to be seen as an authority in their family these days. Think Kevin Spacey in "American Beauty." I used to think feminism made men miserable, and it does. Now I'm starting to wonder if it hasn't had a worse effect on women than men (who'd have ever thought that possible). Women, like men, are confused. But men can truly find purpose and meaning in their lives without women and family in a way that I believe women cannot (except for a tiny, tiny minority).

  20. Peterson is the rare psychologist who talks about men and does not denigrate them. See also Helen Smith. Guys are starving for this kind of big-picture meaning of life stuff, they don't get much of it from the culture at large

  21. >selling responsibility

    True. My brother was being herded into university, had no idea why and really didn't want to go. Binge eating, binge drinking, constant partying alone in his place. He finally got his shit together and got a proper job after saying no to the herd and the agenda. Manual labour. I've noticed since then, he has blossomed.

    He used to be such a mess, so immature, now he's a proper man. It has been incredible to see, sometimes I don't recognise him with the way he talks and walks and holds himself. He used to look out of place in the world, now he looks like he owns it.

    And this is why I think they want kids like him to go to university – because if he'd carried on like a sheep in the herd, he would still be miserable. Living off loans, in a state of perma-childhood, a career student, no experience in the real world, fresh from high school idiocy and then dropped into a random seaside town or a city fit to have -istan as a suffix to do it all again until he's in his mid twenties with no wife, no kids, no earning potential, and to have reached that age without earning a single paycheck.

    He wouldn't know the satisfaction of getting his paycheck, he wouldn't know what it's like to REALLY work for his money, breaking his back every day, workplace injuries and gruelling shifts. I feel like he went all Peterson without actually reading/watching your stuff. Although maybe he did. I'd believe it. He is living his best life right now. All thanks to him deviating from the herd, and having a very, very good Dad.

  22. Hi, Folks.
    I think the Professor has hit upon a MAJOR truth here. How-wevver, i also think that he has not yet pursued it ALL the way.

    He is talking about the "meaning of life for men". I would suggest that few if any lives – of EITHER gender – have any real 'meaning' until they have some PURPOSE.

    I would further suggest that it is each individual's RESPONSIBILITY to find their own purpose, something that has some value, some passion, some goal, some reason to pursue it, something that they feel they can look back on somewhere down the track and say, "Well, I did that and it has helped me and/or others and/or the world is a better place for it."

    It doesn't have to be Earth-shattering or ground-breaking or hugely innovative and it doesn't have to get the person's name up in lights. What it does need to do is to leave the person with the feeling that they have achieved something worthwhile and that their life has not been wasted.

    That said though, I think that one of the biggest issues with many people, young and older, is that they want, expect, even DEMAND instant gratification, instant results.

    SORRY, Folks. Life just does not work thataway very often, in fact, not in the HYOOOGE majority of cases.

    F'rinstance, the first person who dreamed of moving loads around easier and thought about making a wheel to carry the loads didn't get to just look around, see an object that suited his – or her – needs, say to him – or her – self, "I think I'll call that a 'wheel' ", and then put it under the load and head off into history.

    That person had first to see a need, then visualize a solution and then create that solution and put it to work before they could gratify their desire to make their life easier.

    If you want your life to have 'meaning', find a purpose that appeals to you and then assume the responsibility for fulfilling that purpose.

    Get the picture?

    Just a part of my 0.02.

    You all have a wonderful purpose. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

  23. My girlfriend and I have recently started watching Jordans lectures on YouTube and loving it! We both have secular backgrounds but Jordan has showed us that reality is better understood as a giant space of uncertainty and that everything can be interpreted as one wishes, nothing is objective. His readings of old symbolism really inspired my girlfriend (F26) to pursue her long held dream of working as a Tarot reader! Peterson's Maps of Meaning has been a great inspiration in this endeavour.

    I am a fourth year student civil engineer in computer science here in Stockholm and even I have learned alot from Jordan! His lecture about IQ really resonated with me. I now know that I have the hardware necessary for completing my masters degree in machine learning and gpu software. Humans are born with differing sets of tools. I think about it as a system ordered hierarchically, and something that has struck me quite recently is that *everything* in our society is ordered in this way. Just as the alphamale chimp gets to fuck them small muscular chimp-asses until his dick hurts, while other beta-bucko chimps don't even get to suck on that swollen purple clit or taste them wet hairy lips; I get to step on the less fortunate in society, using my superior brain and the insights I've gathered from our great master, until they sip on the disappointing and complicated body fluids of mother nature, as she laughs at them buckos at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy.

    So thank B. Peterson, for the honest and sane worldview you have showed me.

  24. Cheers for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Chiveard Discovering Potential Framework (do a google search)? It is a great one off product for finding your true calling and achieving success without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin at very last got astronomical results with it.

  25. This man by far is the most intelligent person in the world so much depth and volume to everything he says. Every time I hear him I get smarter.

  26. Videogames prevent a person from facing their fears head-on. I used to play video games and can perfectly relate to what he said. Turn life into a video game. Build your stats, level up and play. Just dont die….

  27. Christ all fucking mighty. Enjoying rehab you fucking cunt? Here's the title for your next book "I was wrong : Turns out you can't just fucking bullshit your way through life."

  28. "Responsability man!" Why is that everytime I watch a Mr Peterson's video I suddenly understand the Meaning of Life??? Astounding! And also I am a french speaking 37 yo woman with no education in the generic sense but very curious 🤓

  29. Women demonsrrating agreeable behaviour doesn't mean theyre actually agreeable by nature. It means the superior physical ability to coerce the behaviour of the other gender is held by men. As that disagrees so does tye disagreeable nature of women

  30. Yeah, just one problem with that – men became too lazy to choose what to do with their lives, and women know what to do, because they were told to, and not chose themselves.

  31. ayyy great ideas and thought provoking. very good. also it was funny to see how uncomfortable he got when he mentioned his political ideas. cause he knows that he's treading on thin ice with that topic. i gotta also say that i full heartedly disagree with him on the political idea that conservatism is what gives you responsibility. progressive idea give you the same great weight to carry if you so chose. making life and society better vs keeping it's good and sometimes old and outdated values up at all cost is what politics come down to in the US imo.

  32. I was skeptical at first, but he made a fair argument. But I don't get the concept of a responsibility. Supposedly people get purpose out of it. But for me I don't feel it. After doing a hard job, nothing is felt other than wasted energy. After assisting someone, nothing is felt aside from "well that is over.". After being criticized for any detail after the job is done, "Whats the goddamn point of doing something for somebody if I will be chastised by that same person?". After being paid, "Well I got something out of this at least.". I don't understand how me just doing meaningless tasks is meant to give me a purpose. I tried, I really did. It didn't work, still feels just as pointless. Now with an added pressure.

    So I just don't know if there is something wrong. Am I supposed to SEE what my work did? I will bring up real examples from my life in my attempt to see if "responsibilities" are what I needed. After moving a box I just see a box on a shelf, I see a girl happy to have found their phone and an hour of my free time I cannot get back (I act happy, but more to let her not feel like a burden), and after being told "My lord, pull it this way, not this way! Get off this and let him on!" (only to see the other guy get yelled at as the scape goat for the guy in charge being the issue)… What is the point of all these meaningless labors? Why do I "need" to "make it" in life? Why can't I just live a simple life where I just do my low class job, scrape by, and live the same humdrum day to day until the day I don't wake up?

    I don't need to save the world, I don't need 10 children, I don't need fame or fortune, I don't need an obstacle pushing me at every turn to "become a better me", I don't need the useless stresses responsibility foists upon me. I just need cheap food, decent drink, and something to preoccupy my free time and natural urges. I don't need a constant conflict, I just want peace in my life and responsibility does not grant me that in the slightest.

    Eh, I might be a useless human being. But at least I am content, mostly.

  33. The meaning of life is responsibility. OK, that's fair, and I understand the reasoning. My only question is what makes it so?

  34. Has daughter just divorced her husband for no reason they have a daughter …. she said they were not right for each other after being married for 2 years….. no cheating no abuse

  35. I didn't realize there were so many weak, uneducated, unmotivated men.
    get off your ass and go to work, go to school, get an education
    distraction is a weak excuse people.

  36. White men are treated much like a machine. Show me one machine that doesn't require maintenance. The more responsible you are, the more responsible they'll have you be. When a man says to hell with abuse and stops serving everyone else they look at the machine that no longer serves their every whim as one looks at the potential trade in value of a used car. We're not lazy, we're broken, and everyone looks at each other like," don't look for me to pick up the ball and run with it".

  37. I used to have responsibility for my son. His mother has for 2 years now used the system to keep me away from my kid, and given me the responsibility to pay child support.
    I'm really feeling this women's liberation thing.

  38. im 43 and have no fukin clue what i want to do with my life and think about it every morning on the way to work ,,, i think its harder or more of a riddle on your mind if u are like me , single n no kids which makes me want a family cause then u have reason for working and doing a job to feed ur family but if ur single u just save money and dont have a use for it other than selfish things ,,,,,, im thinking about starting a new life as a truck driver and spending my life on the road but im not sure…. lol

  39. What an absolute pleasure it would be to be in on of his classrooms. Especially in this specific lecture. Absolutely legendary

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