Jesus’ Blue Eyes – Rev. Ashley (p.I)

Would you be willing to tell us a little
how you first met Vassula and how did it happen that she actually went to Solomon
Islands? Thank you. She had a message from Jesus asking her to come to the Solomon
Islands and she asked the Australian organisers True Life in God Australia
where is Solomon Islands? The same question and everyone here when they see
me with my name and Solomon Islands they say where is Solomon Islands? All I
can say is that it’s three hours flight from Australia. For me as a priest
this year would be 25 years now in the ministry the sacred ministry but as I
often tell the bishops the priests and even my congregation if I had died in my
first twenty years I would be burning in hell… …and they said why I tell people
about a god that I’ve read about and I’ve studied about, I’ve heard about, I’ve
never met this God, not until I read the True Life in God messages. So they were
like the rebirth of your faith properly you know you can say that yes, it is
more like something touching it is like the baptism of the Holy Spirit if I
would like to put it that way. John said I baptize with water but someone
coming after me will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire and that I see
as the baptism of the Holy Spirit and it is this fire that keeps burning within
me that I just don’t want to sit around with these messages I keep going around
every day of my life sharing this Jesus that I have encountered because as
Anglicans and I believe Catholics too – as sacramental churches we always think
that prayer and all these belongs to the priests and the catechists, so when we share the True Life in God messages through them they feel that they
are part of this mission that Christ is Commission his Church with and they can
participate and at least they know that they have a role to play in the past
they think that now it’s the work of the priest and the catechist to do the
conversion and the preaching we are simple folks.
So can you say that the messages touches them in similar way to you that they
sort of wake up? I really can’t tell how it touches them compared to me
but the fact that they have asked for more pictures and they have
given testimonies more than 200 testimonies so far. They have realized
the change in the family by putting up these pictures these a4 size pictures
that I give to each family they put it in the house and the the wallet-sized
pictures like this they put in their wallets their purses and their school
bag and the mothers especially every time they say now in our house the language is
changed you can always hear Jesus speaking if someone makes a mistake and
say something that is contrary to the holiness of God a child or someone would
refer oh come on this Jesus hanging on the wall and this picture keeps
reminding them putting them back on track and a lot of woman and men say Father, this picture is unlike any other picture well you know that picture was painted by Vassua yes? Yes I know
it was painted by Vassula but later on I realized that when I saw the Shroud of
Turin and the Veronica veil and I put them both alongside the picture that
vassula painted it is as if Vassula has given flesh to the Shroud of Turin but
for me as someone I believe in the messages that God has used Vassula’s hand to write out divine signs and oracles from God can God not use her hand as
well to paint the face of Jesus as it truly is the way he was when he was on Earth? But
from the spiritual point of view what do you say to your fellow priests? All I can
say to them is I am a living testimony of the change that the messages has done
to my life because they all know me I was such a naughty boy as I’ve said you
had died in my first twenty years I would be burning in hell oh no you mean
as a priest you’re saying it as a priest …I know this God from the
from the books that I read I haven’t encountered Him yeah it’s true I haven’t
encountered him and and then it teaches me to see the Gospels in a new light
it’s like the Easter message that the tomb was empty, the tomb was empty yes but where
did He go? You know we come out of the world that tells us to learn everything
through our mind, acknowledge what we’ve learned, spread it about again through
our faculties and God is just the opposite he says give it everything that
I’ve given you is mine give it all to me and I’ll show you the world that I look
at and that is I think the beauty of True Life in God would you agree? Yes yes

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  1. Shared a good part of the pilgrimage with Rev. John, and found him to be very inspiring, humourous and a 'down to earth' human being. The Solomon Islands have a star.

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